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Spiral Knights is currently under development. Most releases are given summary announcement from one of the developers. The five latest sets of release notes can be seen at release/latest. You can also view the release notes in calendar format.


From the Release Notes:
Grey Havens Update
  • Update to most of the branding in game to use the new Grey Havens logo. To read more about Grey Havens, please check here.
  • Video mode selection has been changed. More windowed sizes may now be available. On “retina” Macs, bogus window sizes that were larger than the virtual screen have been removed.
  • The default resolution has changed to now attempt to use your best resolution fullscreen. Existing players will start with their saved screen mode. Please go into the Options and check for your best fullscreen option!
  • Improvements to controller detection.


From the Release Notes:
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug with the color of the Citrine Parrying Blade.


From the Release Notes:
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the names on all Battle Sprite Pods and Sprites contained in the Spritely Prize Box
  • Fixed an issue where the Vile Wings accessory could cause black screens


From the Release Notes:
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an exploit with Wheel Launchers in all Firestorm Citadel bridge levels.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing lost souls to incorrectly scale with party size.
  • Hallways in the Core should generally be shorter.


From the Release Notes:

Today's patch features the release of more Rank Missions! This patch includes five new Rank 10-2 missions that unravel some long standing mysteries while weaving new tales and adventures. These missions must be played in order.

Rank 10-2

After strange interference is detected deep within Firestorm Citadel the Vanguards embark on a series of missions that will have them returning to old stomping grounds and beyond. Reunite with old friends and foes alike and discover a new charge for the future of the Spiral Order.

Bug Fixes
  • Writhing Tendrils now display the correct icon for the back accessory slot.


From the Release Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Dazed Glasses, Dazed Seeing Stars Halo, and Dazed Stagger Star accessories now display the correct color.


From the Release Notes:
Bug Fixes

10-1 Breaking in the Recruits:

Operation Greenhorn

  • Fixed stranger target names.

The Underworks

  • Relocated clay pot respawners to prevent players from getting stuck behind the one way force fields.

10-1 Crimson Chaos:

Complex 357

  • Yellow gunblocks will no longer trigger cooldown from player damage.
  • Tweaked East room to prevent retrode from blocking crystal block.


From the Release Notes:

Today's patch features the release of new Rank Missions! This patch includes three new Rank 10-1 missions that pave the way for even more new Vanguard missions.

Rank 10-1

Breaking in the Recruits

What's a knight to do after slaying the mighty Lord Vanaduke? Train some starry-eyed recruits of course! Pass on what you've learned as you lead a group of knights on a routine training exercise.

Crimson Chaos

Spiral HQ has been monitoring several known Crimson Order bases in hopes of intercepting one of their elusive high-ranking members. One of those bases has suddenly gone silent. Head down and investigate.

It Came From Below

A squad of Desna's Recon Rangers is trapped somewhere in deep in the Clockworks. Rescue them and find out what went wrong.

Bug Fixes
  • Point blank shots from the Overcharged Mixmaster should now work properly.
  • Charged and normal Mixmaster shots no longer shoot through walls or energy gates.


From the Release Notes:
Bug Fixes
  • Ultra Poison Barriers and Auto Turret Kits should now drop.
  • The Overcharged Mixmaster regular shot should no longer shoot through walls.
  • The Spiral Soaker now has the correct effects.


From the Release Notes:
New Handguns have been added to several Handgun lines.

These include:

Shadow Autoguns (3-5 Star)

  • Dark Chaingun
  • Black Chaingun
  • Grim Repeater

Shadow Blasters (3-5 Star)

  • Shadow Blaster
  • Umbral Blaster
  • Phantamos

Elemental Blasters (3-5 Star)

  • Elemental Blaster
  • Fusion Blaster
  • Arcana

Piercing Blasters (3-5 Star)

  • Pierce Blaster
  • Breach Blaster
  • Riftlocker

Fiery/Elemental Pulsars (3-5 Star)

  • Flaming Pulsar
  • Blazing Pulsar
  • Wildfire

Freeze/Shadow Pulsars (3-5 Star)

  • Freezing Pulsar
  • Frozen Pulsar
  • Permafroster

Freeze/Shadow Magnus (3-5 Star)

  • Tundrus
  • Mega Tundrus
  • Winter Grave

Piercing Antigua (4-5 Star)

  • Raptor
  • Gilded Griffin

New gunner oriented Armors & Helms have been added.

These include:

Padded Armor & Cap (1 Star) - normal

Pathfinder Armor & Helm (2-5 Star) - normal/piercing

  • Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Woven Falcon Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Woven Firefly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Woven Grizzly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Woven Snakebite Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Plated Falcon Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Plated Firefly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Plated Grizzly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Plated Snakebite Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Guerrilla Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Guerrilla Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Guerrilla Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Guerrilla Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Hazard Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Hazard Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Hazard Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Hazard Armor & Helm

Sentinel Armor & Helm (2-5 Star) - normal/elemental

  • Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Woven Falcon Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Woven Firefly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Woven Grizzly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Woven Snakebite Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Plated Falcon Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Plated Firefly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Plated Grizzly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Plated Snakebite Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Keeper Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Keeper Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Keeper Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Keeper Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Wraith Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Wraith Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Wraith Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Wraith Armor & Helm

Shade Armor & Helm (2-5 Star) - normal/shadow

  • Shade Armor & Helm
  • Woven Falcon Shade Armor & Helm
  • Woven Firefly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Woven Grizzly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Woven Snakebite Shade Armor & Helm
  • Plated Falcon Shade Armor & Helm
  • Plated Firefly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Plated Grizzly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Plated Snakebite Shade Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Shade Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Shade Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Ghost Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Ghost Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Ghost Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Ghost Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Hex Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Hex Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Hex Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Hex Armor & Helm

Handgun Mechanic and Balance Changes: A number of Handguns have had their mechanics changed in order to better balance all the gun lines.

All Handguns

  • Increased movement speed while firing and charging
  • Increased reloading movement speed
  • Reduced cooldown animations for all guns that stop movement

Magnus Line

  • Charge attack now pierces through monsters
  • Charge attack bullet speed slightly decreased
  • Charge attack no longer prones the wielder

Autogun Line

  • Decreased windup time for attack
  • Increased range and bullet speed

Antigua Line

  • Changed all family damage bonuses to ‘High’
  • Increased polygon count for all models

Polaris Line

  • Increased bullet speed
  • Reduced the damage for all versions

Catalyzer Line

  • Normal attacks now cling to mobs and charge shots detonate them
  • Charge shot has an aura around it that activates any catalyzer orbitals within it

Misc Changes

  • Stun Gun - Increased stun chance slightly
  • Super Stun Gun - Added stun chance to regular attacks
  • Frost Gun - Increased freeze chance
  • Zapper - Added shock chance to regular attacks
  • Pepperbox - Increased damage slightly
  • Fiery Pepperbox - Increased damage slightly and added fire chance to regular attacks
  • Volcanic Pepperbox - Increased damage slightly and added fire chance to regular attacks
  • Plague Needle - Increased damage slightly and increased poison chance on charge attack

Bug Fixes
  • Kilowatt Pulsar, Radiant Pulsar, Polaris - Tooltip display corrected to show proper damage
  • Firotech Alchemer MKII - Tooltip display corrected to show status effect
  • Shadow Driver - Tooltip display corrected to show proper damage
  • Needle Shot - Model now displays correct texture


From the Release Notes:
  • The Overcharged Mixmaster will now do Elemental damage instead of Normal.


From the Release Notes:
  • Preparation for August's new Prize Wheel Lockbox
Bug Fixes
  • Almire chair collision box fixed to prevent trapping.
  • Almire tapestry not showing up on some ATI cards fixed.


From the Release Notes:
  • Cleaned up the texture on the Stranger Hats


From the Release Notes:
  • In the end of level Prize Wheel, the Iron Lockbox has been replaced with the Titanium Lockbox for the month of July


From the Release Notes:
  • Fire effects for traps and debuffs have been updated to improve performance


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed a Mac OS X issue where pasting text caused keys to repeat


From the Release Notes:
  • Updated art for Sputter Spark
  • Fixed disappearing rockets in 8-2 battle.
  • Cryotech alchemers can be searched-for again by name in the auction house.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed Steam Trading.
  • Fixed cutscenes in missions 8-2 and 4-3 to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Fixed the haven laboratory to once again have the harness seller if you're rank 10.
  • Fixed a bug with fullscreen mode on Macs.


From the Release Notes:
  • The Laboratory in the Haven Garrison now updates with scenes based on your progress through rank missions.
  • The following rank missions have been changed:
    • Rank 1-4 - Crossing the Chasm - Mission finale has new story hints.
    • Rank 2-3 - The Collector - Mission finale has new story hints.
    • Rank 4-2 - A New Threat - New mission.
    • Rank 4-3 - Shocking Sentient Sentries - New miniboss fight.
    • Rank 5-2 - The Sovereign Slime - Mission text rewrite and treasure room rework.
    • Rank 6-2 - Built to Destroy! - Mission text rewrite and treasure room rework.
    • Rank 7-1 - Darkest Depths - Mission text rewrite.
    • Rank 7-3 - Spark and Roar - Mission ending reworked.
    • Rank 8-2 - The Great Escape - Mission text rewrite and new miniboss fight.
    • Rank 9-3 - The King of Ashes - Treasure room rework.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fix an issue with the Prismatic Bent Vertical Vents' colorization.
  • Fix an issue which caused Prismatic Seraph'tenna to be applied to the wrong accessory slot. Already applied Seraph'tenna will be detached and re-sent to the knight via ingame mail.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed an issue with the Supply Depot where the purchase button would not be enabled after having already purchased an item


From the Release Notes:
  • More improvements to client performance when new monsters/elements spawn inside a dungeon
  • Fixed Steam item trading


From the Release Notes:
  • Improved client performance when new monsters/elements spawn inside a dungeon
  • You can now purchase Recover Accessory tickets directly from the Accessorizor
  • Full item tooltip now shown when purchasing an item from the Supply Depot
  • All energy depot trades that complete when you are offline will now have resulting crowns and energy sent via mail


From the Release Notes:
Bug fixes
  • Fixed items appearing multiple times in the arsenal when they can be stacked
  • Fixed identical pickups using in multiple quickbar slots
  • Fixed minerals from showing up in the quickbar
  • Centered the place name above the minimap
  • Wrapped gift boxes will now use the proper names


From the Release Notes:
  • Rebalanced mission rewards for A Gremlin in Knead


From the Release Notes:
  • The construction crew has finished its work in the Haven Town Square and just in time for the Anniversary celebrations!
  • A 'Toggle Map' option has been added, allowing you to see a much larger map overlay of the area you are in.
  • Recovery tickets have been added to the Supply Depot and allow you to recover an accessory from your gear.
  • Fixed a material error that causes Plasma Wings to turn white when compatibility mode is on.
  • Fixed a bug with the minimap not showing up in Lockdown.
  • The /wave emote is now localized for each language
  • Minor prop and tile fixes to "The Collector" mission


From the Release Notes:
  • Biscotti can be found wandering Haven, what is she up to?


From the Release Notes:

The March of the Tortodrones mission has been extended through March 14th.

  • A group of knights were seen dragging a large bulky object into the Haven Town Square

  • Fixed Gift boxes sometimes losing their contents
  • Having a Battle Sprite equipped should no longer break camera transitions
  • The end of level heat display will no longer show an item getting more heat than it actually did


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Chilling Duelist from firing.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed a memory leak that could result in poor client performance
  • Fixed the colorization of the Ancient Crest
  • Fixed the "Applied Entropy" achievement: it can be unlocked by leveling an item up to 10 via the Forge


From the Release Notes:
  • Fiendish ID Cards no longer require an orb of alchemy to craft
  • Balance: Tortodrones now have increased health and defense to better match their mighty nature
  • Balance: The Ancient Grove battle's difficulty has been slightly increased
  • Removed prestige on the repeatable March of the Tortodrones mission
  • Mysterious Rooms and Bonus Mysterious Rooms in the Clockworks no longer incorrectly use the Danger Room recon module.
  • The Ancient Prize Box now gives Ancient Crest instead of Surge Crest.
  • The obsolete "Walk It Off" achievement will no longer be displayed except for knights who have previously obtained it.


From the Release Notes:
  • Increased the chance of finding Radiant Fire Crystals at earlier depths
  • Shield bash can now be used to break blocks
  • Knight Tylen has been added to the Haven Bazaar to give a guided tour of the vendors and services.
  • The Minimap now shows the walkable path in a darker color.
  • Added one way doors in Firestorm Citadel Charred Court
  • The following obsolete achievements will no longer be displayed except for knights who have previously obtained them:
    • Minor Miner
    • Moderate Miner
    • Major Miner
    • Marvelous Miner
    • Master Miner


From the Release Notes:
  • Behind the scene changes


From the Release Notes:
  • More behind the scenes changes.
  • Changed the CDN provider that hosts the game installer and patches. This should result in faster downloads after a game update!
  • Fix purchase window not appearing for Kongregate users using the latest Java plugin.


From the Release Notes:
  • Behind the scenes changes
  • Fixed a security issue with the web launcher
  • New arcade gates will no longer have levels that can never be reached


From the Release Notes:
  • Haven has thawed
  • The Chilling Duelist and Red Saber now use a 1* rating
  • The Green Ward and Static Flash in the new Deluxe Starter Pack will no longer arrive bound. Any already delivered will be unbound if they have not been heated.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixing the Iron Dragon Helm to use the correct name and model


From the Release Notes:
  • A Mysterious Alchemy Machine is now available in Haven Town Square
  • Grinchlin treasure boxes in the "Grinchlin Assault!" mission now have increased material drops
  • The Grand Solstice Ring recipe is now available in the Mysterious Alchemy Machine.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed an issue where revives would fail if you died next to a spiked block
  • Fixed a broken sound effect with the Gran Faust line of swords
  • Fixed a broken translation for the new Winterfest missions


From the Release Notes:
  • Added a mini boss battle to the end of the crash site
  • Monsters will now drop Attack Boosters, Defense Boosters and Speed Boosters. They each grant a small boost, but will not stack. Picking up a boost while already boosted will reset the boost timer.
  • Added an improved walkthrough for the Time to Get Crafty mission
  • Added a guided tour of the Advanced Training Hall to the Pumping Up mission
  • Added an icon to the ingredients panel to show when a material can be found in the clockworks
  • Sparks of Life can now be used for a quicker revive in PvP
  • Clicking on the HUD Battle Sprite portrait now opens the Character Panel on the Battle Sprite tab
  • Added a small panel to buy Alchemy Orbs and Fire Crystals when you don't have enough to transmute or forge

  • Trinket tooltips should no longer show levels
  • After sending a chat message the auto-targeter should no longer malfunction
  • The social panel can now be scrolled all the way to the bottom


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed searching for certain items in the auction house.
  • Fixed the HUD in guild hall design mode.
  • Special items in recipes now show their full name.
  • Talking to Kozma will now select "Specials" in the supply depot.
  • Rapidly dismissing the transmute dialog won't break the variant dialog.
  • Activating the light puzzle in the wrong order in Shadow of the Apocrea now causes damage.


From the Release Notes:
Shroud of the Apocrea

The results we've seen from players tackling the Shroud of the Apocrea mission have been most impressive! So much so that we feel it necessary to adjust the difficulty and payouts of the mission. The following changes have been made to the mission:

  • The Shroud of the Apocrea mission is now fully replayable. Completing it will not affect your ability to start the mission again in the same day. Unlimited death in the dark abyss for all!
  • Because the Shroud of the Apocrea mission can be replayed infinitely, there are no longer any end of mission rewards for completing it.
  • The number of Apocrean Sigils dropped by each lost soul and from puzzle events has been reduced.
  • If not freed, lost souls will despawn slightly faster than before.
  • The damage inflicted by the Apocrean gaze has been increased.
  • The total health of an Apocrean has been increased.
  • The chance for lost souls to spawn from gravestones has been slightly decreased.
  • The chance for monsters to spawn from gravestones has been slightly increased.
  • Fixed a missing tile in the Haven Town Square
  • Fixed searching for accessories in the Auction House
  • Fixed the name of an NPC in Rescue Camp mission lobbies
  • Obsidian Carbine now correctly deals shadow damage
  • Fixed missing description of Apocrean Sigil
  • Fixed the icon color of the Elite Trinket Box


From the Release Notes:

In the deep dark below, beyond the space where time wakens and yawns, beyond the shadows cast by the great leviathan of eternity, the Apocrea stir. Within cities where geometry and madness share meaning, constructed from thought, from unnatural impulse, the Apocrea dream dark machines into being.

Only souls keep these engines roaring, heard screaming across distant stars. Only souls can fill their void, sublime in its vast emptiness. Oh such beautiful souls! Bright and vibrant like fruit warming on the branch from a summer’s sun, longing for the pull of the earth below, the chance to seed and grow and birth anew.

What terrible naivety! What utter farce! All of them mere crops against their relentless scythe! Though they may steal sanctuary in the cracks and corners of their terrible realm, it is ever fleeting. The blinding gaze of the Apocrea is boundless.

The daylight, the starlight; all hope is merely waiting for their dark shroud to return this cosmic play to its primordial black.

Dear heavens! The stars grin down with lustful intent! It is an abomination, an embodiment of sublime beauty, dark and blooded! I weep and laugh before the shroud that waits!

Nuul-duggath, I am seared in your gaze oh Apocrea, teeming filth of ages! Nyarrlotth-MORG!

(The remaining pages are a series of indecipherable symbols and patterns, seemingly drawn with great haste.)

- Recovered from the journal of Prof. Allister Danford, Dean of Antiquities

Shroud of the Apocrea

'Shroud of the Apocrea' is a new, repeatable* Prestige Mission for knights available for a limited time. In Shroud of the Apocrea, several capable knights have gone missing in a seemingly normal area of the Clockwork Tunnels. Spiral HQ suspects foul play and has assigned you to investigate the level.

You must be at least Rank 4-1 to access the Shroud of the Apocrea mission.

Successfully completing Shroud of the Apocrea solo is very difficult and it is advised you attempt this mission with a party! Additionally, your party will LOCK after using the elevator in the Mission Lobby.

Shroud of the Apocrea features an enigmatic and terrifying new foe as well as new items to acquire:


  • Apocrean Sigil, found for completing various challenges in the mission. Choosing higher level difficulty modes will reward higher token payouts throughout the mission.


  • Perplexing Element, 5*
  • Binding Essence, 4*
  • Obsidian Shard, 3*


  • Obsidian Edge, 5* sword
  • Obsidian Crusher, 5* bomb
  • Obsidian Carbine, 5* handgun

These new items can only be obtained in Shroud of the Apocrea, though getting them will not be easy. Only truly courageous knights will be capable of obtaining a full set of Obsidian weapons!

  • Please note, the Prestige Mission is only playable once per day to receive the mission rewards. You will be able to find additional tokens by joining your friends in the mission lobby.

Obsidian Prize Boxes

An exceptional curiosity has arrived in the Supply Depot and is available to you through November 3, 2013, the Obsidian Prize Box. Plucked from the depths of the Apocrean realm, Obsidian Prize boxes are almost certainly guaranteed to not induce madness upon ownership. There is literally almost no chance you will hide one deep within your family cellar and pour over its intricate, arcane craftsmanship. And opening one will not in any way unleash a terrible, ancient entity from a world of unending, dark dreams into your own.

No, instead, the Obsidian Prize Box contains an assortment of unique and very rare Apocrean treasures. These ageless, undying antiquities include:

97% chance for one of the following costume items:

  • Obsidian Hood of Rituals
  • Obsidian Mantle of Rituals
  • Obsidian Hood of Sight
  • Obsidian Mantle of Sight
  • Obsidian Hood of Influence
  • Obsidian Mantle of Influence
  • Obsidian Hood of Devotion
  • Obsidian Mantle of Devotion

2% chance for the following accessory:

  • Apocrean Crown

1% chance for the following accessory:

  • Apocrean Disciple Wings

Plus a bonus chance for even more prizes!

  • 25% chance for all Obsidian Prize Boxes to also contain Shadow Accessories
  • A small chance for upgrades such as weapon and trinket slots, Krogmo Coin boosters, and heat amplifiers

All contents of the Obsidian Prize Box are unbound. Full details can be found here.

The Dark Harvest Festival Returns!
As the leaves go dry and the days grow long,
From deep in the woods you'll hear his song,
So get on your feet and dance and sing,
Let's drink in the night with the Punkin King!

Through November 3, 2013, join the Strangers in celebrating the Dark Harvest Festival! This annual tribute to the Punkin King ensures an abundant fall harvest. Collect candy tokens from the mischievous Punkin King himself, then trade with Maskwell in Haven Town Square for Frankenzom, Spookat, and Phantom masks, or for Harvest Prize Boxes.

You can find the Punkin King through the daily prestige mission, The Dark Harvest. He may also surprise you at random in the Clockworks, so be ready!

More about the Dark Harvest Festival, including Harvest Prize Box contents can be found here.

Additional Changes
  • Acheron damage has been slightly increased
  • Candlestick Keep has a new music theme
  • When selecting to equip items within the Arsenal, item icons are now displayed within the menu
  • Acquiring pickups displays the same acquire effect as other loot
  • An effect is now played when learning a recipe
  • Adjusted drop rates for Sparks of Life and Orbs of Alchemy

  • You can now revive early in Coliseum games using Sparks of Life
  • Fix to Electron line of bombs not having Shock status listed in their tooltips
  • Fixed being unable to shoot while frozen
  • Fixed remedy capsule so it no longer removes buffs
  • Fixed inability to open the Energy Depot on the knight selection interface

And that's all! Thank you again for playing Spiral Knights and I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the Dark Harvest Festival!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've recently acquired quite a curious relic from a lost era of history. It has the most fascinating markings. The more I study them the more they seem to shift, as if... alive? No, no that can't be. I've simply been working too hard...


From the Release Notes:
Arcade Redux - Phase 1

The first phase of our re-design of the Arcade is now available. This includes significant changes to the Arcade experience and does not represent our intended final design for the Arcade Redux. However, this update is important to both set the stage for future revisions as well as provide a faster solution for the current overabundance of themes resulting from valestone and moonstone deposits.

Gate Changes
  • Gate themes are now randomly generated. However, the random generation prevents two themes from occupying the same tier, just as before.
  • As gates are now randomly generated, mineral deposits are no longer necessary. The Arcade now features four active gates in rotation instead of four active and four dormant.
  • Interacting with a gate console opens the mission UI with the appropriate gate selected.

