Seraphynx (Love Puppy)

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Seraphynx (Love Puppy)
Battle Sprite Seraphynx (Love Puppy) Equipped.png
Sprite Family
T1 T2 T3
Battle Sprite-Seraphynx (Love Puppy)-T1-icon.png Battle Sprite-Seraphynx (Love Puppy)-T2-icon.png Battle Sprite-Seraphynx (Love Puppy)-T3-icon.png
1-14 15-49 50-100
Harness Types
Elite Iron Harness.png
Elite Crystal Harness.png
Elite Golden Harness.png
Ray of Light
Skill-Ray of Light.png
Heart Attack
Skill-Heart Attack.png
Angelic Aura
Skill-Angelic Aura.png
Skill-Dazzling Light Ray.png or Skill-Disintegration Ray.png Skill-Iron Heart Attack.png or Skill-Violent Heart Attack.png Skill-Seraphic Aura.png or Skill-Valkyrian Aura.png
Food-Divine Mote.png
Food-Divine Dust.png
Food-Divine Stone.png
Food-Divine Orb.png
Food-Divine Star.png
Icon-Seraphynx (Love Puppy) Pod.png
Seraphynx (Love Puppy) Pod

The Seraphynx (Love Puppy) is a battle sprite.


The Seraphynx is a Battle Sprite that embodies divine light. Its skills focus on supporting knights in combat with protection and restoration.


Its Sprite Pod can be randomly obtained from a Usable-Running Wild Box icon.png Running Wild Box.



When a sprite levels up, they gain skill points which can be spent on augments.

Sprites eventually obtain all skill points as they level.

Skill-Ray of Light.png Ray of Light:

Focus: Reduces skill cooldown.

Magnify: Increases the reach and power of the ray of light.

Enduring Light: Increases duration of the ray of light.

Skill-Heart Attack.png Heart Attack:

Focus: Reduces skill cooldown.

Extra Hearty: Increases the chance of hearts dropping and duration of the enchantment.

Wide Embrace: Increases the area of effect.

Skill-Angelic Aura.png Angelic Aura:

Focus: Reduces skill cooldown.

Protection: Increases the defensive powers of the angelic aura.

Cover: Increases the size and duration of the angelic aura.


The Seraphynx (Love Puppy) can choose one "ultimate" for each of its three abilities:

Skill-Ray of Light.png Ray of Light can be turned into Skill-Dazzling Light Ray.png Dazzling Light Ray or Skill-Disintegration Ray.png Disintegration Ray at level 90.

Skill-Heart Attack.png Heart Attack can be turned into Skill-Iron Heart Attack.png Iron Heart Attack or Skill-Violent Heart Attack.png Violent Heart Attack at level 95.

Skill-Angelic Aura.png Angelic Aura can be turned into Skill-Seraphic Aura.png Seraphic Aura or Skill-Valkyrian Aura.png Valkyrian Aura at level 100.

The ultimate chosen will change the appearance of the sprite. Below is a gallery displaying some of these "Ultimate Appearances."

Ultimates can be reset with a Reset Star.


This reskin was introduced on February 16th 2018 for the Running Wild Prize Box Promotion.

It is based on the Love Puppy variant of the Gun Puppy monster and, like the Drakon (Gun Pup), sounds like a Gun Puppy rather than a standard Seraphynx.


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Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 with no ultimates chosen.
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Tier 3 with ultimates:

Skill-Disintegration Ray.png Disintegration Ray:
Roarmulus Twin Head (pink)

Skill-Violent Heart Attack.png Violent Heart Attack:
Roarmulus Twin Jaw (white)

Skill-Valkyrian Aura.png Valkyrian Aura:
Roarmulus Twin Arms (white)

Tier 3 with ultimates:

Skill-Dazzling Light Ray.png Dazzling Light Ray:
Rocket Puppy Head (pink)

Skill-Iron Heart Attack.png Iron Heart Attack:
Rocket Puppy Jaw (white)

Skill-Seraphic Aura.png Seraphic Aura:
White Vents & Red Band

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