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Clean-up for relevance (2012)

Almost half the page for Missions was taken up with documenting every item available in the Supply Depot. If the article is meant to focus on the Mission interface (and leave further detail to List of missions), surely this can be whittled down to a quick description? Hope so - as the same information can be found on Kozma's page, I've deleted the details.

I've also deleted the "Ready Room" section entirely as it was a complete non sequitur - sounded like it had been lifted from another page. --Scribo


Will be doing some more cleanup in here (also mission list page) and making a new "rewards" section - this will not list rewards (that's taken care of in the list of missions). It will be linked to from around the wiki for reference and explain the behavior of mission rewards (bound, one time only, etc.) -Novaster 23:07, 30 March 2015 (UTC)

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