Material Finder
  • A new tab has been added to the gate map view, allowing you to see the most prominent materials to drop on each stratum.
  • A material finder feature has been added to all recipe and alchemy lists. Simply clicking any required ingredient of a recipe will allow you to view the gate that likely contains that material. Handy!
  • All material item tooltips now display the themes where you will most likely find the material.

Interface Changes
  • The party configuration options have been adjusted.
  • Tier Clearance and Gate Progress interfaces have been removed. Achievements are now available within the Character interface.
  • The Supply Depot has received a complete visual overhaul.
  • The Exchange and Energy Depot are now accessible within the Supply Depot.

New Pickups

New pickups have been added. These include:

  • Artillery Strike
  • Ranger Signal Flare
  • Auto Turret Kit
  • Fire Barrier
  • Super Fire Barrier
  • Ultra Fire Barrier
  • Freeze Barrier
  • Super Freeze Barrier
  • Ultra Freeze Barrier
  • Shock Barrier
  • Super Shock Barrier
  • Ultra Shock Barrier
  • Poison Barrier
  • Super Poison Barrier
  • Ultra Poison Barrier
Additional Features
  • An all-new prologue video is now played when creating a new knight. Players can finally get a glimpse of Captain Ozlo and his crew in the moments before the crash of the Skylark.
  • Guild Name Change Pass and Knight Name Change Pass have been added to the Supply Depot.
  • When choosing to 'Go Solo' from an existing party, your new party will not allow anyone to join unless invited.
  • Frozen players can now be freed by handgun bullets.
  • Shadow Lairs can now be completed in any order.
  • Fixed equipping loadouts in PvP that have an assigned battle sprite.
  • Fixed reset stars for pets at max heat and max perks.


From the Release Notes:
  • Steam users can now purchase the Operation Crimson Hammer expansion mission for energy
  • The Veteran Knight in Camp Crimson now displays the correct name in-conversation


From the Release Notes:
  • Operation Crimson Hammer may now be purchased for 3,200 energy in the Mission Interface
  • Adjusted rarity for Guild Hall snipes
  • Slight changes to the Spiral Warden's dialog

  • Characters in the Lab and Rescue Camp now correctly display their names during conversations
  • Updating/Filtering in the Arsenal now works correctly with sprites
  • Green treasure boxes will no longer sometimes spawn hearts
  • Corrected the size of the rez tip icon
  • Fixed locked/unlocked icons on item pills when checking out of the Supply Depot or Vendor shops


From the Release Notes:
Nonna is Back!

Nonna and her adorable, adoptable pocket pets are back in the Haven Town Square through September 8th, 2013.

  • Hearts, materials, pickups and other loot vacuum to you similar to crowns and heat.
  • The Black Kats have been vanquished... for now.
  • Sprite perks no longer work in the Coliseum.
  • Fixed an issue causing some heart blocks to be empty.


From the Release Notes:
  • Black Kat spawn rates have been increased.
  • Trying to create a guild should no longer cause errors.
  • Choking Bombie and Surging Bombie names are no longer incorrectly swapped.
  • Completing a mission at a higher difficulty level will now immediately update the badge on the mission panel.
  • New knights will not have their mission panel default to Rank 2-1 missions.
  • Fixed vials sometimes dropping from health treasure boxes.
  • The end of level heat displays now correctly show the effect of heat amplifiers.


From the Release Notes:
Guild Changes

The following prices in the Guild Hall have been adjusted:

  • Upkeep costs reduced by approximately 80%
  • Installation costs increased by approximately 20%
  • Furnishing prices increased by approximately 10%.

All guilds have been granted a week of free upkeep and any guild currently in default has been removed from default.

Fire Crystal Recipes

New recipes have been added to rank missions that allow the conversion of Fire Crystals from one star level to the next lower star level. These recipes are bound once acquired. Any fire crystals produced via alchemy are bound.

Additionally, any knight that has already completed the required missions will receive these recipes in the mail.

  • Shining Fire Crystal Recipe
  • Glowing Fire Crystal Recipe
  • Warm Fire Crystal Recipe
  • Dim Fire Crystal Recipe
  • Cracked Fire Crystal Recipe

  • Vitapod drop rate has been increased
  • Sprite food alchemy machines can now be found in Emberlight and Moorcroft Manor
  • Sprite food recipes no longer allow any sprite food material as an ingredient

  • Boss trophies no longer require orbs of alchemy to craft them.

The following items have been added to the Haven Bazaar
  • Spitfire
  • Ignition Armor
  • Ignition Helm


From the Release Notes:
  • Reduced the attack power of Caustic Quills.
  • Reaching an elevator with an emergency revive and with less than the total possible health offered by an emergency revive will now restore your health to that total.
  • Added difficulty mode selection when entering the Arcade outside the mission interface.
  • Added a game option to disable the hit flash and low health warning effects.
  • Reduced the drop rate for Sparks of Life.
  • Vengeful and Virulent Quills attack power has been fixed.
  • If you are disconnected the moment you fall in combat, your emergency revive will not kick in until you reconnect.
  • Fixed an issue preventing progress when advancing to the next level while waiting to rise after using a Spark of Life.
  • Fixed an issue where a dead party member could cause the elevator not to advance to the next floor.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed an issue preventing sprites from 'leveling up' after level 100 and gaining an additional perk.
  • Once all perks have been collected and heat is maxed, sprites can no longer be fed.


From the Release Notes:
  • Added an Alchemy Machine to the Lab
  • Added a Sprite Food Machine to the Haven Town Square
  • Adjusted the UI for the Sprite Food Machine to be more clear that materials can be swapped out
  • Sprite food alchemy will no longer request sprite food as an ingredient
  • If no key is assigned for a sprite skill, clicking the sprite skill icon on the HUD opens the controls selection interface
  • You can now see monsters on the minimap when the 'Show Monster Health' option is unchecked
  • Brinks' catalog updated with the new materials and their correct family distributions
  • Fixed a Drakon clipping through its crate
  • Fixed gate icons for sprite missions
  • Fixed spawn rates for rare monsters
  • Fixed loot drop rates for rare monsters
Additional Bugfixes
  • Fixed: The Sprite Food machine should now properly show recipes and ingredients
  • Fixed: Sprite food recipes will now auto-select your most abundant valid material
  • Fixed: After transmuting Sprite Food, it will not reset the selected material unless there is no longer enough to successfully craft
  • Fixed: Multiples of the same item can be purchased from Brinks in a single transaction
  • Fixed: Red Rovers should no longer be blocked from using their flamethrower attack in one of the battlepod finale rooms
  • Fixed: "BButton 1" for windows gamepads should now read "B1"


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed stuck doors in the Clockworks.
  • Adjusted the mission rewards of 'Alchemy for Beginners.'
  • Fixed the spawn rates for Orbs of Alchemy in Tier 3.


From the Release Notes:

Today, many exciting changes have arrived to Spiral Knights! Many of these changes were previously explained in detail here. Please read the following patch notes carefully as they outline some significant changes and important, new features to the world of Spiral Knights.

Battle Sprites

Battle Sprites are new combat companions that all players can acquire by completing a new series of Rank 2 missions upon reaching Haven. These missions teach players about Battle Sprites and allow them to try out each of the three starter sprites before ultimately choosing one to keep.

The three starter Battle Sprites are the fiery Drakon, the divine Seraphinx, and the shadowy Maskeraith; each with their own unique powers that will become more powerful as the sprite levels up and evolves! Just remember to feed them materials or food crafted from the Lab so your sprite can level up faster, evolve and gain new skills.

You can read the original Battle Sprite announcement here. More information on Battle Sprite Skills can be found here and here.

Additional Battle Sprite Info:

  • Battle sprites acquire perks at most levels. Perks are selected randomly.
  • Battle sprites can continue to acquire perks after reaching level 100.
  • Battle sprite skill points and ultimate skill choice can be reset with an item called a ‘Reset Star.’ Reset Stars are sold in the Supply Depot. When using a Reset Star, a sprite’s level is retained.
The Lab

The Biotechs of the Spiral Knights have finally got the Lab up and running! Head on over to the Haven Garrison and learn more about Battle Sprites and what the Spiral Knights have discovered about the world of Cradle.

The Lab also includes an ensemble of NPCs related to Battle Sprites:

  • Biotech Morlin teaches you about sprite skills, perks, harnesses, and leveling
  • Biscotti explains how to feed and care for Battle Sprites
  • A special alchemy machine next to Biscotti allows you to craft favored sprite food from materials and minerals
  • Riley sells harnesses for Battle Sprites that change their damage types
Energy Changes
  • Elevators no longer require any energy to operate. Explore the Clockworks as much and as often as you wish!
  • Elevator passes are no longer for sale
  • Player-owned Elevator Passes have been replaced with 10 Radiant Fire Crystals and energy deposited into the player's account at a conversion rate of 2625 energy for each month of time left on your energy pass, rounded up.
  • Mist energy and mist tank items have been removed
  • Player-owned mist tanks have been replaced with 10 Sparks of Life (bound)
  • Player-owned mini mist tanks have been replaced with 1 Spark of Life (bound)
  • ‘Crystal Energy’ is now simply called ‘Energy’
  • Mist Wells have been renamed 'Energy Wells' and no longer provide a 25% bonus on deposit.
  • Mist within Mist Wells has been converted to energy and may be withdrawn at 100 energy per day
New Revive System
  • All knights now have an Emergency Revive mechanism built into their armor that will revive them shortly after falling in combat once per floor. An ER only restores all the red health pips you have, but no more.
  • If a knight is brought to an elevator dead, their ER will be instantly used at the start of the next floor.
  • After falling in combat without an ER, the primary means of reviving is no longer energy. Players must use a ‘Spark of Life’ in order to revive in the Clockworks.
  • Sparks of Life can be earned via missions, found in treasure blocks or purchased in bulk at a discount price in the Supply Depot. Sparks of Life cannot be purchased from the Supply Depot while in the Clockworks.
  • If dead without a ER or Spark of Life, a Spark of Life can be activated for 50 energy. This price never escalates.
  • Removed the ability to revive by sharing health as well as any heat sharing from reviving. Players may still revive each other using Sparks of Life.
  • The old ‘Spark of Life’ crafting material has been renamed to ‘Storm Chaser’
General Changes
  • Rescue Camp missions have reworked narrative hooks that will allow for exciting new missions in the future
  • Removed "Securing the Camp" mission
  • A knight explaining the Forge has been added to the Haven Town Square
  • A new class of items have been added, known as ‘Rarities.’ Rarities include sparks of life, fire crystals, orbs of alchemy and evo catalysts.
  • There is no longer a crown fee for joining Arcade Gates.
  • New scenario rooms have been added.
Difficulty Modes

Players may now choose one of three difficulty levels when taking on missions or expeditions:

  • Normal mode is intended for new players and is easier than what existing players may be used to. It features lower payouts for crowns and heat as well as lower drop rates for materials and rarities.
  • Advanced mode is intended for existing players and is roughly equivalent to what they may be used to. It features current payouts for crowns and heat as well as average drop rates for materials and rarities.
  • Elite mode is intended for players seeking a high level of challenge. It features the highest payouts for crowns and heat as well as the highest drop rates for materials and rarities.
Item Changes
  • Loot now drops for each member of a party and each party member must pick up their own loot. You now will earn the exact same amount of loot in a party as you do solo, so party up!
  • 2 star materials and higher now only drop from a specific monster family.
  • Removed decay timer for crowns and heat
  • Extended decay timer for hearts
  • Players can no longer drop vials and capsules they acquire in the Clockworks
  • Some rare monsters now have a chance to drop new items.
  • All missions have been updated with new mission rewards.

New materials have been added. These include:

  • Spark Plug
  • Vile Seal
  • Sinful Brew
  • Dead Gold
  • Wicked Idol
  • Crest of Ur
  • Royal Skewer
Equip Limits

Equipping items is now limited by your Mission Rank:

  • Mission Rank of 3 is required to equip 2*star gear
  • Mission Rank of 5 is required to equip 3*star gear
  • Mission Rank of 6 is required to equip 4*star gear
  • Mission Rank of 8 is required to equip 5*star gear

Any equipment bound before this patch will become your new current equip limit. For example. A knight who had only completed missions through Rank 3 but had 4 star gear equipped will be able to equip gear 4 star and below until achieving Rank 8.

UI Changes
  • Added three new quickslots to the HUD for Battle Sprite skills
  • Added a HUD icon for your Emergency Revive
  • Added a Get Energy button to the Supply Depot
  • Added a slider to the party configuration screen for adjusting difficulty
  • The star level indicator on an item pill will now turn red if an item exceeds your equip limit
  • Added a blue gem graphic to item pills that displays their bound status
  • Added The Forge, a new interface for leveling and enhancing items
  • Added new screen effect when damage is taken
  • Added a Battle Sprite tab to the character panel that includes skill details, perks, harnesses and the feeding tray
  • Achievements and Progress have been moved to a new Character Progress window available from the main menu
Alchemy Changes

Energy is no longer required to use alchemy. A new type of item, ‘Orbs of Alchemy,’ have replaced energy associated with alchemy. There are five orbs of alchemy in all:

  • Flawed Orb of Alchemy
  • Simple Orb of Alchemy
  • Advanced Orb of Alchemy
  • Elite Orb of Alchemy
  • Eternal Orb of Alchemy

Orbs of alchemy may be purchased in unbound stacks from the Supply Depot, acquired via missions or as rare loot in treasure blocks.

The Forge

Items that acquire heat will no longer automatically level up when enough heat is required at the end of a level. Instead, a new type of item called ‘Fire Crystals’ must be used within a new interface called ‘The Forge’ in order to level up your items. Fire crystals include:

  • Cracked Fire Crystal
  • Dim Fire Crystal
  • Warm Fire Crystal
  • Glowing Fire Crystal
  • Shining Fire Crystal
  • Radiant Fire Crystal

The Forge can be accessed in town or at any arsenal station. When an item is ready to level up, open the Forge and select the item. The item will require a certain number of a specific fire crystal to level up. However, in some cases there is a chance the forge will not succeed and the fire crystals will be lost. No heat is ever lost due a failed forging.

Additionally, players have the option to add more than the requisite fire crystals in order to improve the odds of a successful forge as well as the chance to gain a special bonus. These bonuses include:

  • Heat Bonus: +25% (one level)
  • Double Level Up!
  • Forge Prize Box containing a random assortment of various rarities and other items (prize box and contents are bound)

Fire crystals may be purchased in stacks in the Supply Depot, acquired via missions or found as loot in treasure blocks.

Recipe Changes

A number of recipes have had their crafting requirements changed in order to better balance out the usage of both new and old materials:


  • Shadowtech Alchemer
  • Shadowtech Alchemer Mk 2
  • Shadow Driver
  • Umbra Driver
  • Nova Driver
  • Storm Driver
  • Blackhawk
  • Sentenza
  • Polaris


  • Cold Iron Carver
  • Cold Iron Vanquisher
  • Spur
  • Arc Razor
  • Winmillion
  • Troika
  • Kamarin
  • Khorovod
  • Sudaruska
  • Vile Striker
  • Dread Venom Striker
  • Gran Faust
  • Fearless Rigadoon
  • Twisted Snarble Barb
  • Dark Thorn Blade
  • Barbarous Thorn Blade
  • Volt Edge
  • Grintovec
  • Jalovec
  • Triglav


  • Graviton Charge
  • Graviton Bomb
  • Graviton Vortex
  • Electron Charge
  • Electron Bomb
  • Electron Vortex
  • Toxic Vaporizer
  • Toxic Vaporizer Mk II
  • Toxic Atomizer
  • Venom Veiler
  • Freezing Vaporizer
  • Freezing Vaporizer Mk II
  • Freezing Atomizer
  • Shivermist Buster
  • Fiery Vaporizer
  • Fiery Vaporizer Mk II
  • Fiery Atomizer
  • Ash of Agni
  • Dark Briar Barrage
  • Lightning Capacitor
  • Plasma Capacitor
  • Voltaic Tempest
  • Haze Bomb
  • Haze Bomb Mk II
  • Haze Burst
  • Stagger Storm
  • Crystal Bomb
  • Super Crystal Bomb
  • Heavy Crystal Bomb
  • Deadly Crystal Bomb
  • Dark Matter Bomb
  • Super Dark Matter Bomb
  • Heavy Dark Matter Bomb
  • Deadly Dark Matter Bomb
  • Rock Salt Bomb
  • Ionized Salt Bomb
  • Shocking Salt Bomb
  • Splinter Bomb
  • Super Splinter Bomb
  • Heavy Splinter Bomb
  • Deadly Splinter Bomb
  • Sun Shards
  • Radiant Sun Shards
  • Scintillating Sun Shards


  • Ironmight Plate Mail
  • Chaos Cloak
  • Demo Suit
  • Fused Demo Suit
  • Heavy Demo Suit
  • Volcanic Demo Suit
  • Mad Bomber
  • Bombastic Demo Suit
  • Mercurial Demo Suit
  • Sunset Duster
  • Justifier Jacket
  • Shadowsun Slicker
  • Deadshot Mantle
  • Angelic Raiment
  • Seraphic Mail
  • Heavenly Iron Armor
  • Valkyrie Mail
  • Armor of the Fallen
  • Silvermail
  • Radiant Silvermail
  • Vitasuit Deluxe
  • Mercurial Mail


  • Surge Breaker Helm
  • Ironmight Plate Helm
  • Chaos Cowl
  • Demo Helm
  • Fused Demo Helm
  • Heavy Demo Helm
  • Volcanic Demo Helm
  • Mad Bomber Helm
  • Bombastic Demo Helm
  • Mercurial Demo Helm
  • Sunset Stetson
  • Justifier Hat
  • Shadowsun Stetson
  • Deadshot Chapeau
  • Angelic Helm
  • Seraphic Helm
  • Heavenly Iron Helm
  • Valkyrie Helm
  • Crown of the Fallen
  • Mercurial Helm


  • Ironmight Plate Shield
  • Stone Tortoise
  • Omega Shell
Supply Depot

New items have been added to the Supply Depot:

  • Spark of Life
  • Flawed Orb of Alchemy
  • Simple Orb of Alchemy
  • Advanced Orb of Alchemy
  • Elite Orb of Alchemy
  • Eternal Orb of Alchemy
  • Warm Fire Crystal
  • Glowing Fire Crystal
  • Shining Fire Crystal
  • Radiant Fire Crystal
  • Evo Catalyst
  • Advanced Evo Catalyst
  • Ultimate Evo Catalyst
  • Reset Star
Rarity Distribution to Existing Players

All existing players have been sent rarities based on their current Mission Rank. Each player will receive exactly the total number of rarities they would have otherwise received from missions as of this update. All items are bound.

Energy Pack Changes
  • The Explorer's Pack is no longer available.
  • Any energy packs containing Mist Tanks have been replaced with 5 Sparks of Life per Mist Tank.
  • The Guardian's Armor Pack has had its Elevator Pass removed and replaced with energy.
More Surprises Ahead

We believe that these new changes represent a significant improvement to the world of Spiral Knights. We look forward to seeing you raise your new battle sprites into powerful combat allies, forge powerful items and explore the Clockworks to your heart’s content.

But that’s not all! We’ve got plenty more surprises in store for the future. So gear up and prepare for more of what you love from Spiral Knights: cooperative, action*packed adventures with your friends in a world unlike any other! (Just be sure to feed your sprite before you leave.)


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed: Various incorrect item icons
  • Fixed: Modifier keys (ie: SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, etc) from causing actions while chatting
  • Toggling the weapon selection wheel on/off will now take effect immediately
  • Bash and Dash will not work when a knight cannot move
  • Unequipping a shield will no longer break a knight's animation


From the Release Notes:
Dash and Bash through the Clockworks!

In order to help combat the ever-growing threat within the Clockworks, all Knights can now use two powerful abilities: the evasive dash and the stunning shield bash! Both abilities have default mappings in each control scheme or can be set in Custom Controls.


The dash provides a burst of speed and limited invulnerability, allowing a knight to evade the damage caused by enemy attacks but not damage from hazards and traps. After performing a dash, there is a cooldown that must be endured before it can be performed again. This cooldown can be seen just above the quickslot bar when a dash is performed.

A knight dashes in the direction the knight is currently moving, or if standing still, the direction the knight is facing.

Shield Bash

The shield bash is used to rush one or more enemies, doing a small amount of damage, knocking them back and stunning them for a limited time. A shield bash requires a shield with full power to perform. Additionally, after performing a shield bash, your shield is drained of some of its power.

A shield bash is always executed in the direction you are facing.

  • The Recon Cloak can now take multiple hits before breaking, much like the Guardian and Striker class abilities.
  • Dash can be used in Lockdown, but not in Blast Network
  • Shield Bash cannot be used in either Lockdown or Blast Network

Updated Item Pills and Icons

As part of the continuing push to improve the visuals of Spiral Knights, item pills and icons have been updated to show much more detail.

Other Changes
  • The weapon selector wheel can now be disabled in Preferences
  • Modifier keys can now be bound to keyboard, mouse, or gamepads. These can used as regular buttons.
  • Updated/changed various minimap icons for vendors

  • Recons once again fade-out/fade-in when going invisible
  • Moved the Timer so it no longer overlaps with the shield bar
  • Razwog's health bar now correctly displays


From the Release Notes:
Great Gluttonous Gorgos!

A new fiend has been summoned from the Underworld to swell the ranks of the devilite workforce: the gluttonous gorgo!

Gorgos are bulbous fiends who are constantly on the lookout for their next meal. Within the Underworld they are among the lowest in the fiendish pecking order and are used as a twisted form of motivation for white collar devilites. For those that don't work hard every day will eventually become a terrible gorgo; their bodies bloating and their two eyes forming into one, because why waste all that extra energy blinking both?

Gorgos will now appear alongside their devilite coworkers in any fiendish encounter within the Clockworks and come in the following varieties:

  • Gorgo
  • Firegut
  • Guster
  • Storm Belly
  • Waster

A Focus on Fiends

Greavers have been newly classified as elite monsters, much like mecha knights and gremlin thwackers. Designed to pose a greater challenge, the already challenging greavers have received a health boost and will now be less prone to showing up in large swarms.

Control Schemes

We've added a new way to set your controls in the options menu!

For new players, the option to choose a control scheme will appear after creating your character! For existing players installing the game on a new machine or for those who have never changed their controls, the option to choose controls will appear just after logging in.

If you'd like to change your controls at any time, you'll find the new options under "Controls" in the options menu! Please note: choosing a new default control scheme will override any customized controls.

Of course, you can still customize your controls with the Custom scheme option!

