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Spiral Scanf
File:GuildLogo-Spiral Scanf.png


Guild Founder: Metakimi
Approx. Population: 19

Guild Officer(s):
  • Notkit
  • Redtf
  • Zveryok
Website: http://sonicscanf.org

Guild Info

Spiral Scanf is a guild of Sonic SCANF, Sonic the Hedgehog Russian community.

Our Rules

Nothing special besides not being an ass and having common sense. (:

Joining and Promoting

You must be a member of Sonic SCANF community to join.
You can ask our Veterans or Officers on IRC:

  • Server: irc.badink.net
  • Channel: #segafans

To become a member, you have to prove that you have at least 10 tokens form all bosses (except Vanaduke).



These guides are more like quick introduction or simple overview. For more info, consider checking out Merchant Guide and Lockdown Guide along with Lockdown page.
All of these has been written by Mackzwellz. Please bear with his poor knowledge of English.

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