Wolver Den

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Wolver Den
Gate-Wolver Den.png
Important stratum themes:
  • Claws of Nature

The Wolver Den is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


No gate icon description for this region.


Each level map is composed of randomly generated segments.

Levels are populated by multitudes of Wolvers and Alpha Wolvers. Chromalisks, Lumbers, and Polyps can appear in certain segments.

Bushes and Plants are found throughout. Brambles are a common sight.

The background is a day sky dome with sun bulbs.

Similar grassy terrain can be seen in the Aurora Isles, Jigsaw Valley, Lichenous Lair, Starlight Cradle, and Treasure Trove.


Wolvers are a highly adaptable pack beast whose predatory instincts are only matched by their quick reflexes. They play with their prey by dancing about and finally striking from behind. Keep a blade handy. Exploration-Information-ComLink.pngInformation Module



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