  • Steam mic icon no longer overlaps Party leader icon


From the Release Notes:
Guild Halls
  • Zoom now works in Guild Halls
  • The energy panel will pop out to display changes in energy
  • The party leader is indicated with a crown
  • Lift Barriers now have a unique barrier effect to set them apart from Force Fields. Remember, Lift Barriers do not block monsters!
  • Tutorial: Minis have been added as an appropriately "easy" monster in some early missions
  • Compounds: Various improvements and tweaks to many rooms
  • Mouse position restored after conversations
  • Fixed issue with unintentional diagonal facing
  • Fixed reconnection issues while in the tutorial
  • Fixed issue with scrolling through the list of purchasable packages in Steam
  • Fixed issue where health was being incorrectly displayed as 0% when not dead
  • Various UI fixes: Party panel, menu locations, system menu hiding underneath the social panel
  • Performance fix for the Missions Panel
  • Health/vitapod messages only display for the knight interacting with them
  • Fixed an issue with the camera twitching in Haven
  • Fixed issue with Arsenal Boxes not activating properly when standing on the mat
  • Fixed incorrect target name with Carnavons in Shadowfire Vanaduke battle
  • Fixed rockets leaving the room in Firestorm Citadel: Charred Court


From the Release Notes:
Mini Monsters

A new class of monsters known as 'minis' now roams the Clockworks. Experienced knights shouldn't have much of a problem dealing with them, but beware, minis are prone to swarm in packs dozens strong.

  • Dust bunnies: These beast-family minis are a hopping mad mess of fangs and fur. They are always hungry.
  • Glop drops: The newest member of the slime family will slowly ooze their way toward their prey as a nasty blanket of spikes.
  • Grave scarabs: These undead insects are always on the lookout for fresh corpses. Their limited flight signals their attacks.

Minis will appear in select levels of the Clockworks and will eventually find their way into many more in future updates.

The Compounds

A new set of random levels have been added to the Clockworks, known as the Compounds. The Compounds feature the remains of some sort of unknown facility, where more intelligent monsters await, harvesting resources or perhaps attempting to power up the derelict machinery. However, just outside the confines of the facilities, hordes of mini monsters await in the brush, waiting to strike.

Compounds levels include:

  • Ruined Compound: Creeping Colony
  • Ruined Compound: Ravenous Warrens
  • Ruined Compound: Chittering Burrows
  • Charred Compound: Creeping Colony
  • Charred Compound: Ravenous Warrens
  • Charred Compound: Chittering Burrows
  • Frozen Compound: Creeping Colony
  • Frozen Compound: Ravenous Warrens
  • Frozen Compound: Chittering Burrows
  • Blighted Compound: Creeping Colony
  • Blighted Compound: Ravenous Warrens
  • Blighted Compound: Chittering Burrows
  • Shocked Compound: Creeping Colony
  • Shocked Compound: Ravenous Warrens
  • Shocked Compound: Chittering Burrows

The Compounds are unique in that they combine two monster families and only appear in Tier 2 and 3 of the Clockworks.

Currently, Compounds levels will only appear in the Arcade but will be added to some missions in future updates.

  • Please note, in order for the new Compound levels to populate the Arcade gates, it was necessary to shuffle current gates. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Rockets will no longer sneak behind barriers in the Firestorm Citadel
  • Fixed going 'Back to Haven' in Guild Halls


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed listing "None" keys during the tutorial
  • Fixed health display for some monsters
  • Various UI-related, translation and text fixes
  • Updated some conversation images
  • Corrected name color issues
  • Fixed some issues with gremlin thwacker hammer attacks in the Firestorm Citadel
  • Revive UI positioning adjusted
  • "???" Displayed for random floor names in the level clear interface
  • Fixed issue with help tips displaying incorrectly when poisoned


From the Release Notes:

Spiral Knights is celebrating its second anniversary with a special event! Join in on the fun now through April 16, 2013!

It's a Caketastrophe!

Visit the Haven Town Square to meet the Skylark's Head Chef, Biscotti. She will inform you of a 'situation' at hand that involves hordes of monstrous cakes known as 'Creep Cakes.' Helping her solve this 'situation' will reward you with cake helms and prize boxes! Features include:

  • A Prestige Mission, 'Total Caketastrophe' is available during the event
  • Biscotti, Maskwell and Bulky can be found in the Haven Town Square
  • Creep Cake nests can be found randomly within the Clockworks
  • Participating in these events will reward you with Cake Slice tokens
  • Maskwell now trades Cake Helms and Anniversary Prize Boxes in exchange for Cake Slices
  • Bulky now sells confetti and Cake Slice tokens

Please note, the Frosted Helm and Foiled Frosted Helm will expire on April 30th 2013, however the Prismatic Frosted Helm lasts forever!

Anniversary Prize Boxes

Anniversary Prize Boxes can be purchased from Maskwell in exchanged for Cake Slice tokens. Anniversary Prize Box contents include:

  • Handfuls of confetti (always included)

One accessory (always included):

4% Chance:

  • Cool Birthday Candle
  • Regal Birthday Candle
  • Military Birthday Candle
  • Heavy Birthday Candle
  • Fancy Birthday Candle
  • Dusky Birthday Candle
  • Toasty Birthday Candle
  • Cool Party Hat
  • Regal Party Hat
  • Military Party Hat
  • Heavy Party Hat
  • Fancy Party Hat
  • Dusky Party Hat
  • Toasty Party Hat
  • Cool Party Blowout
  • Regal Party Blowout
  • Military Party Blowout
  • Heavy Party Blowout
  • Fancy Party Blowout
  • Dusky Party Blowout
  • Toasty Party Blowout

2% Chance:

  • Volcanic Party Hat
  • Divine Party Hat
  • Prismatic Party Hat
  • Volcanic Party Blowout
  • Divine Party Blowout
  • Prismatic Party Blowout
  • Volcanic Birthday Candle
  • Divine Birthday Candle
  • Prismatic Birthday Candle

1% Chance:

  • Shadow Party Blowout
  • Shadow Party Hat
  • Shadow Birthday Candle
  • Sprinkle Aura
As a special bonus, each Anniversary Prize Box has a chance of containing DOUBLE PRIZES!
UI Overhaul

As part of our second anniversary celebration, we're rolling out a new UI for Spiral Knights! The new UI contains a number of improvements and an easier to understand layout. These changes include:

  • A visible character portrait
  • A new way of viewing health: health pips now change from red to silver and finally gold as more health is accrued. Additionally, a percentage health display is present.
  • A shield power meter under health
  • A weapon selection 'wheel' that allows you to see the name and icon of your weapons
  • A much more detailed mini map, featuring enemy locations, NPCs and more
  • A new Targeting UI that displays information about whatever you are targeting. For monsters this includes health, attack types and weaknesses. Handy!
  • An Activities Panel that contains all the various activities that you can perform in a given zone
  • A zoom button that allows you to zoom in when in Haven
  • A general layer of shininess across all the other interfaces
Other Changes
  • Monster and player damage flash effects have been revamped for better clarity in combat.
  • Vials and Capsule pickups have had their icons updated.
  • Art for unbreakable blocks in the Clockworks has been updated.
  • A player's rank will now be shown with their name above their heads.
  • Items will now show a message when they cannot be picked up.
  • Player names are now white, green if a guildmate and blue if a friend. This color scheme is also used on the mini map.
  • Vitapods can no longer be dropped, only replaced by superior versions.
  • Devilite difficulty has been balanced, including reducing their attack range and dodge frequency.
  • Dusky Long Feather added to the Iron Lockbox drop table


From the Release Notes:
Kataclysmic Confrontation

The Kataclysmic Confrontation has ended... for now. Those black kats cannot be kept at bay for ever and will likely find a way to return from the depths of the abyss once more!

Pembrooke, Montague and the Moorcroft Alchemy Station will remain in Moorcroft Manor and all tokens and materials associated with the event do not expire.

Guild Hall
  • Added a confirmation before leaving a party to enter your Guild Hall.
  • Added directional indicators to the footprints when placing furnishings.
  • Reduced speed of Curious Mewkats.
Additional Changes
  • Decreased difficulty of the Crossing the Chasm fire trap room.
  • Models in tooltips now display for furnishings & accessories.
  • Accessories on armor and helms now show up in the model tool tip.


From the Release Notes:
Kataclysmic Confrontation!

Someone or something has summoned a horde of cursed black kats into the Clockworks. These shadowy beasts hunger for arcane power and raided the Moorcroft Manor Archives' precious collection of magical grimoires.

In the wrong hands these ancient tomes could be kata- er, catastrophic, but it turns out that black kats can't read, so they instead decided to just eat them.

The residents of Moorcroft Manor would like you to retrieve the Ancient Pages of the magical grimoires that quite likely reside in the stomachs of black kats. We'll leave you to figure out just how to recover them...

Event Overview

Kataclysmic Confrontation is a new event that will run for a limited time but will return again some time in the future. The goal of the event is to collect Ancient Page tokens for all-new kat gear in Moorcroft Manor. The event is available for knights rank 4-1 and up.

Ancient Page tokens can be acquired in two ways:

  • Completing the daily Prestige Missions and receiving them as mission rewards
  • Receiving them as drops from black kat monsters in missions or the Arcade

Black kats are a new monster that focus on powerful curse attacks. They can randomly be found in place of any spookat-type monster in any Tier 2 and Tier 3 level level of the Clockworks (Missions and Arcade Gates). Black kats often, but no always, drop Ancient Page tokens (1 token in Tier 2, 3 tokens in Tier 3). Specifically, any 'guaranteed encounters' of black kats in a mission do not drop page tokens, though the mission guarantees them as rewards (once a day).

Ancient Page Tokens do not expire. Acquiring all the Kat gear will likely take multiple events.

This event is scheduled to end on February 13th.

Moorcroft Manor Additions

Moorcroft Manor is now outfitted with the Moorcroft Archives, a special library of ancient grimoires. Unfortunately just as soon as it opened it was raided by a mysterious swarm of black kats and its up to you to help restore it.

New Features:

  • Pembrooke, the spookat caretaker of the Moorcroft Archives
  • Montague, the Historic Preservation Motivator. Montague is a token trader that exchanges rewards for Ancient Page tokens
  • Moorcroft Alchemy Station, where Kat Gear can be crafted
  • There's also definitely something up with the Konjuring Kat. Maybe if you had the right item...

Pembrooke, Montague and the Moorcroft Alchemy Station will remain after the event ends.

New Kat Gear All-new gear can be acquired through participation in the event. This gear can be obtained from Montague in Moorcroft Manor and via the Moorcroft Alchemy Station. It includes:

  • Kat Claw Hood (3* helm)
  • Kat Claw Mask (4* helm)
  • Kat Claw Cowl (5* helm)
  • Kat Eye Hood (3* helm)
  • Kat Eye Mask (4* helm)
  • Kat Eye Cowl (5* helm)
  • Kat Hiss Hood (3* helm)
  • Kat Hiss Mask (4* helm)
  • Kat Hiss Cowl (5* helm)
  • Kat Tribe Fetish (4* material)

Remember, the only way to claim this new gear is by hunting down black kats and collecting those Ancient Page tokens. So equip yourself with curse-resistant gear and get hunting!

Guild Hall Features

A new feature is now available for Guild Halls, 'themes' and 'environments.' Both allow your Guild Hall to stand out and give it a totally new feel!

Themes change the lighting, walls, floor, fog and background of the Guild Hall. Available themes include:

  • Default Theme
  • Blast Furnace Theme
  • Cooling Chamber Theme
  • Wasteworks Theme
  • Power Complex Theme
  • Spooky Theme

Environments change the weather and other ambient effects of the Guild Hall. Available environments include:

  • Default Environment
  • Falling Embers Environment
  • Rain Shower Environment
  • Snowfall Environment

Additional Feature Changes
  • The prices of many Guild Hall expansions, rooms and furnishings have been reduced. Simply 'publish' in Design Mode to get the new upkeep rates.
  • 3D models now appear in the tooltips for weapons and gear.
  • The party configuration interface in the Missions and Adventure Board has been revamped.
  • Interfaces for learning recipes and transmuting items has been refined.
  • More icons have been added to the minimap for improved town navigation.
  • The Chaos Cloak and Chaos Cowl have been buffed.

Lastly, please be advised: should you find any kind of whole ancient codex or grimoire from a black kat in the darkest depths of the Clockworks, you are to under no circumstances give it to anyone who could use it for EVIL.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed Energy Depot not loading the billing webpage when 'Other' is selected
  • Fixed 'Natural' sorting for furnishings
  • Fully thaw the fountain in Haven Town Square
  • Unavailable items will no longer be displayed in Basil's shop at a Terminal level


From the Release Notes:
Stalkers in the Alley

For the brave knights facing the perils of the 'Save Winterfest!' mission in Tier 3, a new threat has surfaced. Grinchlin stalkers have infiltrated the Emberlight alley and seek to assassinate any knight on sight!

  • Grinchlin stalkers now lie in wait in the 'Save Winterfest!' mission, ranks 7-1 and up
  • Grinchlin stalkers in this mission have a small chance of dropping the ultra-rare 'Humbug Hat,' a shadowy hat with a grim visage
  • Humbug Hats are acquired unbound and are costume helm items
Holiday Scarves

For the knights who are very dedicated in the pursuit of saving Winterfest, three new holiday scarf accessories have been added to Randolph's stock:

  • Candy Striped Scarf
  • Holly Striped Scarf
  • Festively Striped Scarf
Save Winterfest! Balance Changes

The Save Winterfest mission timer has been adjusted for each tier to balance token payouts and further incentivise higher level play:

  • Ranks 1-1 to 3-2: 6 minutes
  • Ranks 4-1 to 6-2: 8 minutes
  • Ranks 7-1 to 10: 10 minutes
Guild Halls

Guild Records can now be saved to your desktop in CSV format.

  • Press the 'Save Log to Desktop' button on the Guild Record UI
  • Only Officers and up may use this feature
  • Materials bought from token vendors no longer say they are bound to you or cannot be traded.


From the Release Notes:
Winterfest Has Arrived!

As snow begins to fall on Haven once more the Strangers and snipes have begun to celebrate Winterfest! This year the holiday festivities include a new Coliseum map, a special Prestige Mission, exclusive prizes and more!

Mission: Save Winterfest!

Impostoclaus has come to town but unfortunately not every child will be receiving a present from him. In the gremlin outcast town of Emberlight, a faction of fiendish, green-furred gremlins called 'grinchlins' have begun an attack on Emberlight. These grinchlins seek to rob the orphans of Emberlight of their presents and even destroy Impostoclaus!

It's up to you to accept the new Prestige Mission, 'Save Winterfest!' and help Impostoclaus deliver presents through a monster infested back alley of Emberlight. Knights have only a limited time to run presents to safety, avoiding monsters who mean to steal the presents as well as defending Impostoclaus from grinchlin attacks!

'Save Winterfest!' is a unique Prestige Mission as it can be completed as often as you like while available. Delivering presents successfully rewards the party with Winter Wish tokens.

New Lockdown Map

Battle over a snow-swept cityscape where the snow is not just for shoveling, but great for throwing at other knights! Features:

  • A 3 CP map where the combat is fast and frigid * watch out for those snowballs!
  • Open up even faster routes to your CP via a back door button
  • The Slush Puppy in the central square guards plenty of snowballs, but it won't be happy if you try to take them!
Winterfest Rewards

Participation in the 'Save Winterfest!' Prestige Mission and Coliseum events will earn you Winterfest rewards in the Haven Town Square. Visit Impostoclaus and his little helper, Randolph to cash in Krogmo Coins and Winter Wishes for the following:

  • Frosty Prize Box featuring Frosty costume armors and accessories
  • Various Santy Hats
  • Snowballs you can throw anywhere

And more!

The Hunter's Lodge and Boss Trophies

Guild Halls with both 3F expansions can now install the Hunter's Lodge. The Hunter's Lodge is a monster hunting lodge curated by the great hunter, Armero. It contains a guild alchemy machine containing monster trophy recipes. Guild alchemy machines use resources from the Guild Treasury and deposit results into the Guild Treasury.

Boss trophies require special materials available from Brinks in the Haven Bazaar for boss tokens. Materials include:

  • Snarbostuffing
  • Jelly Glue
  • Schemer Scrap
  • Dark Ember

Boss trophies list:

  • Frumious Fang
  • Replica Natural Snarbolax
  • Replica Shadowy Snarbolax
  • Jelly Gem
  • Royal Jelly Crown
  • Replica Royal Jelly
  • Roarmulus Blueprints
  • Small Replica Roarmulus Twin
  • Large Replica Roarmulus Twin
  • Almirian Seal
  • Lord Vanaduke's Mask
  • Lord Vanaduke's Finery
Guild Hall Doors

Guild Hall rooms can now have doors that restrict access to guild members of specific ranks. Doors can be installed via the room console. Like rooms, they must be re-installed if they are ever removed. Doors include:

  • Member Door
  • Veteran Door
  • Officer Door
  • Guild Master Door
UI Changes
  • Hall of Heroes has new loading screen art.
  • Loading screen and end of level report headers have had their art adjusted.
  • Acquisition of Arsenal items now plays an interface effect.
  • Guild Records can now be filtered by knight name.
  • When directed to a specific mission in the Mission Interface, players will no long be directed to a closed mission if an open version of the same mission is available.


From the Release Notes:
Guild Hall
  • On the social panel, the tooltips showing a friend's location will now give the full name of the guild hall (or design mode) that they're in.
  • Adjusted lighting in several rooms and wings.
  • Publishing the guild hall is recorded in the Guild Record.
  • Placing a room now provides an additional info prompt.

  • Floor beacon furnishings have more fitting item icons.
  • Chairs and beds now have USE descriptions in their item tooltips that let you know they're interactive.
  • Fixed chairs/beds becoming unusable if when someone leaves the guild hall while using one


From the Release Notes:
Guild Hall Expansion

Engineering systems are back online at Spiral HQ and guilds are now clear to turn their Guild Halls into grand castles. All current guild halls are being upgraded all*new expandable guild hall! They may be stranded on Cradle, but their new Guild Halls offer a bit more comfort and enhanced community for fellow knights. But its not all for show, for these newly expanded halls will also serve as fortifications against the coming darkness that lurks within the Clockworks.

  • Customize and expand your guild hall using the Design Mode, accessed from your guild's Command Console
  • Purchase vendor and service rooms for extra convenience
  • Buy furniture to decorate your new rooms from the Birdsong Emporium
  • Guild upgrades: member limit increases and guild storage
  • A special training hall exclusively for guild members
  • Set your Guild Hall to 'open to the public' and meet prospective recruits or throw a party!

You can read a more detailed description of features here

Homecoming Celebration

The Spiral Knights are celebrating the Guild Hall Expansion with a Homecoming Celebration! As part of the celebration, Spiral HQ is awarding special prizes based on rank to all knights!

Each knight will receive a Battle Stand furnishing item, Honor Blade sword and Honor Guard Shield just for logging in during the Homecoming Celebration.


Items are awarded to knights based on rank:

Rank 1*1 to 3*2

  • Soldier's Battle Stand
  • Honor Blade
  • Honor Guard

Rank 4*1 to 6*2

  • Knight's Battle Stand
  • Tempered Honor Blade
  • Great Honor Guard

Rank 7*1 to 9*4

  • Champion's Battle Stand
  • Ascended Honor Blade
  • Mighty Honor Guard

Rank 10

  • Vanguard's Battle Stand
  • Lionheart Honor Blade
  • Exalted Honor Guard
Guild Creation
  • The crown cost associated with creating a guild is now 50,000 crowns. These crowns are instantly added to the guild's Treasury upon creating the guild.
  • As a special bonus, all current guilds will receive an extra 50,000 crowns deposited into their Guild Treasury.
Haven Garrison

The Spiral Order has increased their presence in Haven by setting up a permanent Garrison to the east of the Town Square. The Garrison contains the Hall of Heroes, Guild Hall and another building currently under development.

Additional Details
  • Entering the Guild Hall will allow you to access your Guild Hall or any other Guild Halls open to the public.
  • Exiting a Guild Hall now sends you to outside the Guild Hall in the Haven Garrison.
  • The Hall of Heroes has received a visual overhaul.
  • Minor visual fixes to the Aegis and Mighty Defender


From the Release Notes:
Dark Harvest Festival
  • Dark Harvest Trick or Treat Confetti added to Bulky's catalog
Supply Depot
  • Items on sale in the Supply Depot will now show up in the featured list
  • Fixed attaching large stacks of items to in-game mail
  • Fixed Shadow Lair Snarbolax not fleeing correctly


From the Release Notes:
  • The Dark Harvest mission can only be played once per day.
  • Fixed some translation issues.


From the Release Notes:
The Dark Harvest Festival

The Dark Harvest Festival is now being celebrated in Haven and will end on November 1st! This annual event honors the mischievous Punkin King in order to ensure a healthy fall harvest for Haven. All Clockwork Tunnels-style levels like Power Complexes and Blast Furnaces now have a chance of featuring special rooms inhabited by the Punkin King. Simply hop on the party pad and discover if the Punkin King has candy tokens or something else in store for you!

There is also a Prestige Missions available daily throughout the event that gives you a guaranteed encounter with the Punkin King.

Both via the Arcade or the Prestige Mission, Tier 1 awards the fewest candy tokens while Tier 3 the most candy tokens.

Candy tokens come in three varieties (Hard Candy, Sour Candy and Sweet Candy) and can be exchanged in the Haven Town Square for festive masks and prize boxes!

Festive Masks

Maskwell has set up shop in the Haven Town Square and will trade items for candy tokens.

Masks include:

  • Paper Frankenzom Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
  • Paper Phantom Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
  • Paper Spookat Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
  • Replica Frankenzom Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
  • Replica Phantom Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
  • Replica Spookat Mask (lasts 2 weeks)
  • Authentic Frankenzom Mask (lasts forever!)
  • Authentic Phantom Mask (lasts forever!)
  • Authentic Spookat Mask (lasts forever!)

In case you're just a few pieces of candy shy of the mask you desire, candy tokens can also be purchased from Bulky in the Haven Town Square.

Dark Harvest Prize Box

In addition to festive masks, Maskwell also has Dark Harvest Prize Boxes for trade. Dark Harvest Prize Boxes contain random, unbound items.

