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To display level information in a compact manner. Compatible with various terms as needed. Use primarily on mission pages. Area pages such as Scarlet Fortress have their own special format to visually separate them from missions, and they do not have a set floor sequence at all.


|missionlist = {{{missionlist|}}}
|size  = {{{size|58px}}}
|floor = 
|icon  = 
|name  = 
|depth = 
|plug  = 
|note  = 


|missionlist = {{{missionlist|}}}
|size = {{{size|58px}}}
|last = yes

These are included so the gate map display can be flexible, because it is used in both the mission page and a mission list page. "last=yes" tells the X/Gate Map page which template entry is the last floor in the gate, so the line break that separates gate template from each other in order for floors to be easily discernible does not occur and cause unnecessary whitespace on published mission pages, within show/hides on the mission list pages, and anywhere else the gate map page might be visible. Every X/Gate Map page should have these entries to allow master control of their behavior in various published locations.


The floor number. 0,1,2 etc. Only use if the gate is depicting a mission gate map, arcade gates do not concern themselves with this because depths are always predictable. In other words, in an arcade gate each "depth" is a "floor" that can be one level or rotate between 2 or more levels.


Specify icon file. There are many old, inconsistently named icons around the wiki. Only need to use NAME for entry: "File:Gate-NAME.png" is built into the template. If the level is new, you might need to upload an icon. Pay careful attention to icon naming convention for levels vs. areas.
This can be quite complicated for some floors. You might need to use icon 2, icon 3, etc. If there are levels in the floor's rotation. Make sure they line up with the plug order.


The name of the floor. Pay attention to floor name vs. level. Mission floors often have special names for levels. For example, Tracking in High Temperature Hostages is a Wolver Den: Ashes to Ash Tails. This special naming helps the game's story, but can be confusing. So we display the name in plain text and a link to the named level as well.


A number, or Depends on [[Player Rank|rank]]'' (for prestige)


The name of the level the gate uses for this floor. This will be a geography subpage.
This can be quite complicated for some floors. You might need to use plug 2, plug 3, etc if there are levels in the floor's rotation. Make sure they line up with the icon order.


There are a few standardized entries, otherwise, carefully link the level with a specially worded input using Template:Location.
compact area
danger lobby
mission arena
standard lobby
starter lobby


Only include if the level is otherwise the same as the arcade version, but always has something special in it somewhere, such as a scenario room at the end.


See what links here or pages in Category:Gate Maps for examples of this template in action.

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