Scarlet Fortress

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Scarlet Fortress
Gate-Scarlet Fortress.png
Important stratum themes:
  • Storming the Castle
  • Forgotten Castle

Arcade only:

The Scarlet Fortress is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


Named for its vibrant tapestries, the scarlet fortress is a deconstructed mass of forgotten castle, drifting endlessly in the void of the clockworks. Strange beastial ghosts haunt its long corridors, tirelessly pursuing those that enter their domain. — Gate Icons


Each level map is fixed.

When accessible via the arcade, they are found in a rotation of 3-4 levels in the depth they occupy depending on the level. Rotation time seems to always be 3 minutes or less:

  • Cravat Hall levels are frequently found in a rotation of 3 with the other Cravat Halls. Sometimes Grim Gallery is included in the rotation as a 4th level.
  • Spiral Court levels are always found in a rotation of 2 with each other and Grim Gallery.

Levels are populated by a variety of Kats and Jelly Cubes. A few Gun Puppies appear in certain levels. Numerous monster cages add to diversity in Cravat Hall variants. The otherwise rare Rock Jelly Cube can always be found in Grim Gallery.

The background is a smoldering emptiness where fragments of castle hover in perpetual motion.

An aesthetic fire environment is present that does not influence the denizens of its halls. Similar castle-like structures and decorations can be seen in the Candlestick Keep, Firestorm Citadel, and Royal Jelly Palace.


The Scarlet Shield is associated with this region.


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