Items and Odds

33% for one of the following:

  • Hallow Side Blade
  • Hallow Wings
  • Hallow Bomb Bundle
  • Pumpkin Bomb Bundle
  • Hallow Crest
  • Hallow Parrying Blade
  • Hallow Plume
  • Hallow Ribbon
  • Hallow Scarf
  • Hallow Dapper Combo
  • Hallow Power Scanner
  • Hallow Glasses
  • Hallow Round Shades
  • Hallow Com Unit
  • Hallow Mecha Wings
  • Hallow Vertical Vents
  • Hallow Bolted Vee
  • Hallow Headband
  • Hallow Maid Headband
  • Hallow Toupee

33% for one of the following:

  • Jack o' Bombhead Mask
  • Hallow Crescent Helm
  • Hallow Round Helm
  • Hallow Fur Cap
  • Hallow Hood
  • Hallow Pith Helm
  • Hallow Plate Helm
  • Hallow Sallet
  • Hallow Scaled Helm
  • Hallow Tailed Helm
  • Hallow Winged Helm

33% for one of the following:

  • Hallow Flak Jacket
  • Hallow Draped Armor
  • Hallow Fur Coat
  • Hallow Cloak
  • Hallow Brigandine
  • Hallow Plate Mail
  • Hallow Cuirass
  • Hallow Scale Mail
  • Hallow Culet
  • Hallow Raiment

1% - Haunted Aura

Plus Even More Prizes!

Each Dark Harvest Prize Box also includes random handfuls of Trick or Treat Confetti as well as a chance to receive even more prizes: Trinket Slot and Weapon Slot Upgrades, Krogmo Coin Boosters and Heat Amplifiers!

Trick or Treat Confetti launches a pumpkin in the air and then...

  • Added an arrow pointing to the elevator in tutorial lobbies.

  • Two new proto armors and helms have been added to knight creation.

  • Minor clarity improvements to the Vendor interface.
  • The Coliseum button on the main HUD has been moved to the center of the screen.
  • Coliseum and Party Finder buttons have new animations to indicate status.
  • Main menu button added to spectator mode at bottom of screen.
  • While using the Alchemy interface, the name of the item you're choosing to create is now display at the top of the Ingredients panel.
  • Info box/Description added to Loadouts panel.

  • Firo Driver / Firotech MKII now displays fire status in tooltip.
  • Items will no longer spawn in FSC fountains.
  • Virualent Catalyzer plays correct sound when fired.
  • Fixed case where players could get stuck in a room with no respawning pot to free themselves.
  • Miracle Cloak Recipe now requires the correct amount of Light Shards for a 4-star item.
  • Spectating a game will no longer cause you to stop waiting for a PvP match.
  • Fixed some issues with stunned monsters. More fixes are on the way.


From the Release Notes:
Prestige Missions
  • 'Ghosts in the Machine' is now part of the daily Danger Mission rotation, appearing every four days.
  • A graphical clarity issue has been fixed on the Surge and Hunter cloaks.


From the Release Notes:
  • Spectate mode game list has been fixed to allow scrolling.
  • Emotes from spectators will not be visible to players.
  • Spectators can no longer trade with players.
  • Fixed the display name of the Hacked Aura.
  • Blocked Static Souls from the exit elevator area in Ghosts in the Machine.
  • Fixed an issue with trade windows not closing properly.


From the Release Notes:
New Danger Mission: Ghosts in the Machine

Spiral HQ has received a distress call from a derelict facility deep within the Clockworks.

The distress call came in the form of a digital message saying only 'save us.' Believing it to be a potential trap, Spiral HQ has deployed Desna's Recon Rangers to investigate the facility and assist anyone who may have sent the message.

Ghosts in the Machine is a new Danger Mission, intended for skilled players. It is available in the Prestige Mission section of the Mission interface.

New monsters are featured in Ghosts in the Machine and their official names are:

  • Static Soul
  • Surging Bombie
  • Static Deadnaught
  • The Big Iron

As a special launch celebration, Ghosts in the Machine will be available daily for a week! Following that it will be added to the the Danger Mission rotation.

Spectator Mode

You can now watch any live Coliseum game with Spectator Mode! To access, open the Coliseum and press the 'Spectate' button. Then just select the game you want to watch and enjoy!

  • Press the arrows at the top of the screen to change between players, or use the arrow keys
  • Spectators cannot see invisible players (Lockdown)
  • Spectators can chat with other spectators during the match
  • Spectators cannot chat with players until the end of the match
  • Players cannot see spectator chat during a match
  • Minor changes to handling chat commands: if a command is typo'd the line of text won't clear.


From the Release Notes:
Art changes
  • Eyes are now visible on the Spiral Pith Helmet.
  • Snipes settle down and scatter about Haven like flocks of pigeons.
  • Wegner's model has been updated.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed an issue preventing some bullets from being visible in Lockdown.
  • Removed one last heart power up from Blast Network.


From the Release Notes:

Hall of Heroes

  • Desna has been added to the Hall of Heroes Vanguard celebration.


  • Direct party invitations can now be closed.


  • Fixed issues resulting in double Vanaduke masks in the Vanaduke boss fight.
  • Shard bomb shards no longer collide with players in Lockdown.
  • Shard bomb shards no longer pass through certain force barriers.
  • Heart power ups no longer spawn in Blast Network - Rockets.
  • Fixed a Steam bug causing issues if your friends were 'looking to trade' or looking to play.'
  • Fixed a few mission text typos.
  • Fixed issues where wolvers were spawning outside the playfield.
  • Loadout summary now displays correct movement speed.
  • Swapping out a cursed weapon no longer shows an error message.
  • Dying while in conversation no longer freezes the UI.


From the Release Notes:
New Shard Bomb Behavior

The changes that were detailed in our previous announcement here will be released with today's patch.

The following bombs now have new attack behaviors:

  • Crystal Bomb
  • Sun Shards
  • Radiant Sun Shards
  • Rock Salt Bomb
  • Ionized Salt Bomb

Additionally, new bombs have been introduced with this patch and some existing bomb's damage type and recipes have changed.

For an easy reference, here is the new shard bomb line:

  • Pure Normal damage:
    • Shard Bomb - 2*
    • Super Shard Bomb - 3*
    • Heavy Shard Bomb - 4*
    • Deadly Shard Bomb - 5*
  • Pure Elemental damage:
    • Crystal Bomb - 2*
    • Super Crystal Bomb - 3*
    • Heavy Crystal Bomb - 4*
    • Deadly Crystal Bomb - 5*
  • Pure Shadow damage:
    • Dark Matter Bomb - 2*
    • Super Dark Matter Bomb - 3*
    • Heavy Dark Matter Bomb - 4*
    • Deadly Dark Matter Bomb - 5*
  • Pure Piercing damage:
    • Splinter Bomb - 2*
    • Super Splinter Bomb - 3*
    • Heavy Splinter Bomb - 4*
    • Deadly Splinter Bomb - 5*
  • Pure Shadow damage, anti-slime damage bonus:
    • Rock Salt Bomb - 3*
    • Ionized Salt Bomb - 4*
    • Shocking Salt Bomb - 5*
  • Pure Piercing damage, anti-fiend damage bonus:
    • Sun Shards - 3*
    • Radiant Sun Shards - 4*
    • Scintillating Sun Shards - 5*
Where to acquire the new bombs

Recipes for these bombs are available in all the usual places: Basil, the Bazaar, the Hall of Heroes, etc. Additionally, these bombs will be added to your Supply Depot catalog as you complete missions.

Rewards for existing shard bomb owners

While we're confident that you'll enjoy the new way these bombs work, we also want you to know that we take changes like this seriously. We greatly appreciate the testing and feedback that many of you provided for us. Additionally, any current owners of shard bombs at the time of the patch's release will receive a gift as a thank you for previously investing in these bombs.

Via an in-game mail you will receive the following for each bomb you own:

  • Crystal Bomb = 1 Variant Ticket
  • Sun Shards = 2 Variant Ticket
  • Rock Salt Bomb = 2 Variant Ticket
  • Ionized Salt Bomb = 3 Variant Ticket
  • Radiant Sun Shards = 3 Variant Ticket

Please allow up to 24 hours from the time the patch goes live to receive your rewards.

Additional Item Changes
  • Increased the blast radius and added a chance to inflict Stun on the Irontech Bomb, Irontech Destroyer and Big Angry Bomb
  • Made minor adjustments to the sound effects on some bombs


From the Release Notes:
New Danger Mission: Heart of Ice

Join Desna's Recon Rangers and explore the fiendish city of Amu-Sol. This frozen wasteland is home to a deranged and devilish cult plotting to put the entire Clockworks into a permanent state of deep freeze!

The entirety of Amu-Sol is swarming with frozen souls and deep within the heart of the city lies the source of it all: the cult's powerful leader, Maulos and a towering column of pure everfrost.

Heart of Ice is a new Danger Mission, intended for skilled players. It is available in the Prestige Mission section of the Mission interface.

New monsters are featured in Heart of Ice and their official names are:

  • Frozen Soul
  • Perma-Frostifur
  • Maulos
  • Trojan shockwave attack range has been restored to the previous range.


From the Release Notes:

- Legion of Almire, Inner Sanctum - Fixed inconsistent lift barrier functionality in the bombie maze, monsters can pass through them but lifted objects cannot.
- Legion of Almire, Inner Sanctum - An additional monster barrier has been added to the north to protect players waiting for their group near the party pad.

- Fixed a bug preventing inspection from working on knights with less than 5,000 prestige.


From the Release Notes:
New Danger Mission : Compound 42

Spiral HQ has uncovered a gremlin bioweapons facility deep within the Clockworks. It is believed that this facility belongs to a member of the Crimson Order known only as ‘Herex.’ The Recon Rangers have been tasked with infiltrating the facility and uncovering the nature of Herex’s bioweapons before they are put to use.

Compound 42 is a new Danger Mission, intended for skilled players. It is available in the Prestige Mission section of the Mission interface.

New monsters are featured in Compound 42 and their official names are:
- Toxoil
- Giant Toxoil
- Compound Polyp
- Gremlin Incinerator

  • Item drops will no longer appear inside of flame tiles, such as those in Firestorm Citadel.
  • Drones have been tweaked so that they have more consistent behavior.
  • Trojans should no longer spam their push-back attack when near large amount of blocks.
  • Fire produced from oil is now slightly less potent.
  • Fire produced from oil now consistently damages monsters.
  • Oil now ignites from oil slick to oil slick at a slight delay.
  • Fire produced from oil in Tier 2 now burns for the intended amount of time.
  • Popups referencing the ATTACK button now display the first available key association for the command.
  • Added /invite and /joinknight commands to chat interface.
  • Changed Prestige Mission tooltips to show your knight's current prestige levels instead of the mission's.
  • Added prestige icon to knight's prestige number when inspected.
  • Added a tooltip for PvP button.
  • Removed Energy Module on the HUD until at least one of a player's knights has reached Haven.
  • Added tooltips for advanced video options.


From the Release Notes:
  • Item upgrades will extend their duration during downtime.
  • Most armors have had slight graphical adjustments to improve visual contrast.
Legion of Almire
  • Sounds for Deadnaught have been adjusted.
  • Inner Sanctum - Added lift object barriers to prevent statues from being moved out of the bombie maze


From the Release Notes:
Danger Mission - Legion of Almire

As an honorary member of Desna's elite Recon Rangers squad, fight your way through a horde of Almirian undead to reach the inner sanctum of their necropolis, which is rumored to hold great wealth for those who survive its deadly defenses. Be warned - the cursed Legion of Almire will not give up its hidden riches without a fearsome fight!

Danger Missions, like Legion of Almire are a Prestige Mission. Danger Missions are noted by a red skull icon on the mission card art. A Danger Mission is intended for skilled players as they are much more challenging than an average mission, but have greater rewards upon completion.

Danger Missions will begin appearing in your Prestige Missions at Rank 4-1, or once you have entered Tier 2.


Join the battle in two new Lockdown maps!

  • Stadium - Utilize team-only barriers and bombshells for a home field advantage in an arena with plenty of space for large battles.
  • Mines - Carve and blast your way through a stone-filled mine. Open up assault paths or leave stones in place to delay the competition.


New monsters have been added that will be first seen in the new Danger Mission, Legion of Almire.

  • Bombie - A zombie with a very short fuse and an explosive temper. Don't let them get near you!
  • Almirian Crusader - A powerful undead knight from the cursed kingdom of Almire. They lie encased in ash until intruders get too close...
  • Deadnaught - A deadnaught is a giant, undead guardian who wields a great spear and can reanimate zombies, much like a grim totem.


From the Release Notes:
Party Finder
  • Party Invitation notifications have been reformatted to look like Party Finder results.
  • Adjusted selected states of the Missions and Party Finder buttons.
  • Variant Tickets now show up in your Arsenal
  • Character movement will no longer occur when clicking within the Notifications interface.


From the Release Notes:
Party Finder

A Party Finder feature has been added that allows players to find parties in the Arcade and on Missions. Simply press the 'Party Finder' button on the top of your screen and wait as it attempts to find parties for you near your current Rank. Available parties will populate your Notifications window and will adjust in real time so long as the Party Finder is toggled.


From the Release Notes:
  • Various armors including the jelly series will keep their gloss fx even on low detail.
  • Tier1 Gunpuppies are now more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug in Lockdown damage calculation that was resulting in heavy damage from multiple attacks
  • Fixed a faulty battlepod room/encounter where the battlepod could not use its artillery attack properly
  • Pressing enter while drafting a mail no longer opens chat


From the Release Notes:

A new 'Armor Rear' accessory slot is now available. Items that now use this slot are:

  • Tails Tails
  • Wolver Tails
  • Zombies will now only drop loot on initial defeat. Rez'd zombies will drop nothing.
  • Slag Guards now have new artwork. Hail Almire!
  • Made adjustments to certain textures on low detail setting.
  • Prestige Mission: Pinch of Salt - the interactive salt pile that is used to open a door is more clearly visible
  • There is new music for slime-themed levels. The Royal Jelly Palace will keep the original slime music.


From the Release Notes:

Join the battle in two new Lockdown maps!

  • Downtown - A traffic-congested, frigid city with plenty of Fire Pots to melt the ice!
  • Gardens - A secluded garden with hidden paths amongst its ruined walls

Changes to the Scoring System: Lockdown will now use a scaling point system where each additional Capture Point controlled by a team is worth fewer points per tick

On a 3 Capture Point map
  • 1st CP captured is worth 5 points
  • 2nd CP captured is worth 3 points
  • 3rd CP captured is worth 1 point
On a 5 Capture Point map
  • 1st CP captured is worth 5 points
  • 2nd CP captured is worth 4 points
  • 3rd CP captured is worth 3 points
  • 4th CP captured is worth 2 points
  • 5th CP captured is worth 1 point
  • Fixed a bug where knights were burning to death while Vanaduke was giving his monologue. Ouch!


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed an issue in FSC Charred Court and the Shadow Lair where players could die while talking to the Nature Sprite.
  • Crown and heat payouts have received further balancing, most notably in the Ironclaw Munitions Factory.
  • Added an airlock after the statue room in Firestorm Citadel Ashen Armory to prevent backtracking with the gold key.
  • Fixed collision in a level that allowed players and monsters to leave the playable area.
  • Valiance's knock-back has been reverted.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause a party to get stuck on the elevator when someone joined.


From the Release Notes:
  • The Rugged Robo Wrecker's Recipe name has been corrected (English only).
  • Fixed issues with searching on the Auction House.
  • Fixed catalyzer type handguns charge attacks causing low damage.
  • Fixed issues with having the wrong rank after completing Rescue Camp Missions.


From the Release Notes:
New User Experience

The Crash Site, Rescue Camp and Rescue Camp Missions have been revamped. New players will now meet their pal Rhendon and join him as they save the Rescue Camp from the monsters that lurk in the dark and the evil gremlin Schemer, Razwog.

This new experience is a taste of what's to come in the Spiral Knights story. Stay tuned!

  • All bombs have had their damage output increased by 15%
  • All handguns have had their damage increased by 10% and their charge attack damage increased by 20%

Minor art changes to the following Swords:

  • Slime Slasher
  • Super Slime Slasher
  • Beast Basher
  • Big Beast Basher

Damage increased:

  • Slime Slasher
  • Super Slime Slasher
  • Beast Basher
  • Big Beast Basher
  • Hatchet: increased damage area for charge attack
  • Damage bonus increased:
  • Cyclops Cap
  • Fencing Jacket
  • Proto Bomb: now has a chance HIGH to Stun MODERATE.

Damage area increased:

  • Twisted Spine Cone
  • Proto Bomb
  • Firecracker
  • Cold Snap
  • Static Flash
  • Spine Cone

Fuse time decreased:

  • Super Blast Bomb
  • Twisted Spine Cone
  • Dark Briar Barrage
  • Proto Bomb
  • Firecracker
  • Cold Snap
  • Static Flash
  • Blast Bomb
  • Spine Cone

Fuse time increased:

  • Master Blast Bomb
  • Spike Shower

Status power increased:

  • Cold Snap
  • Static Flash
  • Firecracker

Bullet Speed increased, minor knock*back added, charge shot damage radius increased:

  • Proto Gun
  • Stun Gun
  • Frost Gun
  • Super Stun Gun
  • Zapper
  • Blaster
  • Super Blaster
  • Master Blaster
  • Valiance

Moderate Knock-Back added, MEDIUM construct damage added, extra shot added before reload:

  • Punch Gun
  • Pummel Gun
  • Robo Wrecker (0* sword) and Rugged Robo Wrecker (1* sword) have been added to the Bazaar catalogs
  • All retrodes have received a slight health reduction.
  • Many levels now have beautiful new lighting, effects, backgrounds, etc.
  • Tier 1 levels now convey the proximity to Cradle's surface while deeper levels lose sunlight and become darker.
  • Crown and heat payouts have received further balancing, most notably in the Royal Jelly Palace.
  • Battle Arena*style mission levels have received an overhaul and now feature new rooms and a slick new presentation.
  • Conversation text now fades in line by line.
  • The character-selection screen has received a small visual update. 'Location' has also been replaced with 'Rank.'
  • Spanish, German and French languages have received more thorough translations. Mission and level names are now translated.
  • Fixed a bug where switching weapons could cause bullet damage to be modified.
  • Fixed a bug with coliseum payouts in certain rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug with saving a knight after anonymous login.
  • Fixed the Arcane Salamander Mask to display personalized eyes.


From the Release Notes:
  • Nonna will no longer sell bound Monster Pockets.
  • Any bound Monster Pockets in a player's arsenal will now be unbound.


From the Release Notes:
The Emberlight Adoption Agency Has Arrived!

Nonna, a representative for the Emberlight Adoption Agency has come to Haven seeking Knights to care for baby monsters that have lost their way in the Clockworks! Head to the Haven Town Square and see how you can purchase the following accessories:

  • Love Puppy Monster Pocket
  • Chroma Whelp Monster Pocket
  • Mewkat Monster Pocket

Each monster pocket is fully animated and attaches to the front of any compatible armor.

Nonna will be in town through April 30th, 2012. She will return some time in the future, but you never know which monsters she will have available for adoption!

New Character Creation

A new character creation interface is available that offers both a visual upgrade as well as new customization options. Options include:


  • Head
  • Body
  • Design


  • Accessory 1
  • Accessory 2


  • Height
  • Eyes
  • Personal Color
Unique Variants

You can now ‘lock’ Unique Variants in Punch’s shop when purchasing the two and three UV tickets. Locking UVs will retain them while you roll for new ones!

  • Fixed a bug where knights could get trapped between a timed door and the wall in the Clockworks.
  • Fixed some bugs where rocket blocks weren't turning off in the Ironclaw Munitions Factory.
  • The ground target when holding a heavy statue now snaps to pressure plates.


From the Release Notes:
Now with Blast Processing!

Spiral Knights has received a significant performance boost! SEGA has shared with OOO the secret of ‘Blast Processing’ and it has result in faster, smoother gameplay across the board! (Ok, maybe we just introduced a bunch of graphical optimizations.)

Many players will find they now have greatly increased framerates in even the most hazardous of levels, such as the Ironclaw Munitions Factory. Please note that this boost will not necessarily be noticeable by every player, though some will see a dramatic change.

If you had problems running the game in the past, or know someone who did, now is the time to jump back in and see the action in a whole, new way!

Height and Eye Modifiers

New items are now available that allow you to change your height and eyes. These items work just like Personal Color items and are consumed once used.

Eyes change your eye type across any helm you wear, however not all helms allow you to see your eyes, like the Spiral Pith Helm.

Height Modifiers only affect the visual height of your knight and have no gameplay implications of any kind. They do not make you a larger/smaller target, offer greater/reduced reach, etc.

[Height Modifiers]

  • Normal Height Modifier
  • Tall Height Modifier
  • Extra Tall Height Modifier
  • Short Height Modifier
  • Extra Short Height Modifier


  • Normal Eyes
  • Almond Eyes
  • Cheeky Eyes
  • Closed Eyes
  • Determined Eyes
  • Dot Eyes
  • Exed Eyes
  • Happy Eyes
  • Jolly Eyes
  • Pill Eyes
  • Plus Eyes
  • Angry Eyes
  • Sad Eyes
  • Sultry Eyes
  • Shifty Eyes
  • Sleepy Eyes
  • Spiral Eyes
  • Squinty Eyes
  • Vacant Eyes
  • Starry Eyes
  • Delicate Eyes

These items are available via lockboxes with the exception of the Normal, Short and Tall Height Modifier and Normal, Almond, Determined and Happy Eyes, which are for sale in Vatel’s shop in the Bazaar.

Mirrored Lockbox

A new lockbox will now randomly drop from the Prize Wheel, the Mirrored Lockbox. The Mirrored Lockbox contains an assortment of character modification items. These include:

  • All Height Modifiers, excluding the Normal Height Modifier
  • All Eyes, excluding Normal Eyes
Mirrored Lockboxes require a Silver Key to open.
New Items in Iron Lockboxes

New items are available inside Iron Lockboxes. These include:

  • Cool Parrying Blade
  • Divine Parrying Blade
  • Regal Parrying Blade
  • Military Parrying Blade
  • Heavy Parrying Blade
  • Fancy Parrying Blade
  • Dusky Parrying Blade
  • Toasty Parrying Blade
  • Volcanic Parrying Blade
  • Prismatic Parrying Blade
  • Cool Round Shades
  • Divine Round Shades
  • Regal Round Shades
  • Military Round Shades
  • Heavy Round Shades
  • Fancy Round Shades
  • Dusky Round Shades
  • Toasty Round Shades
  • Volcanic Round Shades
  • Prismatic Round Shades

Additionally, there is a small chance of it containing one item from the Mirrored Lockbox.

Charge Attacks

When a charge attack has reached 'max charge,' it can no longer lose charge to damage, only to death. Players who had experienced 'missing' bombs or charge attack misfires will no longer experience these issues.

