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Weapon Demonstrations

(I put this here because this is the general weapons page)

I think there should be a standardized demonstration video for the guns, bombs, and swords in the game.
We could then put these videos into the weapon pages, letting any viewers see exactly how the weapon works.
Some guidelines might include being able to run the game smoothly, having a video recording software such as FRAPS, and having access to the Advanced Training Hall. All the videos should be recorded while wearing the Spiral Sallet and Spiral Brigandine, with no shield (to highlight the weapon).

Some basic guidelines for the different weapons should be:

Sword -
Start in the room with four statues. Show the stats of the weapon.
Move to the East Wing of the training hall and show the combo and charge attack. If the combo or charge releases projectiles (Winmillion, Divine Avenger, Gran Faust, etc), move to the area with vials and attack the Scuttlebots with the projectiles.
Move to the room with four Scuttlebots and show the attack's damage. If the weapon has any special effects (Gran Faust, Fang of Vog, etc), show them here too.
Gun -
Start in the room with four statues. Show the stats of the weapon.
Move to the room with vials and show the bullet speed, charge time, reload speed, and attacks.
Shoot the Scuttlebots, showing the charge attack and combo; if the gun has any special effects or status effects (Supernova, Neutralizer, Volcanic Pepperbox, etc), show those too.
Bomb -
I have to figure out the bomb mechanics and all that good stuff first.

--03u9 l Pueo 04:08, 28 September 2011 (UTC)

Sign your posts!
Showing damage in the advanced training hall is rather meaningless due to Equipment Reduction. Several weapons already have tables on the wiki where players have recorded their damage at various depths; that seems like a better approach.
Showing the stats/tooltip in a video is also fairly pointless, since the stats are already posted separately on the wiki.
Additionally, videos in the training hall are hard to do cleanly, because there is no way to lock your group to prevent other players from joining.
A few weapons already have videos or animations showing their attacks, and these are reasonably useful. More of them would be handy. But this degree of standardization and detail seems rather overkill. --Antistone 23:37, 27 September 2011 (UTC)
Ah! Thanks for reminding me about signing. I was mostly putting the stats in the video so that people can look at one thing and still get most of the information. Also, you can choose to "Go Solo" in the social tab, which would (mostly) take care of the other players problem. And, most of the weapons I look at don't have any videos on the wiki, and then I have to go search around on YouTube, and sometimes there isn't a video.--03u9 l Pueo 04:08, 28 September 2011 (UTC)
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