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NPC: Knight
  • Vendor: Spiral Quartermaster
Primary Location(s):

Kozma is an NPC.


This character has items most similar to:

Icon-usable.png Cheeky Eyes, Sky Personal Color

Icon-helmet.png Spiral Tailed Helm with a prismatic Ribbon.

Icon-armor.png Spiral Draped Armor with a large backpack.

Icon-shield.png None.

Icon-sword.png None.


This character has been in the game since release 2011-04-04 when the game officially launched.

Indicated on the minimap by the Supply Depot icon.

As part of her role as the Spiral Quartermaster, she provides access to and runs the Supply Depot. Talking to her will open it.

She will occasionally hold sales in the depot, and seems to be involved in sale activities outside of the Supply Depot, based on her appearance in news images.

News images featuring Kozma are associated with Auction House Sales,[1] the release 2013-07-30 rarity update,[2] and Supply Depot Sales.[3]

With release 2012-02-29 Kozma replaced Boost as the Energy vendor, though there is still an "Energy Stranger" in the Haven Town Square who allows access to the energy section of the Supply Depot.


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