  • The Prize Wheel has been added to the end of Mission levels
  • You can now access the Hall of Heroes Missions when your energy total is below 10
  • Added a 'Cull Transients' toggle to the Advanced Video Options. This is an experimental toggle which could improve game performance in complicated levels. When enabled, there will likely be some side effects where certain graphical and audio effects will not be played.
  • Adjusted mipmapping on player eyes to make them slightly sharper at distance.
  • Fixed the incorrect damage values on the Dark Thorn Blade’s charge attack. It will now output less damage, in line with all other swords in its series.


From the Release Notes:
  • The 'Total Caketastrophe!' Prestige Mission is no longer available.
  • Eyes on the various jelly helms will not recolor to the knight's personal color.
  • Fixed knight actions occurring while a dialog is open


From the Release Notes:
Anniversary Event

The Spiral Knights Anniversary Celebration has come to an end. The decorations have been taken down, the frosting cleaned up and the Total Caketastrophe mission is no longer available. Biscotti thanks all knights for their assistance in cleaning up a mess that never happened.

  • Bulky and Maskwell will remain in the Town Square until April 23, when all Cake Slice tokens expire.

The first prestige reward, Prestige Badges, will now be granted to the most prestigious of knights! See the tooltip on any prestige reward for more information on all five levels of Prestige Badges.

  • Eyes on the various jelly helms now animate and recolor according to the knight's personal color like other helms.
  • The knight creation UI now alerts you if a name is unavailable in real time.
  • You can no longer pull out a vial while standing on a lift barrier.
  • Shadow Party Hat accessory now correctly displays its name.
  • Animations when holding lift objects have been fixed.


From the Release Notes:

Spiral Knights is celebrating its first anniversary with a special event! Join in on the fun now through April 10, 2012!

It's a Caketastrophe!

Visit the Haven Town Square to meet the Skylark's Head Chef, Biscotti. She will inform you of a 'situation' at hand that involves hordes of monstrous cakes known as 'Creep Cakes.' Helping her solve this 'situation' will reward you with cake helms! Features include:

  • A new Prestige Mission, 'Total Caketastrophe' is available during the event
  • Biscotti, Maskwell and Bulky can be found in the Haven Town Square
  • Creep Cake nests can be found randomly within the Clockworks
  • Participating in these events will reward you with Cake Slice tokens
  • Maskwell now trades Cake Helms in exchange for Cake Slices
  • Bulky now sells confetti and Cake Slice tokens

Please note, the Frosted Helm and Foiled Frosted Helm will expire, however the Prismatic Frosted Helm lasts forever!

Get the Anniversary Prize Pack!

To celebrate the first anniversary of Spiral Knights, the Haven Treasury is giving away a FREE Anniversary Prize Pack with the purchase of any $9.95 energy purchase! The prize pack contains a random assortment of goodies that includes:

  • Handfuls of confetti (always included)

One accessory (always included): 4% Chance:

  • Cool Birthday Candle
  • Regal Birthday Candle
  • Military Birthday Candle
  • Heavy Birthday Candle
  • Fancy Birthday Candle
  • Dusky Birthday Candle
  • Toasty Birthday Candle
  • Cool Party Hat
  • Regal Party Hat
  • Military Party Hat
  • Heavy Party Hat
  • Fancy Party Hat
  • Dusky Party Hat
  • Toasty Party Hat
  • Cool Party Blowout
  • Regal Party Blowout
  • Military Party Blowout
  • Heavy Party Blowout
  • Fancy Party Blowout
  • Dusky Party Blowout
  • Toasty Party Blowout

2% Chance:

  • Volcanic Party Hat
  • Divine Party Hat
  • Prismatic Party Hat
  • Volcanic Party Blowout
  • Divine Party Blowout
  • Prismatic Party Blowout
  • Volcanic Birthday Candle
  • Divine Birthday Candle
  • Prismatic Birthday Candle

1% Chance:

  • Shadow Party Blowout
  • Shadow Party Hat
  • Shadow Birthday Candle
  • Sprinkle Aura (yes, your knight will be covered in delicious sprinkles)
Prize Pack Details

Offer available through April 10, 2012

All prize pack items are delivered UNBOUND.

As a special bonus, each purchase has a chance of receiving DOUBLE PRIZES!
Other Changes
  • Heavy statues will now "snap" into position on pressure plates, making it much easier to place them.
  • Throw-able objects such as pots and vials now have a targeting arrow.
  • "Command Emotes", such as /attack and /helpme now have translations for French, German, and Spanish.
  • The Elevator Pass will now be promoted when players are at an elevator and run out of energy.
  • Fixed a statue exploit in Firestorm Citadel Smoldering Steps
  • Fixed a bug in Firestorm Citadel Charred Court where you could get trapped by a timed door


From the Release Notes:

Today's patch contains behind-the-scenes content for a future event.


From the Release Notes:
  • Removed chat transforms for emoticons and lolspeak
  • Fixed issues with the Troika sword line charge attacks


From the Release Notes:


Some balance changes have been made to some items:

Armor & Helms

Skelly series:

  • Removed fire weakness

Magic Cloak series:

  • Removed stun weakness

Drake Scale series:

  • Added Poison resist.

Chaos set:

  • Added Charge Time bonus
  • Removed stun and sleep weakness

Justifier set:

  • Added stun resist

Shadowsun set:

  • Added poison resist
  • Removed curse weakness
  • Changed piercing defense to shadow defense
  • Increased handgun damage bonus

Deadshot set:

  • Added Handgun Attack speed

Nameless set:

  • Added freeze resist

Bombastic Demo set:

  • Added freeze resist
  • Increased bomb damage bonus


Drake scale series:

  • Added poison resist


Troika and Triglav Series, Thwack Hammer:

Charge attack changes:

  • Charge attack is now a two hit combo
  • Increased charge attack damage area
  • First hit does not impulse or apply status, is weaker
  • Second hit is more powerful, has status

Spur, Arc Razor and Winmillion:

Basic attack combo changes:

  • Attack one no longer has a forward impulse.
  • Attack one hit box narrowed and elongated slightly to bring inline with other swords.
  • Attack two forward impulse increased slightly.
  • Attack three knock-back impulse increased slightly.
  • Attack three hit box widened.

Charge attack changes:

  • Backstep at beginning of swing removed.
  • Spur charge attack power reduced
  • Arc Razor and Winmillion charge attack power increased, bullets now pierce through multiple targets


Crown and heat payouts for all levels will be undergoing adjustments over the next few patches in order to better balance the game economy and create a better experience for all players. In this patch you will see changes to missions and levels that were previously awarding an overabundance of crowns and heat.


  • Smilies typed into chat may be transformed into an appropriate emote.
  • Mac OS: text editing commands will now follow Mac conventions.
  • Added a confirmation check for exchange missions.


  • Fixed the collision on Cursed Nature Sprites to resolve a bug where they could get stuck.
  • Fixed bugs with depositing Cursed Nature Sprites in the Sprite Sanctuary.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a freeze when using chat history.
  • Mecha Knight monsters will properly block player bullets.


From the Release Notes:
  • The rank (or tier for Expansion Missions) will be displayed next to the mission name when inspecting a friend or guildmate's location.
  • An official seal will be shown on mail originating from a non-player.
  • Most numbers and prices will now display with commas.
  • Companion knights should no longer shield-block player bullets.
  • Wishbones will no longer be requested in Monstrous Research Prestige Missions.
  • Correct crest rewarded in Hall of Heroes 8-2. Any player that has previously completed this mission will receive the appropriate crest in the mail.
  • Sacred Silver Amulet now has the correct curse resist.
  • Battlepod orbital shields no longer collide with players.
  • Giant lichen barbs no longer cause neutral damage.
  • Greaver clouds now inflict a minor amount of shadow damage and status upon intersection rather than pulsing status every half a second. This will prevent 'stun-locking' attacks from multiple Greavers.
  • Fixed collision on Grim Totems.
  • Fixed the collision on cursed sprites so they act like other lift objects.


From the Release Notes:
  • Blessed and Sacred Silver Amulets have had their star values corrected.
  • Volcanic Demo Suit now has a medium CTR boost.
  • Fixed a broken monster gate in Lounge Lizards level that was causing some players to get stuck.
  • Fixed a naming issue with a floor in Beyond Axes of Evil.

Operation Crimson Hammer

  • Silence the Guns - Addressing issue where the battle room gate would not lower for some players
  • Newly-created knights will not receive new-mail notifications about announcements in the Crash Site.
  • Added a link to clear saved credit card information in the Energy Depot.


From the Release Notes:
  • Added over 30 Rank Missions through rank 9-4, allowing you to achieve the rank of Vanguard.
  • Prestige Mission rewards payouts adjusted for exchange-style missions.
  • Dark Reprisal, Dark Reprisal Mk II and Dark Retribution bombs have received a damage decrease and a speed reduction to their orbiting bullets.
  • More items have been added to the Supply Depot.
Operation Crimson Hammer
  • Added an all-new, free "Aftermath" level following 'Engines of War'
  • A number of collision space fixes in Operation Crimson Hammer, including one in which players could become fatally stuck inside of Gremlin bunkers.
  • Engines of War - Increased Warmaster Seerus' health
  • Engines of War - fixed Battlepod corpses disappearing between stages during the boss fight
  • Clear the Gatehouse - Removed material exploit in the bonus loot closet
  • Seerus hammer explosion damage has been decreased


From the Release Notes:

Operation Crimson Hammer

  • Adjusted background music volume across all floors
  • Slightly longer vulnerable period on several Battlepods
  • Silence the Guns - Sped up respawn timer on explosive blocks, allowing players to kill off the Mortafires in the rocket block battle room faster
  • Silence the Guns - Added collision to prevent players from getting trapped in artillery rocket chambers
  • Silence the Guns - Fixed broken tile art in Stalker room


  • Fixed a few Steam conversion issues.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some problems with shiny costumes on medium-low detail.
  • Purchasing Expansion Missions now mark your account as 'paid' and offering the standard paid account benefits.


From the Release Notes:
Operation Crimson Hammer!

The first Expansion Mission, Operation Crimson Hammer, has arrived!

Warmaster Seerus is the evil master of munitions within the gremlin's all-powerful Crimson Order. Thought to be the true mastermind behind the Roarmulus Twins and countless other gremlin weapons, he is the Crimson Order’s creator and supplier for their diabolical engines of war.

Recon Knights under the command of Lieutenant Feron recently discovered Seerus’s ‘Grand Arsenal,’ his development center and storage facility for all his weaponry. Now, Feron himself is leading several squads of knights directly into the Grand Arsenal, with the intention of weeding out Seerus and destroying his war machines.

Met with heavy resistance, Feron’s squads require reinforcements and Spiral HQ is sending you in to assist.


Lead the Assault

  • Experience an all-new adventure in the world of Spiral Knights!
  • Challenge the mighty gremlin lord, Warmaster Seerus, in his terrifying Grand Arsenal!

Expand Your Arsenal

  • Includes unique mission rewards: the powerful Rocket Hammer and the shadowy Dark Retribution bomb!
  • Includes a bonus craft-able helm, the Mask of Warmaster Seerus himself!

Ferocious New Monsters

  • Face the explosive weaponry of gremlin Mortafires and the stealthy blades of Ghostmane Stalkers!

Multiple Ways to Play

  • Unlocks three separate versions of Operation Crimson Hammer for each difficulty tier!
How to Access Expansion Missions

You can gain access to Expansion Missions by completing the Rank Mission 3-2 'The Pioneers.'

Once you have access, select the Expansion Mission you wish to purchase from the Expansion Mission menu and select 'Purchase Expansion. Steam users will be taken to Steam and Web users to the Energy Depot to complete your purchase.

Purchasing an Expansion Mission unlocks it for all knights on the account.


Three new item series have been added as part of Operation Crimson Hammer:

1* Prototype Rocket Hammer 3* Stable Rocket Hammer 5* Warmaster Rocket Hammer

Obtained as a mission reward, this sword class weapon launches your forward with its combo and creates a doubly devastating blast when charged!

1* Dark Reprisal 3* Dark Reprisal Mk II 5* Dark Retribution

Obtained as a mission reward, this shadowy bomb creates a swirling storm of projectiles after exploding!

1* Fractured Mask of Seerus 3* Flawed Mask of Seerus 5* Perfect Mask of Seerus

Obtained as a bonus, craftable item, this gunner's mask can be created if you survive enough battles against the Warmaster himself! Talk to Vise in the mission lobby for details!

Please note, Expansion Mission rewards cannot be sold, traded or dropped.

  • Battlepods are now immune to all status ailments.
  • New gremlin monsters in Operation Crimson Hammer: the Ghostmane Stalker and the Mortafire
Misc Changes
  • Kozma no longer sells Cobalt gear recipes and now opens the Supply Depot.
  • Boost has been replaced by Kozma.
  • Removed special weapons and materials from prestige exchange missions.
  • King Krogmo's Coliseum will now display your preferred region and the waiters/players counts for each game are only those for your region.
  • A confirm dialogue is now shown if joining another player would remove you from your party.
  • The Uplink now opens in the Ready Room.
  • Fixed a bug where closed gold doors would open when all knights were rescued and brought to the exit door in deconstruction zone levels.
  • Fixed some instances of broken tile art.


From the Release Notes:
Hall of Heroes
  • Recipes purchased form the Hall of Heroes now bind on purchase.
Levels and Missions
  • Alien Ooze - door will no longer open prematurely during last battle.
  • Boss Dungeons - should no longer be able to join a party mid-boss fight.
  • Strength In Unity - loot should no longer be unreachable in the last battle area.
  • Toy Soldiers - fixed a flow issue where hitting a ghost block early stopped players from progressing.
  • Clockworks - fixed bad room collision that allowed players to run outside the level bounds.
  • Fixed joining parties in Arcade gates from the Mission panel.
  • Fixed dropping vitapods and inspecting your weapon from the HUD.
  • Fixed bugs with attempting prestige missions
  • Fixed joining a party and ending up on the wrong gate.
  • Fixed a missing texture issue on Graveyard tombstones.
  • Companion knights should no longer be auto-targeted.
  • Fixed a bug where mission rewards were not being successfully created on mission complete. Should this now happen, you will receive them in mail.
  • Fixed ladder props. They can no longer be stood upon.
  • Reduced confetti spawning in 'Work for Idle Hands'


From the Release Notes:

Today's patch features the official release of Missions! This patch includes Rank Missions through Rank 6-2. More exciting missions will be released in the future!

Mission Overview

Missions provide players with a a structure for navigating the world of Spiral Knights. Each mission features a reward that is guaranteed with completion in addition to the rewards acquired during the mission itself.

Missions range from simple tasks like speaking with an NPC to going on an a major expedition within the Clockworks. One of the key features of missions is that everything is managed within the mission interface. You will never find yourself searching a town for NPCs or left to wonder what to do next. When you’re looking for action, simply open up the mission interface and away you go!

Additionally, the Character Select interface now includes the ‘Ready Room.’ The Ready Room is where your knight chooses where to go after selection. You can chat with friends and guildmates, check out your Social Panel and Event Hub, head in to town or go directly on a mission.

Ready Room Preview

There are four types of missions: Rank, Prestige, Expansion and Arcade.

Rank Missions

Rank Missions serve the main campaign of Spiral Knights. Comprised of over 80 missions, Rank Missions will allow a player to rise in the ranks of the Spiral Knights. Starting as a lowly Recruit, knights can ultimately achieve the mighty rank of Vanguard.

Rank Missions also feature a new way of acquiring the recipes that you need. In each Rank Mission lobby you will find Basil selling a set selection of recipes that are geared toward the mission you are about to face. Additionally, Rank Missions have you regularly visiting the ‘Hall of Heroes’ where players can see veteran knight loadouts and purchase their recipes for their gear. The Hall of Heroes also serves as a stage for certification, requiring players have a loadout of a set star level to advance, much like the Spiral Warden’s requirements in subtowns.

Any knight that had a particular Tier Clearance prior to this patch will still be able to access the appropriate Tier in the Clockworks. Knights without Tier 2 and 3 Clearance prior to this patch must complete Rank Missions in order to gain clearance.

Prestige Missions

Prestige Missions are offered to you daily and can only be completed once a day. These missions reward you with ‘prestige’ which acts as a running score attached to your knight. Knights with high prestige will earn a special bonus in the future.

Expansion Missions

Expansion Missions are bonus missions that can be unlocked with purchase. Expansion Missions, like Rank Missions, feature set rewards and can be played as often as you like once unlocked. Some expansion missions are a ‘pack’ of missions and provide you with a version for different tiers that feature unique rewards. Our first Expansion Mission pack, 'Operation: Crimson Hammer,' will be released in the near future.

Arcade Missions

Arcade Missions provide you with the convenience of creating and joining parties in the Arcade directly from the mission interface. However, the Arcade must still be visited to deposit minerals.

The Supply Depot

The Supply Depot is a new feature that is connected to the mission interface. The Supply Depot is a place where players can purchase items associated with missions with energy. This includes accessories, weapons, gear, upgrades and even energy packs.

However, items in the Supply Depot must be earned. Items are added to your personal Supply Depot as you rank up. Achieve the highest rank you can and build the ultimate Supply Depot!

Weapons and gear purchased from the Supply Depot are BOUND on purchase!
Item Fixes
  • Deadshot Mantle no longer accepts FRONT attachments. BACK attachments now allowed. Any accessory that's already attached will not be affected.
  • Spiral Sallet's texture has had a recolor-seam fixed.
Item Balance


  • Removed piercing damage, now pure elemental damage (overall attack power remains the same)
  • Added undead damage bonus

Argent Peacemaker:

  • Removed piercing damage, now pure elemental damage (overall attack power remains the same)
  • Added undead damage bonus


  • Removed piercing damage, now pure shadow damage (overall attack power remains the same)
  • Added gremlin damage bonus


  • Removed piercing damage, now pure shadow damage (overall attack power remains the same)
  • Added gremlin damage bonus

The following handguns now push enemies away on charge attack instead of pulling them toward you;

  • Autogun
  • Pepperbox
  • Fiery Pepperbox
  • Volcanic Pepperbox
  • Magnus
  • Mega Magnus
  • Callahan
  • Punch Gun
  • Iron Slug
User Interface
  • Some simple animations have been added to various common UI.
  • Conversation UI has been rebuilt.
Monster Tweaks
  • A few monsters have had their attacks switched to split damage in Tier 2 and pure damage in Tier 3.
  • Vanaduke's corpse now cleans up faster and with fancier graphics.
Gremlins on the Rise!

Something has riled up the gremlins in the Clockworks, causing them to send out even the littlest ankle-biters of the bunch to join their front lines! A new series of levels called 'Gremlin Grounds' will now appear in the Clockworks. New gremlin monsters will now appear in Gremlin Grounds and missions:

  • Knocker
  • Lighter
  • Cooler
  • Jumper
  • Joker

Don't be fooled by their diminutive size* these horrible helpers will turn their tools against any knight they cross!


From the Release Notes:

Winter has finally left Haven and all the snow has melted. See you next Winter!

Some NPC Knights have received an art update.

Chroma and Salamander style armors now accept back accessories.


From the Release Notes:
Elevator Pass

The $5.95 30 Day Elevator Pass is here to stay! Accounts that have purchased the Elevator Pass in the past can now purchase it again as often as they like. Time is added to the your current Elevator Pass at the time of purchase.


The following swords have had their charge attack changed from a swipe to a burst attack:

  • Proto Sword ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Beast Basher ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Slime Slasher ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Bolted Blade ★☆☆☆☆
  • Big Beast Basher ★☆☆☆☆
  • Super Slime Slasher ★☆☆☆☆
  • Hot Edge ★★☆☆☆
  • Static Edge ★★☆☆☆
  • Searing Edge ★★★☆☆
  • Shocking Edge ★★★☆☆
  • 'Edge' swords have had their icons slightly recolored.


From the Release Notes:
  • Achievements unlocked in Spiral Knights that are missing in Steam will be unlocked in Steam on login.
  • Fixed a couple cases where unlocking multiple achievements at once would result in some of the achievements' failing to show up on Steam.
  • Gunpuppy bullets no longer spawn far away from their source.
  • Fixed several weighted statue exploits in the Firestorm Citadel and the Shadow Lair Firestorm Citadel.


From the Release Notes:

Winterfest has ended and Impostoclaus has left Haven for another year, but the cold weather will remain in Haven for just a little while longer.

  • All drone health has been reduced
  • Almost all monsters have had their delay increased between spawning and attacking (including retrodes!)
  • Wolvers, retrodes, and zombies will no longer follow their target once they commit to an attack
  • Retrode and zombie melee attack has been slowed down and damage area decreased
  • Fixed an area where players could get trapped in the IMF Warfare Workshop
  • Advanced video options now include ability to adjust anti-aliasing level (takes effect on restart)
  • Circuit Breaker Armor is now weak to fire and freeze
  • Bomb fuse graphic has been filled in to make it easier to read
  • Charge attacks for the elemental brandish lines (and those shadow ones too) had been rebuilt for a more reliable damage area
  • Fixed issue with lichens inflicting damage before playing their animation
  • Fixed issue that was preventing gremlin thwackers from telegraphing their charge attack
  • Gremlin dodge cooldown increased from 1 second to 4 seconds
  • Gremlin menders have been scolded once again for harming others
  • Wolvers should no longer block movement while underground
  • Removed combo breaker escape action from T3 wolvers
  • Slowed down the explosion delay on the retrodes beam attack and reduced the damage radius
  • Greavers will no longer inflict status ailments through barriers
  • Jelly cube spires will terminate if they are interrupted by the death of their source
  • Slag Guard charge attack no longer cause damage in all directions on collision
  • Volcanic Long Feather will no longer apply as the Toasty Long Feather


From the Release Notes:

Drone Monsters

  • A new class of monsters called 'drones' have been added to the Clockworks
  • Drones are not part of any monster family
  • A drone is completely immune to damage unless it stops and exposes its weak point
  • A golden drone will never stop and is completely immune to damage
  • There are two types of drones: 'shankles' that deal damage and 'wisps' that cause status conditions

Here are the official names for all drones:

  • Shankle
  • Sharp Shankle
  • Sage Shankle
  • Dark Shankle
  • Golden Shankle
  • Golden Sharp Shankle
  • Golden Sage Shankle
  • Golden Dark Shankle
  • Volcanic Wisp
  • Winter Wisp
  • Storm Wisp
  • Bog Wisp
  • Golden Volcanic Wisp
  • Golden Winter Wisp
  • Golden Storm Wisp
  • Golden Bog Wisp


  • Prevented teammates locking you inside the treasure closets on Scarlet Fortress Cravat Hall II


From the Release Notes:
Lockdown - Frostbite
  • Opened up north path to allow players to bypass the center CP
  • Made CPs on either end of the map easier to defend by their respective 'home teams'
  • Fixed a scenario room with an airlock that could create dead ends on rare occasions
  • Fixed a scenario room with a broken text description
  • Disable the Event Hub button when the HUD is locked
  • The Event Hub no longer shows yourself as a party to join
  • The Event Hub no longer shows training hall parties
  • Fixed a bug where gear health bonuses were being applied in Blast Network
  • Fixed the end of level heat bonus display which was not correctly showing the new double heat bonus
  • Fixed the speed of applied trap damage on unshielded knights in Lockdown


From the Release Notes:


Winter has come to Cradle and all of Haven is covered in a soft blanket of snow. Snipes and monsters alike are in the holiday spirit and the Haven Arcade is being visited by Impostoclaus!

