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Welcome to my Sandbox! This is mostly miscellaneous stuff, but useful non the less. I'll use it mostly for templates and that kind of things, and some other things to. ^_^

Templates that i use or have used.

Template for certain levels (Used mostly in missions)

Template for the mission info

Template for see also on missions To use this template, use {{mission see also}}

template for dialogue for NPCs.

Mission Rewards

To show rewards, little templates are used. like these:

  • {{rarity|rarity name}} for a rarity, like crystals or Spark of Life.
  • {{mat|material name}} for materials
  • {{Prestige}} x (an amount) for an amount of prestige.
  • {{equip|weapon name|uv}} The uv is optional. If the weapon has one, like ASI, it's uv 1 = [[ASI]]: High}}

The rewards for missions are put into templates. here is a example.

How to make Icons

{{Monster Icons|Construct}} {{status|fire}} [[Gun Puppy#Red Rover|Red Rover]]

This makes:

Gate Icon-Construct.png Icon status fire.png Red Rover

(If there are certain actions that you want to prevent, like used here, put <nowiki> and </nowiki> before and after the sentence.)

Finding Icons

Icon <-- Link to the Icon page

Press next 200. Then, Replace this: Achievement-Royal+Pain.png, with: G, to find icons of gates. This is very useful for mission icons. :D


Release/all <-- Link to the all the releases.

Use Cmd (Ctrl) + F to find key words, like forge. Doesn't work always because sometimes they don't name it directly. Useful for History for NPCs for instance.


I always derp this up somehow, So incase i forget, this chart is very useful.


use {{equip|Cyclops Cap}}

so it shows:

Equipment-Cyclops Cap icon.png Cyclops Cap

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