Unknown Passage

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Unknown Passage
Gate Icon-Swarm2.png
Gate Icon-Swarm.png

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png It Came From Below

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Rabid Snarbolax

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Ice Queen

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Red Roarmulus Twins

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png Darkfire Vanaduke

Gate-The Sanctuary.png The Sanctuary

The Unknown Passage is a long, dark, and Swarm defiled Clockworks depth.

The area, and its infested inhabitants, offer absolutely no Crowns, Heat, Materials, or Vials, and seemingly never stop spawning.

Its minimap also is covered by static, due to and unknown source, possibly The Swarm. Other than defeating a certain number of monsters to progress, the only tactic for this level is simple:


Unknown Passage Tips

  • Knights are not limited to changing their Equipment at an Arsenal Station in this location. Knights are able to freely switch out their Equipment during any period of time. Do note however that changing Equipment may or may not affect your Health.
  • Void Zombies cannot be inflicted with Freeze unless hit via Major Freeze.
  • Void Wolvers lack their original burrow technique. They still retain their dodging.
  • Void Gels behave as Tier 3 Toxigels and can inflict Poison. They can be ignited much like Oilers.
  • Swarm Sources increase the defense of monsters within their radius. They can be damaged in the center, reducing their size or removing them for a small amount of time. The amount reduced is dependent on how much Damage is inflicted.
  • Swarm Turrets are invincible, thus ignoring any form of Damage or Ailments. Avoid these outright as their shots deal major damage.
  • Catalyzer-series shots cannot tag Swarm enemies.

Left Monsters

A party traversing through a Swarm Source, a primary obstacle of the passage.


The mission It Came From Below features the Unknown Passage on the final depth: A Descent into Darkness. It has no fee to enter and is exactly the same. However, there is no Sanctuary to visit afterward.

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