  • A new Lockdown level, Frostbite is now available. Frostbite features snowballs that you can throw at your opponents and turn them into snowmen!
  • Until January 9th, you can use Krogmo Coins to purchase Santy Hats from Sullivan in the Haven Arcade.
  • All Santy Hats expire on January 23, 2012

Event Hub

  • A new interface called the Event Hub has been added to your HUD.
  • The Event Hub keeps you informed of past events, accomplishments, etc of your friends and guildmates.
  • Includes a running high-score for the most amount of levels played, Coliseum matches played, and crowns acquired in the Clockworks.
  • Provides you with a quick list of events that you can join instantly, such as friend and guildmate expeditions and Coliseum games.

Heat Amplifiers

  • Heat Amplifiers have been greatly improved to grant double heat to the user when activated!
  • Heat Amplifiers are now available from Boost in 2 day, 7 day and 30 day amounts.

European Servers

  • New servers have been added to reduce latency for European players.
  • When you join a pick up game or enter a town, you will be matched with other players in your region.
  • By default, your region will be automatically determined based on your IP.
  • If you wish to manually configure your preferred region, you may do so via the Option menu (in the General section, under Region).
  • Your knights, items, friends, guild mates, etc., will remain unchanged.
  • Please note that joining your friends' parties or town instances may result in increased latency, as your client may be forced to connect to a remote region.

Scenario Rooms

  • Special rooms have been added to the Clockworks that offer a little story and atmosphere, hints of a larger story, or a special bonus to those that discover them.
  • Some Scenario Rooms are rarer than others. Discover them all\!


  • Personal colors can be previewed in shops and the Auction House.
  • Added mini "exchange" buttons to shops and other various interfaces.


  • 'Enamorock' added to Sullivan's item list
  • Heart Pendant, Dual Heart Pendant, Tri-Heart Pendant, Tetra-Heart Pendant and Penta-Heart Pendant added to Krogmo's Alchemy Machine


  • Lavender Personal Color is now available from Vatel
  • Push-to-talk button is now configurable (under "Talk (Voice Chat)")
  • Fixed a bug in which a snipe was disappearing into a seat.


From the Release Notes:
Featured Auctions

Featured Auctions are special auctions run by the Haven Treasury. They often contain unique or rare items. Featured Auctions can be buyout only with set quantities. Quantities represent the number available currently and are not representative of future quantities. However, you never know when a new batch of items will show up, so if you see something you like, go for it!

Featured Auctions will be displayed by default when opening the Auction House. They will also appear in standard category searches.

The following items will be immediately available in Featured Auctions:

  • Scissor Blades - Leviathan Blades custom made by Bechamel to resemble giant shears. They function EXACTLY like Leviathan Blades in practice, but have a unique look.
  • Trojan Disguise - A mask that makes you resemble a fearsome trojan! (Lasts 30 days)
  • Love Puppy Disguise - A mask that makes you resemble a super-cute love puppy! (Lasts 30 days)
  • Chapeau of the Coral Rose - A new pink Rose Regalia costume helm
  • Chapeau of the Violet Rose - A new purple Rose Regalia costume helm
  • Tabard of the Coral Rose - A new pink Rose Regalia costume armor
  • Tabard of the Violet Rose - A new purple Rose Regalia costume armor
  • Personal Colors - Also available from Vatel in the Haven Bazaar, these items allow you to change your Knight's personal color
  • Prime Bombhead Mask - Didn't make it to PAX? Here's your chance to get the commemorative mask!
Item Preview

Items can now be previewed in the Auction House. You can even stack previews (if compatible)!

Personal Colors

Vatel has upgraded his recipe shop to now sell 'general goods' and has a selection of items that allow Knights to change their personal color. Each color from Knight creation is available. Once used, your personal color will change to the color of the item and the item will be destroyed.

  • Reduced the rarity of rarer accessories in all lockboxes
  • 'Drab' type accessories are now known as 'Military'
  • Added "push-to-talk" option for Steam voice chat (enable in options dialog, default key is V).
  • Elevator passes will now transfer for web accounts converted to Steam.

The official game credits are now accessible from the 'About' tab in the options menu.

  • Removed collision overlapping parts of the path in the Gloaming Wildwoods
  • Surgebreaker, Blizzbreaker, and Blazebreaker gear now have correct art.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not invite a player into a party when they had an elevator pass but were low on energy.
  • Snarbolax Coats now accept aura accessories... we promise.


From the Release Notes:
Arsenal Stations

Many levels within the Clockworks now feature 'Arsenal Stations' that allow you to change your gear or loadouts before facing the challenges of a level. So long as you have a wide variety of equipment, a difficult stratum with varying themes will be no match for your arsenal!

There are also one-way barriers positioned after each Arsenal Station. Choose your equipment wisely and use loadouts to save time!

Energy Blasts

Energy reviving now comes coupled with an energy blast that knocks back and damages monsters. There are four levels of power that are unlocked as more energy is used for the revive.

30 Day Elevator Pass

We're trying something new! For a limited time only, a 30 Day Elevator Pass may be purchased from the Energy Depot. This pass allows all Knights on the account the ability to bypass elevator costs. Elevator Passes are activated at the time of purchase and will show up in your arsenal's 'Useable' category as with other upgrades.

Shadow Keys

Shadow Keys are now available from Boost for the foreseeable future. They can be purchased for the now non-promotional price of 1,800 CE.


Surveys will now occasionally be available from the Uplink. Fill them out and help us improve Spiral Knights!


Systems with more memory should now see increased performance.

  • Fixed an issue in a Lichenous Lair room where turrets were surrounded by bramble.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in a Candlestick Keep room.
  • Drab Sideblade will now equip the right color on use. Existing equipped Drab Sideblades are unaffected.
  • Heavy Game Face accessory now shows the proper name on its tool tip when equipped.
  • Snarbolax armor will now accept Aura accessories.


From the Release Notes:
  • Gates in the arcade will now automatically activate when you walk up to them
  • Fixed issue that was causing Drab Canteen's name to display as 'Fancy Canteen' when equipped.
  • Fixed issue causing knights to be invisible.


From the Release Notes:

Dark Harvest Festival

  • The Dark Harvest Festival has ended. The Punkin King hopes you enjoyed the festival and looks forward to seeing you next year!

Shadow Keys

  • The limited time sale of Shadow Keys from Boost has ended. We will be evaluating other options to obtain them in the future.


  • The Flamberge charge attack was previously able to damage other players. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a lighting and camera issue in the Arcade lobby.
  • Fixed the missing material and artifact issue at the end of a shadow lair.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed graphical issues with Jelly gear
  • Fixed issue with guild creation


From the Release Notes:
  • Celebrate Halloween with darkness and danger! For a limited time only, Shadow Keys are available from Boost, the Special Items Merchant!
  • Arsenal chests have been added to Lobbies, Clockwork Terminals, and Subtowns. These do not represent a change in how the Arsenal is accessed while in the Clockworks, but are rather just a visual reminder to equip a suitable loadout before moving on to the next stratum.
  • Tooltips for offline friends and guildmates now show last session times.
  • Added bindings for individual weapon slots (defaulting to 7/8/9/0).
  • Spiral Knight run animations have been adjusted for smoother transitions between animations.
  • The Spiral Knight idle animation has been expanded for more variety when in town.
  • When in town, equipped shields will hide themselves at set distances determined by setting detail levels to low or medium.
  • Adjusted Grim Totem visual effects.


From the Release Notes:


  • Optimization and level of detail changes to various common particle effects.
  • Graphic fix to Divine Avenger charge attack.
  • Graphic change to Phantom charge attack.
  • Sticky target cursor now renders in front of targets.


  • Fix for crackling/stuttering Windows audio.


  • Fix for occasional failure to switch zones due to Steam authentication issues.


  • Royal Jelly defense values brought in line with the rest of the Slime family


From the Release Notes:
  • Restored background visuals to the Depth 23 terminal for players using Low Graphics Quality.
  • Fixed delays with loading Clockwork Tunnel levels.
  • Reduced the amount of monsters needed to finish Unknown Passage battles.
  • Knights are now locked in before Royal Jelly fight starts.
  • Fixed kleptolisks to only steal 1 item out of a stack.
  • Fixed issues with material rewards in the Shadow Lairs.
  • Only item categories that can be auctioned are shown in your arsenal when on the "My Auctions" tab.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple status conditions could cause continuous visual effects to play.


Shadows Fall Over Cradle!

From the Release Notes:

We've got some exciting additions to the Clockworks included in this release. The bravest, most elite knights can take on the most challenging levels to date in Shadow Lairs and everyone can celebrate the Dark Harvest Festival with visits to the Punkin King!

Shadow Lair Overview

The Clockwork Terminal on floor 23 now contains a new area north of the elevator leading to several 'Shadow Lairs.' These mysterious elevators contain the most fearsome challenges found in the Clockworks.

Shadow Lairs are intended for knights equipped with Tier 3 gear, specifically geared toward each Shadow Lair which includes:

  • The Gloaming Wildwoods has been infected with a poisonous miasma and the Snarbolax is said to have gone rabid!
  • The Royal Jelly Palace has frozen over and it's king usurped by the true heir to the slimy throne, the frigid Ice Queen!
  • The Ironclaw Munitions Factory has begun creating in fiery weapons and improved upon its ultimate weapon in the form of the Red Roarmulus Twins!
  • A powerful curse has overtaken the Firestorm Citadel, transforming its hordes and lead by the mighty Darkfire Vanaduke!

Shadow Lair Rewards

All Shadow Lairs feature the following rewards:

Accessing a Shadow Lair

Shadow Lairs are grouped into three ranks. All knights with Tier 3 clearance automatically gain Shadow Lair Clearance 1. Completing a Shadow Lair Rank 1 earns you clearance into the next rank and so on.

The highest Shadow Lair Clearance Level of anyone in the party is respected. Not everyone needs the same rank to join a party in a Shadow Lair.

Shadow Keys

Shadow Lairs require a Shadow Key to access. Only one key is needed for the entire party. A Shadow Key is destroyed once used.

Shadow Keys can be found in ANY Iron Lockbox or from the Auction House if available.

The Dark Harvest Festival

The Dark Harvest Festival is now being celebrated in Haven and will end on November 1st! This annual event honors the mischievous Punkin King in order to ensure a healthy fall harvest. All Clockwork Tunnels-style levels like Power Complexes and Blast Chambers now have a chance of featuring special rooms inhabited by the Punkin King. Simply hop on the party pad and discover if the Punkin King has candy tokens or something else in store for you!

Candy tokens come in three varieties (Hard Candy, Sour Candy and Sweet Candy) and can be exchanged in the Haven Town Square for festive masks! Masks include:

In case you're just a few pieces of candy shy of the mask you desire, candy tokens can also be purchased in the Haven Town Square. However, they are very expensive!

Remember, this event ends November 1st so collect all the candy you can and get those masks!

Royal Jelly

  • The Royal Jelly boss fight has changed, adjust your strategies accordingly!


  • Having an accessory in one slot will no longer prevent the application of another accessory in a different slot on the same item.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed bug that might de-equip your shield or give the wrong message about changing loadouts after playing Lockdown.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused friend's locations to be incorrect.
  • Fixed bug that caused some players to not see prize labels on the prize wheel.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes skip a player from getting the prize wheel.
  • Fixed the Volcanic Binocular Visor and the Bomb Bandolier.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed issues with Roarmulus Twins locking up.
  • Fixed issues with parties getting stuck at elevators.
  • Fixed Bechamel's name and title.
  • Fixed Capsules and Vials not showing their counts
  • Fixed your shield sometimes being unequipped after a Lockdown match


Lockboxes, Accessories and More!

From the Release Notes:

Today's update introduces a host of exciting features. Get ready to customize your gear with accessories and spin the Prize Wheel!


Accessories are new items that can be augmented on to helmets or armor. There are hundreds of them to discover and include techno widgets like antennae and visors for your helmets, canteens and side blades for your armor and even holy auras and wings! All accessories come in a wide variety of colors and styles. The most common will match the standard armor color schemes and the rarer styles match color schemes like 'divine' and 'volcanic' gear. The rarest of all are the 'prismatic' accessories that recolor to your personal color.

Once you have an accessory, visit Bechamel, the Accessorizor on the far western side of the Haven Bazaar. Once an accessory is attached to gear, it is permanently attached unless removed by Bechamel, the Accessorizor. However, removing an accessory from gear will destroy the accessory in the process.

Accessories are divided by attachment location and can only be attached to gear that supports the attachment location. Not all gear can use all accessories. Consult the tooltips to determine which accessories can fit your gear. Locations include:

  • Helm Top
  • Helm Side
  • Helm Back
  • Helm Front
  • Armor Front
  • Armor Back
  • Armor Aura


You can now find Iron Lockboxes, a new usable item that, when opened, reveals a special prize! Iron Lockboxes are the only way to find accessories. Any player can find an Iron Lockbox and trade it with other players or put it up for sale on the Auction House. Additionally, any item found within an Iron Lockbox is also unbound and can be traded as well.

An Iron Lockbox requires a Silver Key to open. Silver Keys are purchasable from Boost, the Special Items Merchant located in Haven and every subtown. Once used, a Silver Key is destroyed. Silver Keys can also be traded and put up for sale on the Auction House.

The Prize Wheel

All Knights that complete levels in the Clockworks will now have an opportunity to spin the all-new Prize Wheel\! The Prize Wheel is displayed as your heat is tallied during the end of level report. There are all sorts of prizes to discover. Many of them are helpful boosts for your next floor like health or crowns, but the truly lucky players will be awarded Iron Lockboxes!

Lockboxes have the highest chance of appearing in Tier 3, followed by Tier 2 and then Tier 1.


  • New map! Ramparts: Use gates to open up paths for you and your allies or leave them closed to secure your territory! Use respawning fire pots to help you siege an enemy's CP!
  • New map! Furnace: Use water orbs to reveal new paths through this fiery arena!
  • UI: Arrow indicators added to the HUD, can be disabled in 'options'
  • UI: Killer Cam


  • Boost the Upgrades Merchant is now known as 'Boost the Special Items Merchant'
  • Boost the Special Items Merchant now sells Silver Keys, which open Lockboxes.
  • Bechamel, the Accessorizor has opened up shop in the Haven Bazaar.


  • Costume items may be sold for 1 crown to dispose of them.
  • Fixed bug where preset emotes (such as /lol) from muted players weren't being blocked.
  • Removed a short period of invulnerability after being hit by certain attacks in Lockdown
  • Fixed bonuses from showing up twice in item tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where players could potentially activate a loadout for PvP while in Lockdown
  • The "Allow Full Inspect" will now remain checked between sessions
  • Fixed Gravity bombs affecting teammates in Lockdown


From the Release Notes:

A bugfix patch will be released today that mostly includes behind-the-scenes things but also includes:


  • Class Mods in Tier 3 Lockdown now grant Knights more health.
  • Heal pads now also clear status.


  • Loadouts will no longer auto-equip unbound items.


From the Release Notes:
Changes on the horizon for Spiral Knights forums!
  • The name under which you post to the forums will no longer be your Spiral Knights account name. Instead, you may choose one of your Knight names to post with via your account settings page. You may switch this Knight name with another as often as you like. However upon doing so, all previous posts will change as well to display the new name. In cases where an old forum account name is the same as someone's Knight name, you will be able to tell the difference.
  • As a result of this change, Steam players will be able to post to the Spiral Knights forums. Simply select a Knight name and post away!
  • The forums are getting a bit of a visual upgrade. Admin posts will be much more prominent and display if the admin is a Game Master or Developer. Players will also be able to choose from over 100 avatars, including armor sets, monsters, and even recent entries in the fan art competitions.


From the Release Notes:

A bugfix patch will be released today that fixes game crashes when attempting to open the character panel or loadout menus on some systems.


King Krogmo Launches Lockdown!

From the Release Notes:

A new content update will be released today that includes a bunch of new, exciting features!

Lockdown - A New Coliseum Event

In Lockdown, two teams face off against each other to capture multiple Control Points scattered across the map. Capturing and holding onto a Control Point increases your team's score over time. Owning more than one Control Point increases your team's score even faster! To win, your team must be the first to reach the target score or have the highest score before the match ends!

How to Play

Capturing Control Points (CPs)

  • To capture a Control Point, stand on it until it changes to your team's color. You will see an expanding "influence" ring indicating your progress. When the expanding influence ring reaches the outer CP ring, the CP changes to your team's color.
  • If the Control Point is Neutral (white) you will only need to change it to your team's color.
  • If the Control Point is owned by the enemy team, you will need to stand on the CP until the enemy team's influence ring shrinks and turns the CP to Neutral. After the CP is Neutral, it can be captured as normal by expanding your team's influence ring.
  • Be warned! If an enemy player is also trying to capture the same Control Point, neither team's influence will grow or shrink. The only way to capture a Control Point is if there are no enemy players standing on it!

Class Mods

Class Mods are a new feature in Lockdown! Class Mods replace your normal shield with a special ability that is unique to that class. The ability is mapped to the key that would normally activate your shield.

Within each team base you will find three Class Mods. To change your class, simply stand on one of the pads supporting a Class Mod! The classes grant the following special abilities, bonuses, and penalties:


Special Ability: Guardian Shield

  • Activating this ability creates a shield of protection for you and any of your teammates in its radius (instantly for you, and after 1 second for your allies)
  • Any damage you or your allies take is blocked by the shield, but be warned, this may also cause your shield to break faster!


  • Attack Speed bonus for Swords and Bombs


  • Attack Speed decreased for Guns


Special Ability: Cloaking, Disruption Field

  • Activating this ability causes you to turn invisible for a period of time
  • While invisible, you project a "pulse" every few seconds that will give a "Recon Mark" status effect to any enemy it hits
  • Any enemy player hit by one "Recon Mark" gets a warning, but no other negative effects are applied
  • Any enemy player with a "Recon Mark" that is hit by another pulse receives a "Death Mark" and has has their defense removed for five seconds!


  • Attack Speed increased for Guns and Bombs


  • Attack Speed decreased for Swords


Special Ability: Striker Dash

  • Activating this ability allows you to sprint for a short period of time


  • Attack Damage increased for Swords


  • Charge Time increased for Bombs

Loadouts - Gear Profiles for Fast Equipping

Loadouts are specific sets of gear that you can create and customize for fast equipping in towns, Clockwork Terminals and Lockdown team bases. A Loadout can be flagged as PvE (green) or PvP (red). By default, your current set of gear will be flagged as a PvP Loadout. However, if you would like to easily switch gear during a PvP match, you will want to create multiple PvP Loadouts. You can only swap loadouts during a PvP match before leaving the area designated as the Locker Room inside your team's base.

Note that your highest tier PvP-enabled Loadout determines the tier of the game you are eligible to join, and once you join a game, you will only be able to switch to Loadouts of the same tier you are playing. If you would like to play in a specific tier, ensure that all other tier Loadouts are flagged as PvE.

Creating a Loadout

First, equip the set of gear you would like to become your new Loadout. In the character window, there is a new Loadout pill below your character showing the following information:

  • The name of the current Loadout. It will display if there is no specific Loadout being used
  • The tier you are eligible for in PvE and PvP
  • A meter showing the overall quality level of the Loadout (higher star gear makes for a much more powerful Loadout!)

Now it's time to save that Loadout:

  • Click on the Loadout pill and then select "Save As..."
  • Name your new Loadout and then select "Save"
  • You can see all your saved Loadouts by clicking on the Loadout button that can be found next to the Arsenal button in the top right of the screen (two swords icon)
  • You can flag or un-flag a Loadout for PvP by clicking on the Loadout icon (red crossed swords indicate the Loadout is flagged for PvP)

Other Changes


  • Fixed a bug in a Devilish Drudgery room where players could accidentally bypass a spawn trigger.
  • Loot from treasure blocks now properly despawns in 120 seconds.
  • The preview item feature is working once more.

Danger Rooms

  • Increasing rewards in Danger Rooms

Blast Network

  • You can no longer bomb or gather powerups when you're invincible (following a respawn).


From the Release Notes:


  • Fixed several bugs in Candlestick Keep that caused players to get stuck behind doors.
  • Fixed a typo in the level description for Candlestick Keep.
  • Fixed a bug causing Rocket Blocks at the beginning of Ironclaw Munitions Factory Abandoned Assembly to not shoot.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck on a toggle wall in Ironclaw Munitions Factory Warfare Workshop.


  • Hearts, crowns and heat dropped from monsters and treasure blocks now despawn in 120 seconds.

Blast Network

  • Arenas now have names for easier identification!


Clockworks Expansion

From the Release Notes:

Candlestick Keep

A new Undead level series has appeared within the Clockworks- the Candlestick Keep. These haunted grounds are all that remains of the once prosperous Owlite Academy. Though now overtaken by Spookats and other undead horrors, Knights will find Owlite ward candles scattered about the Keep that will save them from what lurks in the dark.

  • Grimalkins are giant, shadowy spookats completely immune to damage. They lurk in the dark so stay in the light to avoid their attacks... they cannot be blocked with a shield!
  • The light of any ward candle will protect you from grimalkins.
  • Blue ward candles will always be lit.
  • Orange ward candles must be lit with embers and will only stay lit for a short period of time.
  • Some orange ward candles open doors when lit, listen for a chime!

New Danger Rooms

Deadly new danger rooms have been added to the Clockworks! Be warned, these new challenges are not for the faint of heart!

Revamped Crash Site

The Crash Site has been streamlined and tightened up significantly. New players will be able to join their fellow knights in the Rescue Camp in no time!


  • Crowns/Heat now have a 90 second lifespan

Krogmo Coin Rewards

  • Mod Calibrators have increased from 50 to 75 Krogmo Coins.

Punch's Variant Forge

  • 1 Variant Tickets have increased from 15,000 to 20,000 crowns
  • 3 Variant Tickets have greatly decreased from 375,000 to 225,000 crowns


  • Recipe tooltips will show proper lock on acquire state for 4/5 star recipes
  • Tooltips for goods in the cart will show proper lock on acquire state for token vendors
  • Fixed issues where monsters of the wrong family or status type would spawn in some levels
From the Release Notes:


  • Fixed a respawn pad bug in Scarlet Fortress Spiral Court 2 and Grim Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to pick up a mineral of the same size/type you are currently holding would cause the mineral to disappear.

Steam Trading

  • Fixed icons for Mist Tanks in Steam inventory interface.


  • Fixed joining guild teams.


From the Release Notes:

A bugfix patch will be released today that includes mostly behind the scenes issues but also includes:

  • The white personal color on the Knight Creation interface has been removed.


From the Release Notes:

An update will be released today that includes new monsters a couple new features:

The Polyp and the Howlitzer
Two new types of turrets can now be found within the Clockworks: the polyp and the howlitzer.

The polyp is a slime turret that fires piercing barbs and can see in all directions. The howlitzer is an undead turret that fires shadow bullets and will attempt to make a last ditch strike at Knights with its missile-like skull. Watch out!

Both of these monster types have complete status variants:

Slick Polyp
Polar Polyp
Silver Polyp
Caustic Polyp

Smoking Howlitzer
Chilling Howlitzer
Shocking Howlitzer
Vile Howlitzer

Code Redemption Interface
Codes can now be redeemed from the main menu by selecting 'Redeem Code.' Codes will be used in the future to redeem special prizes.

Blast Network
Hazard rooms are back! Several levels now have rockets and spike traps that cause a stun status effect instead of damage.

There is a new arsenal group for costume-only items, both helmet and armor

Guest Login
New players can now try Spiral Knights without needing to create an account. In order to keep the Knight created as a guest, a player must create an account when logging off.

Bug Fixes
Coliseum delay messages will be correctly translated now.


From the Release Notes:

We're doing a minor bugfix release today to fix an issue that caused Blast Network games to fail to start.


From the Release Notes:

A bugfix patch will be released today that includes the following:

The Coliseum

  • Players who go AFK in a Coliseum match will be removed from the match.
  • Players who do not participate adequately in a Coliseum match will receive a message from King Krogmo stating that they have dishonored his Coliseum and as a result will receive no Krogmo Coins, Rank Points or other prizes.
  • Player who leave a Coliseum match early or are kicked due to AFK will receive no Krogmo Coins, Rank Points or other prizes.
  • Increased the chance of Bombhead Masks showing up as Krogmo Bribery rewards in all Blast Network game modes.
  • Rank Points will be reset across all games every Sunday at midnight PT.


  • Gunpuppies will now target mechaknight bodyguards.
  • Removed rear, near-range blind spot on Gunpuppies.
  • Decreased the status power of tier 1 gun puppies and increased the status power of tier 3 gunpuppies.
  • Fixed issue that would occasionally cause Mechaknights to inflict neutral damage.
  • Gremlin menders have had their normal defense increased and their health decreased.
  • Gremlin menders have taken an oath to do no harm. (Fixed issue that was allowing menders to attack with their wand.)


  • Gamepad controls will only work for the client in focus and not control multiple clients at once.


From the Release Notes:

A bugfix patch will be released today that mostly includes behind the scenes fixes, but also includes:


  • Vanaduke will now spawn minions regardless of how many are still alive. Existing minions are destroyed by his horrible wrath.


  • All Krogmo bribery rewards now bind on acquire.


Blast Network Bug Fix Patch

From the Release Notes:

A bugfix patch will be released today that includes the following:

Blast Network:

  • Players should no longer appear invisible to some players.
  • UI adjustments to leaderboards and German and Spanish crown costs
  • Krogmo bribing fixed.
  • Players should always have unique initial spawn points
  • Notifications sent to guild when a guild team is formed.
  • Fixed problem in FFA that caused score cards to break.
  • Adjusted rank point calculation in team games to be similar to FFA.
  • Players sorted within a team in the end game report.
  • Blast Network bombs won't count towards achievements.
  • Spike traps and Rocket Blocks in Blast Network maps will now inflict Stun damage only.
  • A chatty devilite has appeared in the barracks.
  • Fixed players getting no points in FFA after someone leaves.


  • The Zombie acquire area has been adjusted making loss of target harder.
  • Zombies will now wander around when they have no target.


King Krogmo’s Coliseum and the Blast Network Blowout!

From the Release Notes:

King Krogmo’s Coliseum officially opens today, and the first of many events, Blast Network, is available to play.

How to Play:
The Coliseum can be accessed by clicking on the crossed swords icon on the HUD. This opens the Coliseum interface and allows you to choose your event or join a forming guild party.

Krogmo has promised that he will be unveiling new events regularly throughout the season. Blast Network is the first and allows for three types of game modes:

Free For All - Blow up every player in sight, trying not to include yourself.

Random Team - Get placed in a random team with the sole purpose of blowing up the other team.

Guild Team - Open up slots for yourself and guild mates to battle another guild team. You can also join forming guild teams by simply pressing the ‘Guild’ tab within the Coliseum interface.

All Coliseum events have a crown entry fee. A portion of the fees are used as rewards for the winners of each match.

Blast Network Rules:
The object of the game is to eliminate your opponents with your bombs. All of your personal equipment is ignored in Blast Network. When a match begins you will have a single weapon, a bomb that explodes in a cross formation. No charging is required. You can place bombs instantly. Any bomb will kill a player, even your own so watch out! You will find several powerups that randomly spawn in the field:

Bomb Blast Up - Increases the blast area of your bomb by one tile.

Bomb Count Up - Increases the number of bombs you can drop at once.

Speed Up - Increases your movement speed.

Health Up - Increases your health by one cell. While bombs eliminate you in one hit, other hazards such as traps and monsters will do a single cell of damage.

In each game you earn points for having your bombs eliminate your opponents. The player or team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

If you are killed you will wait in the rolling respawn queue. All players in the respawn queue will respawn at once after the respawn counter reaches zero. However, during this time you may instead choose to instantly respawn with energy in the same manner as in the Clockworks.

Earning Krogmo Coins:
Any Coliseum game played to completion will earn the participant 1 Krogmo Coin. These are token items that can be traded for special prizes from Sullivan, the Coliseum Rewards Supervisor found in the Haven Arcade. Winning a match will earn the winning player or winning team an additional Krogmo Coin.

Bribing King Krogmo:
Before a match begins, players will find themselves in the barracks outside the match’s arena. Here you can bribe King Krogmo with energy to further up the ante for everyone for the match that’s about to begin. If players manage to fill the pot with energy, Krogmo will unveil a recipient and prize for the match. Recipients include 'all participants,' 'the winning team,' and 'the winning player.' Prizes are random and can be anything from extra Krogmo Coins to special costume items.

Krogmo Coin Boosters:
A new upgrade can be purchased from the Upgrade Shop called a ‘Krogmo Coin Booster.’ This upgrade awards the user an additional Krogmo Coin for each completed Coliseum match and lasts 24 hours. Up to 6 Krogmo Coin Boosters may be used simultaneously.

Bombhead Masks:
To celebrate the launch of Blast Network, King Krogmo has constructed a series of festive costume helms for the Spiral Knights that curiously resemble a live bomb. Perhaps it’s some kind of monster joke? There are many different kinds of Bombhead Masks out there for you to discover. Some can be purchased with Krogmo Coins and many more can be discovered as bonus prizes from bribing King Krogmo. Collect them all!

Krogmo’s Alchemy Machine:
King Krogmo has constructed a new kind of alchemy machine that Knights are free to use. Instead of it reading the recipes a Knight has learned, it instead stores unique recipes within the machine that a Knight may use as if it were his own. Krogmo Alchemy Machines will allow Knights to craft items they are otherwise incapable of producing themselves, such as highly-prized weapon module trinkets.

...and there’s more to come!
King Krogmo has dedicated the entire season to new Coliseum events! Expect to see regular updates with exciting new events, rewards and Coliseum features.

Additional Changes

Item Changes:

  • The Haze Bomb is now 2* rarity and is no longer a requisite component of any of the Vaporizer bombs.
  • The Haze Bomb now has a complete alchemy line of its own up to 5*
  • Sleep resistance no longer appears as a unique variant when crafting or using Punch. It will return some time in the future.
  • Several recipes have been changed slightly to bring them more in line with the rest of the items in their family.
  • The Volcanic Pepperbox recipe now requires 4 Iron Gears instead of 4 Blast Powders.
  • The Umbra Driver now requires 1 Rocky Core instead of 2 Mugs of Misery.
  • The Nova Driver new requires 1 Rocky Core instead of 1 Chroma Tear.
  • The Magnus family of guns has had its recipes trimmed down. Depending on their rarity, they now require Red Shards, Bronze Bolts, Gremlin Gizmos, Force Dynamos, Heavy Gears, Plasma Cells and/or Primal Ore.


  • Added more gremlins to Jigsaw Valley levels.
  • Fixed a bug in Ironclaw Munitions Factory | Warfare Workshop that was causing quicksilvers to get stuck on the walls.

New Items:
Earn enough Krogmo Coins and get your hands on these new items:


3* Haze Bomb Mk II
4* Haze Burst
5* Stagger Storm
3* Electron Charge
4* Electron Bomb
5* Electron Vortex

3* Shockburst Brandish
4* Boltbrand
5* Voltedge
3* Grintovec
4* Jalovec
5* Triglav

3* Toxic Needle
4* Blight Needle
5* Plague Needle

4* Bomb Focus Module
4* Boom Module
4* Handgun Focus Module
4* Trueshot Module
4* Quick Draw Module
4* Sword Focus Module
4* Slash Module
4* Quick Strike Module

These trinkets can all be upgraded in 5* 'Elite' versions from a Krogmo Alchemy Machine.

Basil now has the chance of having a recipe for the 3* Graviton Charge (bomb) and a 5* Sudaruska (upgrade of the Khorovod).

Lastly there are many Bombhead Masks to discover by playing Blast Network. Get blasting!


From the Release Notes:

A small bugfix release went out today that addressed a few issues related to the new Unbinding Forge.


Merchant Features Update

From the Release Notes:

An update will be released today that includes the following:

Punch and Vise

Punch and Vise, two gremlin outcasts from Emberlight, have set up shop in the Haven Bazaar. Using very dangerous looking equipment, they provide the services unbinding items and adding unique variants to items.

  • Punch can add one, two or three random unique variants to items in exchange for crowns.
  • Punch's UV service erases any of the previous UVs on the item.
  • Vise can unbind an item in exchange for energy.
  • 0 star and starless items (costumes) cannot be unbound.


  • Crafted items may now randomly obtain up to three unique variants. However, obtaining three UVs via crafting is exceptionally rare.
  • During crafting, if the option to retain existing UVs is selected, the item will have no chance of gaining 'extra' UVs. For example, an item that has a single UV that is preserved during crafting has no chance of retaining the existing UV plus gaining more.

Item Previews

  • Vendor catalogs now have a Preview button which allows you to select vendor items and recipes and see what they look like on your knight.

Steam conversion

  • New knights created on Preview Event accounts converted to Steam will receive their Preview Event items.


  • Improved performance for low graphic settings.
  • Alpha maps on all armor materials have been smoothed out.
  • Fix to laser visuals for users in Compatibility Mode.
  • Sharpened the knights' eye texture.
  • Knights will now blink on high detail. Dry, irritated eyes no more!


  • Rebalanced the following levels to only have monsters of specific themes appropriate for their level set.
    • Concrete Jungle | Blight Boulevard
    • Concrete Jungle | Blight Boulevard 2
    • Concrete Jungle | Totem Trouble
    • Concrete Jungle | Totem Trouble 2
    • Concrete Jungle | Briar Bone Barrage
    • Dark City | Sinful Steps 2
    • Dark City | Plazamonium
    • Jigsaw Valley | Emerald Axis
    • Jigsaw Valley | Emerald Axis 2
    • Jigsaw Valley | Perimeter Promenade
    • Jigsaw Valley | Perimeter Promenade 2
    • Jigsaw Valley | Jade Tangle
    • Jigsaw Valley | Jade Tangle 2
  • Cleaned up bramble in several levels to make it easier to spot and avoid.


  • Fixed an issue with the Kilowatt Pulsar series not consistently causing proper damage type.
  • Player paperdoll model no longer clips through lighting effects.
  • Fixed an issue where party platforms could be triggered prematurely when a player disconnects.
  • Fixed a bug where battle music wouldn't stop playing in a devilish drudgery room.
  • The floor icon for Royal Jelly Palace | Battle Royale is now the correct icon.
  • Fixed a bug in Firestorm Citadel | Ashen Armory where a party was able to open both sides of the path split.
  • Fixed a bug in Ironclaw Munitions Factory | Abandoned Assembly where the door after the shock bridge wouldn't open.
  • Fixed a bug where players were getting stuck in the final encounter in Ironclaw Munitions Factory | Warfare Workshop.
  • Fixed a bug where unique variant defense type and status bonuses were being doubled in some cases.


Level Balance Update

From the Release Notes:


  • Loot rebalanced in some levels to bring them in line with the rest of the game.
  • Optional energy turrets have been installed in some areas of the Jelly Farm 2.

Ironclaw Munitions Factory

  • Slowed down timing on shock traps along bridge in Abandoned Assembly.
  • Shock traps along that bridge now turn off when gate is opened.
  • Patched a hole in the wall in Warfare Workshop.


  • Fixed an issue causing Quicksilver line armor and helm recipes to very rarely spawn in Basil's catalog.


Built to Destroy!

From the Release Notes:

New Boss Stratum:

Within the depths of Tier 2 a new gremlin weapons facility has been discovered, The Ironclaw Munitions Factory. Intel from Spiral HQ has confirmed that under a direct mandate from the Crimson Order, gremlin engineers have begun developing a weapon of incredible power. Known only as 'Project Roarmulus,' this weapon has been designed with the sole purpose of destroying Haven!

Knights are ordered to infiltrate this harrowing complex of devious destructive devices and put an end to 'Project Roarmulus' as well as recover a recon module of the Alpha Squad. Take heed though, gremlins don’t exactly believe in a ‘safe’ work environment.

Survive this deadly complex and earn your Bark Modules as you'll find that Brinks has a new selection of 2* items available for trade. These include:

  • The Pulsar, an experimental energy gun that shoots bullets that grow stronger as they travel
  • The Catalyzer, a gun whose regular shots can be combined with its charge shots to create a powerful explosion
  • Quicksilver Mail and Helm, armor created from the mercurial quicksilvers, capable of resisting shock
  • The Static Capacitor, a bomb that creates a shocking field of electricity

All of these items can be further upgraded through 5* provided you acquire their recipes from Basil.

New Items:

Handguns: 2* Pulsar (token reward only, has two upgrade paths) 3* Heavy Pulsar 4* Radiant Pulsar 5* Supernova

Alternate Pulsar path: 3* Kilowatt Pulsar 4* Gigawatt Pulsar 5* Polaris

2* Catalyzer (token reward only, has two upgrade paths) 3* Industrial Catalyzer 4* Volatile Catalyzer 5* Neutralizer

Alternate Catalyzer path: 3* Toxic Catalyzer 4* Virulent Catalyzer 5* Biohazard

Bombs: 2* Static Capacitor (token reward only) 3* Lightning Capacitor 4* Plasma Capacitor 5* Voltaic Tempest

Armor: 3* Quicksilver Mail (token reward only) 4* Charged Quicksilver Mail 5* Mercurial Mail

Helms: 3* Quicksilver Helm (token reward only) 4* Charged Quicksilver Helm 5* Mercurial Helm

Additional Changes:


  • All handgun charge times have been reduced.
  • Most handguns have had their charge attack animation speed increased by 33%
  • Two-Shot heavy style handguns and Autogun style handguns can now move while reloading at 55% run speed.
  • Prismatech and Shadowtech Alchemer damage increased.
  • 2*-4* 'Vaporizer' style bombs have an increased cloud radius and duration.
  • The Ash of Agni, Shivermist Buster and Venom Veiler have a slightly reduced cloud radius and duration.
  • New inventory icons for Relic and Chemical bomb families.
  • New sounds for Cold Snap.
  • New sounds for Fang of Vog.
  • New art for 3* and 5* chemical bombs.


  • Lumbers now do split elemental damage.
  • Lumbers now have a attack flash notification.


  • Basil is now guaranteed to have at least one of the highest star recipe in each tier.
  • Vatel is now guaranteed to have at least one 2* recipe
  • Brinks the Token Trader has had his boss token catalogs revamped. Material rewards are no longer available for boss tokens, and many existing equipment rewards are now cheaper to obtain.


  • Replaced the corner pillars in Vanaduke's throne room with water wells.


  • Fixed an issue where a rare love puppy spawn would prevent players from progressing in the Clockworks
  • Fixed an invisible pitfall in the first Clockworks Terminal
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Freezing Atomizer to apply the wrong tier of Freeze.


From the Release Notes:

Greetings Knight!

The following changes were made to the game in the release on June 24th:

Steam Account Conversion

  • We have added the ability to convert accounts created on the web site to Steam accounts.
  • Be aware you do not have to do this, this is only for those who wish to do so.
  • This will allow you to log on automatically using the Steam client as well as to take advantage Steam features such as achievements, voice chat, and invites.
  • You can only convert one web account over to your Steam account. Make sure you choose the right web account and Steam account as this cannot be undone.
  • If you have already created a knight using your Steam account, you must ensure that no more than three knights exist between that account and your web account.
  • Everything from your web account will be transferred to your Steam account. Don't worry about something being left behind.
  • You will no longer be able to log into the game using your web account, but you may still use it to access the forums and wiki.
  • All further energy purchases must be made through the in-game Steam Wallet as you will not be able to log into the web account.

How to Convert to Steam:

  • Install Spiral Knights through Steam (
  • Start Spiral Knights from Steam. It will automatically bring you to character selection or creation for your Steam account.
  • Click on the Back button in the lower left corner, or if you can't see that button, hit ESC and log off.
  • Uncheck the Use Steam Account check box.
  • Enter your Spiral Knights web account name and password.
  • You will be prompted if you are sure that you wish to transfer your web account to the Steam account. If you confirm to convert it will complete and you will immediately be logged into the Steam account instead.


  • Brinks has arrived in Emberlight, eager to collect your tokens.


Monster Balance Update

From the Release Notes:

Some changes were made to various monsters to make them a bit easier to manage. The monsters of the Clockworks would like for it to go on the record that they had no say in the matter.

Red Rovers and Gremlin Scorchers

  • 'Flamethrower' style attacks burn for half as long and move about 20% slower


  • Oil burn time reduced 66%
  • Movement speed reduced
  • 'Oil dash' attack removed
  • Oil deposit count on death reduced
  • Oil deposit count on movement reduced


  • Reduced shock time
  • Reduced movement speed during shock time
  • Shock status power and chance reduced


  • Inactive period after death increased
  • Health reduced

Wolvers and Devilites

  • Reduced rate at which they can perform a dodge maneuver


  • Melee range (one handed swipe attack) reduced

Status Conditions

  • Maximum duration of shock spasm has been reduced
  • Defense debuff during shock spasm has been removed


New Monsters Draw Near!

From the Release Notes:

A bugfix release will go out today that includes the following:


  • Added in a failsafe for stuck or bypassed Rescue Camp objectives. Head out the front gates of Haven just South of the town square fountain to trigger the next objective if you are in haven and your current objective is 'Cross the Chasm to Haven' or 'Explore the Rescue Camp.'


  • Concrete Jungle levels will no longer appear at Tier 1.
  • Added new Scarlet Fortress level: Grim Gallery.
  • Bramble thinned out in Concrete Jungle Totem Trouble 2.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an inaccessible floating island to appear in the Clockworks


  • If choosing to start at tier 2 or 3, you should no longer be matched with a party that has just completed the previous tier.


  • A warning now appears in the exchange interface when the Steam overlay is disabled, and the checkout button is disabled.


  • Fixed issue that caused system-wide slowdown at around 5 AM PDT.
  • Fixed an issue that caused new players to be unable to enter Rescue Camp/appear with white armor.


  • Fixed issue that caused fire based attacks to spread over large areas.
  • Status slimes can now have their alt-forms triggered by status traps.

Lastly, we realize some of you are still experiencing connection issues. We would like to let you know we are actively looking in to these issues and will hope to have a fix as soon as it's available. Thank you.


From the Release Notes:

A Bugfix Release will go out today that includes the following:


  • Fix for scrolling in Steam invite dialog. You can now invite all the friends you like!
  • Fix for inability to close Steam invite dialog after moving to a different scene.
  • Players invited via the extra Invite Steam Friends context menu will from here on be counted towards referral rewards.
  • Fix for issues with incorrect packages being displayed in the energy purchase dialog.
  • All items from the Starter Pack now correctly bind to the player who purchased it or accepted it as a gift.


From the Release Notes:

A bugfix release will go out today that mostly includes behind the scenes stuff but also includes additional gameplay bugfixes and a new feature:

Energy Packages

  • A new Party Pack is available for purchase if you have never purchased the Starter Pack. The Party Pack is a Starter Pack for you as well as three additional Starter Packs to gift to your friends. The Party Pack costs $59.95, making it a 'buy 3 get 1 free' deal for Starter Packs.
  • A new Gift tab is available from the Spiral Uplink interface if you are in possession of any Starter Packs to gift.
  • Purchasing a Starter Pack, Party Pack or accepting a Starter Pack gift removes your option of purchasing either the Starter Pack or the Party Pack. Essentially, you may only gain the benefits of a Starter Pack once.


  • Fixed an issue allowing jelly cubes and lichens to send their ground spikes across chasms and under blocks. Now if they cannot 'reach' you, they cannot hurt you.
  • Fixed an issue causing rockets, flamethrowers and other bullets to change elevation across chasms.
  • Fixed an issue with awarding the "Dauntless Delver" and "Cradle and All" achievements after parties were split.
  • Fixed the Static Flash tooltip incorrectly stating that the bomb dealt the Freeze status effect.


From the Release Notes:

A new update will be releasing today that includes the following:

Token Rewards

  • The Blackened Crest is now available from Brinks for Almirian Seals


  • Wolvers have had their fangs sharpened. They now inflict PIERCE damage.
  • Chromalisks now have a whirly tongue attack that deals PIERCE damage.
  • Devilites have started ordering their office goods from a demonic supply warehouse. They now inflict SHADOW damage.
  • Thorns are all the rage in the Slime fashion world right now. Slimes now inflict PIERCE damage.


Alchemizing the following items now requires an additional prerequisite...

  • The Graviton Bomb now requires a level 5 Super Blast Bomb
  • The Stone Tortoise shield now requires a level 5 Drake Scale Shield
  • Silvermail now requires a level 5 set of Drake Scale Mail
  • The Vitasuit Deluxe now requires a level 5 set of Solid Cobalt Armor
  • The Heater Shield now requires a level 10 Mighty Defender


  • The Crash Site level has been streamlined, offering tighter spaces and tweaked dialogue.


  • The two stratums in a tier may not be the same theme.
  • Stratums will give a bit of feedback as to how their current theme was determined.
  • Mineral payouts will vary between stratums more.


  • We now show a warning that in-game mail will be deleted after 30 days.
  • Trade channel is turned off by default for new knights. So they can join it later when needed instead.


  • Survivor achievements can be earned now even if you go solo, split up or get removed from a party now. It will not grant retroactively however.
  • Barbarous Thorn Shield has a proper description now
  • Fixed issue with being able to join players who have locked their parties.


From the Release Notes:

Gloaming Wildwoods

  • Fixed level not loading after being kicked from a party or going solo


  • Fixed an issue that was allowing the Snarbolax to inflict damage types not cleared for it's tier in some cases.


  • Fixed German, French and Spanish translations for Artifacts


  • Disconnected players will no longer prevent activation of elevators and party platforms


Roar of the Snarbolax

From the Release Notes:

A new update will be going out later today! It includes:

New Boss Stratum:

The Clockworks have just revealed a new, perilous boss stratum for Tier 1 Knights to challenge, The Gloaming Wildwoods. However new recruits should take heed - this dense forest is home to a fearsome creature known as the Snarbolax. Said to be a massive beast draped in living shadows, this dark predator enjoys toying with its prey before delivering the final blow. It is advised that only Knights who have mastered Tier 1 take on this formidable beast as those who have entered unprepared have never returned! Should you return from the Wildwoods victorious, with Frumious Fangs in hand, you'll find that Brinks has a new selection of 2* items available for trade. These include:

  • The Snarble Barb, a piercing sword that fires razor sharp barbs
  • The Spine Cone, a piercing bomb
  • The Bristling Buckler, a spiny shield that raises sword attack power

All three of these items can be further upgraded through 5* provided you acquire their recipes from Basil.


  • 2* Snarble Barb (token reward only)
  • 3* Twisted Snarble Barb
  • 4* Dark Thorn Blade
  • 5* Barbarous Thorn Blade


  • 2* Spine Cone (token reward only)
  • 3* Twisted Spine Cone
  • 4* Spike Shower
  • 5* Dark Briar Barrage


  • 2* Bristling Buckler (token reward only)
  • 3* Twisted Targe
  • 4* Dark Thorn Shield
  • 5* Barbarous Thorn Shield

New Mission Objectives:

Boss stratums now issue players an email upon entering from Spiral HQ requesting the recovery of an Alpha Squad recon module. Players will also get a new ‘current objective’ whenever they are in that boss stratum and have not yet completed the objective.

The end of each boss stratum features a recon module that issues players an artifact when the player interacts with it (approaching it and pressing the attack button).

The artifact will provide some insight in to the expedition of the Alpha Squad. The artifact can only be claimed once and is stored permanently in your arsenal.

Additional changes:


  • Fixed an issue on Emerald Axis II where it was possible to leave the gold key behind.
  • Replaced most health pads with heart blocks in Firestorm Citadel.
  • Fixed an issue whereby players would appear under the floor in Haven and Royal Jelly levels.


  • Fixed an issue preventing the Rigadoon and Flamberge series of weapons from applying their status damage during some charge attacks.


From the Release Notes:

We're issuing a small bugfix release today to address the following:

  • Mission emails from Spiral HQ will no longer be sent out to players in boss stratums. The emails are used in a future update.
  • Reimbursements have been automatically issued to players affected by the 'buy now' bug from yesterday's update. Should you have any further issues, please file a support ticket in game.
From the Release Notes:

We did another small release:

Auction House

  • Listing fees have reduced by 50%


  • The Hearthstone Pendant trinket was incorrectly set to 3* rarity. It is now a 2* item.
  • Fixed awarding of "Gold Survivor," "Cradle and All," and "Dauntless Delver" achievements.
  • "First Steps," "Mission Accomplished," and "Spiral Spelunker" will be awarded retroactively (you may have to complete a dungeon level or equip an item for this to take effect).


From the Release Notes:

An update will be released today that includes some new features:


You can now earn a wide variety of achievements in Spiral Knights. Achievements can be viewed on the Character Panel under the 'Achievements' tab. We plan on further developing our achievement system in the future, including adding more achievements in future updates.


The Heat Amplifier is now available from the Upgrade Merchant. This upgrade grants the user 20% extra heat for 48 hours.


  • Devilite Yesmen no longer drop loot as if they were defeated when they change jobs.
  • Devilite Pit Bosses now get demoted to grunts if they lose their work force.

The Starter Pack

A new energy package is available called 'The Starter Pack.' This energy package can be purchased one time per account. It contains 7500 crystal energy for 19.95 (the standard 19.95 package) but also includes:

  • 5 mist tanks
  • 1 heat amplifier
  • 2 trinket slot upgrades
  • 2 weapon slot upgrades
  • A 1* unique bomb, the Static Flash
  • A 1* unique shield, the Green Ward
  • A commemorative Artifact

All items are character-bound. The Static Flash and Green Ward have a chance for a unique variant as well, just as if they were crafted.

Gate Creation

  • Stratums no longer have a progress meter during the gate creation phase.
  • Stratums no longer lock after a certain point. Themes are decided based on whichever minerals are in that stratum the moment the gate launches. You can now continue to modify them up to the last second\!
  • Boosting has been removed. The boosting system was not working as intended. We are currently developing new methods for players to influence the autoselling of other players and have more control over the outcome of gates.
  • Mineral payouts have been modified to adjust to the new changes. The system will still pay out a maximum of 5 crowns for a needed mineral, but will pay less if it is not needed.

Auction House

  • If you are online, outbids don't generate mail, just a message and the crowns are directly deposited.
  • Listing fee rejigged; should be fairer for cheaper items
  • Allow sorting by lot size
  • Sorting by bidPrice/buyPrice now sorts by price per unit
  • Sorting by stars now defaults to a descending sort
  • Most searching changes now instantly update the search results, except for text search
  • The "my auctions" tab will now allow refreshing to see new data (and it automatically refreshes if switched-to and it has not been refreshed for a while)


  • Some adjustments were made to the Heat Acquired UI to show the amount of heat you acquired in a level


  • Canceled auctions will be purged.


From the Release Notes:

Today's bugfix release included the following:

  • Repeating levels bug has been fixed.
  • Problems with Go Solo and Remove from Party has been fixed.
  • Vanaduke's orbiting fireballs can be doused again.
  • Mac users on Leopard were unable to access AH, this has been fixed.
  • The Token Trader will show the correct bind information for items now.
  • Not a bug but an Energy Depot Stranger is back in the Town Square again.


From the Release Notes:

We performed a bugfix release today to take care of some behind the scenes stuff, but it also included the following:


  • Messages with item/crown/crystal attachments can be accepted/deleted in one step.

Auction House

  • You can now sort by # of Unique Variants
  • The "My bids" panel will now automatically update after you've been outbid.


Haven Expansion!

From the Release Notes:

The Birdsong Construction Co. has informed me that their recent project has been completed!

The Haven Town Square now features an Auction House located just north of the fountain, and an Advanced Training Hall located by the western stairs leading to the Bazaar.

The Auction House allows players to buy and sell items across all game instances. You can browse by item type, search by item names, manage your own auctions and even search materials by your known recipes!

The Advanced Training Hall is a special, fully interactive combat room that's free to enter and allows new players to learn about various features of the Clockworks. It even contains a room where you can practice defending against custom-built training bots. The hall holds 8 players at a time.

As you will note, we've adjusted prices for certain items in the game. This was intentional based on our analysis of how players are using the different features currently offered in Spiral Knights.

Changing prices for goods and services is a natural, unavoidable part of operating a Free-to-Play game, although we do not expect them to be common. Changes like this will always be a give and take between what we believe is best for the balance of the game and what is fair to players. We will always strive to respect both in any pricing decision we make.

Because this is the first major change of this nature we have made, we are making a correction to the crowns spent by all players with unlearned recipes for the amount of the difference between the price paid and the new recipe prices.

This one-time action will be implemented as soon as you log in.

We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to seeing you with our next major update that will instead feature content below the surface of Haven...

See you then!

The following changes were made to the game in the release on May 17th:


  • The new Advanced Training Hall can be found on the west side of the Haven Town Square!
  • The new Auction House can be found just north of the fountain in the Haven Town Square!

Boss Tokens

  • Bosses now drop a single, giant boss token that distributes boss tokens based on participation in the boss dungeon. The more levels you complete of each boss dungeon (in that run) the more boss tokens you have the chance to earn. The only way to guarantee a chance at the maximum number of tokens is to start a boss dungeon from the first level of that boss dungeon (from the terminal).


  • Clockwork Terminals are now free to join. There is no entry fee like other levels. Their minerals have been removed.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Royal Jelly Court where some monsters weren't spawning.
  • You should no longer get stuck between the door and exit elevator in Spiral Court 2.


  • You will not be able to purchase 2+ star items from a terminal vendor if you have not completed an entire floor before reaching the terminal. Never buy a 'Basil port' from another player unless you're in the market for 1* items!


  • Using a bound items in alchemy will result in the finished product being bound as well. For example, crafting a 4* item that requires a item of heat level 5 will result in an item that is bound to the crafter.
  • Crafting energy costs have increased.
  • Alchemy machines have new art.


  • Items now display their star value and number of unique variants on the item pill. Handy!


  • Recipe item costs have been reduced.


  • Fixed an issue where excessive upstream bandwidth usage would cause persistent lag.
  • Fixed an issue where you would sometimes join a party in a deeper tier than was specified
  • Fixed an issue where you would sometimes join a party behind a closed door and were unable to proceed
  • Fixed an issue where you would be charged double energy when proceeding from a subtown


From the Release Notes:

A small bugfix release was issued today composed of mostly behind the scenes stuff but also included:


  • Fixed a bug with certain sword recipes from Basil having unlimited stock.


  • Some minor balancing and bugfixes to random level components.


Arsenal Expansion

From the Release Notes:

Sixteen new swords have been added!


  • Clockworks level variety has been expanded.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause twice the wolvers to spawn in wolver dens.
  • Fixed a level exploit in Jigsaw Valley Emerald Axis 2.


  • Trade chat is now limited to one message every thirty seconds per person.


From the Release Notes:

We had to perform a bugfix release early this morning and another this afternoon to address some connection issues that some of you may have experienced as well as the lack of elevators in Deconstruction Zone levels.

In addition to that a new feature was added to trade chat that sends trade chat to all same-language instances within Haven. So in order to advertise to the most potential customers, please use trade chat!


From the Release Notes:

A small bugfix release was shipped today that included the following:


  • Minerals can now be found in Deconstruction Zone levels.
  • Danger Room rewards now contain heart boxes.
  • Some Danger Room traps adjusted.


  • Fixed an issue where reconnecting after disconnect would leave you stuck at logon.
  • Fixed an issue where T3 gremlin corpses were not de-spawning.


From the Release Notes:

We will be updating the game this afternoon. After the update, the game will be unavailable for approximately 20 minutes for maintenance. The update includes the following:


  • Recipe tweaks:
  • Freezing Vaporizer Mk II now requires a Frost Gel, instead of a Cooling Cell.
  • Volt Driver now requires 1 Volt Oil, instead of 2.


  • Wegner in the Arcade has a new objective and new info about minerals:
  • He now gives new players an objective to deposit minerals, teaching them the basics.
  • Once completed, he teaches advanced mineral lessons and even displays a gate creation guide!
  • Brinks in the Bazaar has received a fresh shipment of Philoso Feathers for sale. Best not to think about where from.


  • Minerals can now be found in Aurora Isles levels.


  • Added option to party menu to "Go Solo" and continue without the rest of your party (equivalent to booting yourself from your own party)


  • You may now view other players' equipment by clicking on them and choosing "Inspect."


  • Added /trade channel in Haven. Please use this channel for all trade related chat.
  • Added commands to join and leave channels: /join zone, /leave trade
  • /join 2 or /join trade = join trade chat channel
  • /leave 1 or /leave zone = leave general chat channel
  • /leave 2 or /leave trade = leave trade chat channel


From the Release Notes:

Fixed some sound bugs, item bugs, and invite bugs.

From the Release Notes:

We did a quick extra bug fix to resolve an issue with Devilites.


From the Release Notes:

Aside from the optimization work that was performed tonight, a small update was released that included the following:


  • Fixed a bug giving the Umbra Driver's regular shots a knockdown effect.
  • Fixed the Critter Carapace's rarity: it is now 2* instead of 3*.


  • Rocket Puppy Rockets have had an adjustment to their behaviors. Tier 2 should be far more forgiving.
  • Royal Jelly's regen has been reduced.
  • Royal Jelly now has fewer minions.
  • Status-themed Retrodes are now properly immune to their associated status conditions.


From the Release Notes:

A small bugfix patch of some behind the scenes stuff was released this morning that required a game update.


From the Release Notes:

A small update was released today to address a few issues and fix some bugs. Also included:


  • The Dread Skelly Mask and Suit now correctly require the Sinister Skelly Suit as a prerequisite.
  • Fixed a couple missing recipe name translations, and added descriptions for a number of bombs and handguns.
  • Removed Health/Remedy Capsules from subtown vendors.
  • Added Vitapods to subtown vendors.


  • Lumbers' attack speed has been decreased.
  • Lumbers' damage area has been decreased.
  • Jelly cubes' attack speed has been decreased slightly.
  • Jelly cubes are slightly more aggressive in Tier 1.
  • Lichens have had their windup time doubled.
  • Trojans now wander about when they have no target.
  • Vanaduke has regained his ability to cast fire snakes.
  • Royal Jelly's tantrums are now slightly less violent.


  • The progress tab in the character panel has been updated to offer more clarity.


From the Release Notes:

Special Announcement:
Gate themes are experiencing some growing pains as we are getting large influxes of new players who are mining the earlier stratums for minerals, resulting in gates with mostly all the same themes. We are aware of this issue and will be adjusting some stratum themes to prevent gates from having mostly all of the same theme. We feel as though this is best for our growing community. It will become less necessary as things stabilize.


  • Fixed the Umbra Driver recipe being mistakenly labeled as for the Nova Driver.
  • Increased the blast radius on the Deconstructor line of bombs.


  • Added proper names for themed versions of Deconstruction Zone and Wolver Den.
  • Updated poison level skybox.


  • Retrode status attacks can now properly do things like light oil on fire. Watch out!


  • Fix to a bug that was causing Haven and other areas to have improper lighting.


  • Added an option for players to enable joining parties of any language.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed guilds to exceed 100 members.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed friends lists to exceed 250 friends.
  • Players using low-detail graphical settings will now see simplified skyboxes.


From the Release Notes:


  • Added an alchemy machine.


  • Angelic armor set now has updated art.
  • Increased the chance of a random mineral type spawning in place of a given level's associated mineral types.
  • Reduced the sell values of trinkets.

We also refreshed the arcade gates in preparation for launch today. All gates should have some nice variety.


From the Release Notes:


  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Royal Jelly to clone himself
  • Art change to Tier 1 Chromalisks


  • Fix: Some breakable blocks in the Clockwork Tunnels were spawning in without textures.


  • You can now walk out of your guildhall and back to Haven


  • Reduced the drop rate of spark tokens (a minor bug was causing them to drop far more frequently than planned).


  • Reduced the camera shake effect


  • Fixed a broken Clockworks prefab
  • Fixed treasure drops in the Rescue Camp levels from dropping pickups

A small bugfix release followed this one:

  • Pickup usage has been fixed
  • Screenshots will no longer be taken by using other keys (like laptop volume controls)


From the Release Notes:

Today's release was mostly lots of bugfixes but also included:

  • Shields are now much better at blocking status damage
  • Damage numbers can be toggled on via the options menu (press Esc)


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a release tonight that is mostly bug fixes and a lot of behind the scenes stuff but also includes the following:

  • Combat no longer has numbers. When monsters are hit you will now see a visual indicator for power and effectiveness:
  • A dull gray flash means that the monster is highly resistant to the damage type
  • A bright blue damage flash means the monster has average resistance to the damage type
  • A golden flash with stars means the monster is weak to the damage type
  • The size of the flash tells you about how hard you actually hit the monster. The more health you remove, the bigger the flash.
  • The penalty for falling in combat is now illustrated via heat falling out of you. If you revive, you will see it return to you, but if you quit, the heat fizzles out.


From the Release Notes:
  • We've streamlined the Adventure Board to make it easier to join or start a party.
  • Now when frozen, you will receive damage if your freeze block is broken early, instead of if the freeze time runs out
  • Hearts will now disappear after 90 seconds


  • Fixed Mecha Knights from spawning outside walls/doors
  • Fixed Quicksilvers from spawning in Poison levels instead of Toxigels
  • Fixed various broken Clockwork levels
  • Fixes and more rebalancing to various equipment


From the Release Notes:

We did a small bugfix release tonight that included mostly behind the scenes stuff. Though there was some fancy new loading screen art added!


From the Release Notes:

We did a release tonight that contained the following:

  • Jelly and Demo series gear now has fancy new art!
  • Fixed a couple armor stat errors (helms that were missing penalties the matching armors had, and so on).
  • Added a few new inventory icons for materials and armor.
  • Fixed Trojan immunity to status damage
  • You can now toggle off player names in the options menu
  • Fixed a bug where gold keys could land behind gold doors


From the Release Notes:

We will be performing a release shortly that includes some preparation for our Power Surge Weekend.

Also included:

  • There were a few adjustments to phantoms that should make them more forgiving in tier 1 and 2.
  • Special bonuses on armor and helms were increased on 5* items.
  • Status resistances on armor and helms have been generally increased.


From the Release Notes:

We will be performing a release tonight that includes the following:

  • We've simplified the columns in the Arcade. Instead of giving you a read out of mineral ratios they now show the current theme of each stratum to give you a quick 'at a glance' look at what is being built.
  • Lieutenant Feron has shown up for duty in the Arcade and will provide an overview of your mission as well as present new players with the objective of reaching the first terminal in tier 1.
  • Chief Geo Knight Wegner has reported for duty and relieved the arcade assistant. Wegner will give you a basic overview of how minerals work and (soon) an advanced lesson on gate creation.
  • Required ingredients are now shown on recipe tooltips.
  • The damage values shown when attacking monsters will vary based on if the special attack types are effective against that monster (bigger numbers if the monster is weak to the damage, smaller if they are resistant)
  • Fixed a bug where damage bonuses were not showing up on armor/helmet/trinket tooltips
  • More rooms and monsters were added to the deconstruction zone as well as some refinement to the size of the rooms


From the Release Notes:

A pretty small release tonight in prep for something very big tomorrow (what could it be????)

  • Rocket puppy rockets should now home on their targets.
  • Mecha knight bodyguards will now be sure to catch up with you.
  • Collision on shard bomb bullets has been fixed
  • The gate building recipes were altered a bit. We apologize if this resulted in themes being switched on in progress gates. The good news is that now everything is equally balanced.
  • Shops now have limited stock for many items (typically over 1*).
  • Lastly, we branded the game with our new official logo!


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a release tonight that includes the following:

  • Armor and helm depth scaling is now much balanced. You should see much better results by using tier appropriate armors in tier 2 and 3
  • Hearts are now locally available to each player in a party. If a heart drops, every part member will have the opportunity to get it.
  • Health respawn pads now heal you as you sit on them.
  • Your character panel should now display your total combined stats for each configuration of gear and weapons.
  • Trojans will hurt you again.. Vacation's over.
  • Spikes no longer damage monsters.
  • Poison no longer inverts monster regen, it simply prevents it from occurring. If a monster is healed by another while poisoned, it will still take damage.
  • Red Rovers no longer damage other monsters
  • Bullets should no longer go through blocks.
  • New rooms for deconstruction zone and devilish drudgery levels
  • Kleptolisks now appear in treasure vaults - hold on to your loot!
  • Fixed Trojan Ghost Block bug in firestorm citadel smoldering steps
  • Phantoms in Tier 1 no longer curse you
  • Many items recipes have had their ingredients updated to add in the new status-based items and balance out the occurrence of some of the higher end materials

There are some pretty significant item and stat related changes as you can see, so please give us good feedback on game difficulty in each tier and the current feel of combat. Thanks!


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a release tonight that includes the following:


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a release tonight that includes the following:

Monsters are now weak, neutral to and highly resistant to one of each of the special damage types. You should see much better damage output against the neutral defense than before.

  • Higher tier items in lower tiers will always perform a little better than tier appropriate items.
  • Shields can no longer block status damage as it happens. For example, if you are on fire, blocking with your shield will not block the damage you receive from the fire.
  • Fixed dual damage type damage imbalance.
  • Shields are now more resistant to status-based damage. Use those shields!
  • Characters will now receive emails from Spiral HQ as they progress through the game. Currently this can be seen upon arriving to the Rescue Camp, Haven Tier 2 and 3 for the first time. In some cases, a new 'mist tank' is awarded that refills your mist meter.
  • Phantoms now stalk the graveyards! Graveyards are now finally the scary, terrible place they were always intended to be, with phantoms stalking players over time. Phantoms act like players in their attack style, can travel through walls, across chasms and can never truly die. They are bad news.
  • You can now change your equipment at clockwork terminals.
  • As always, lots of bugs were squashed.

Let us know what you think in the forums!


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a (mostly) bugfix release that among other things includes:

  • Bullets will no longer pass through force barriers
  • Mecha Knight bodyguards will warp to party pads

Some non-bugs that were also included:

  • Added an auto sell button to the mineral deposit box. Auto sell will sell all of your minerals across multiple stratums at whatever is the current best price for each mineral.
  • Monster defenses for special damage types that they were previously 'resistant' to (as seen in this thread: have been reduced.


From the Release Notes:

Greetings! We are doing a release tonight that brings with it lots of changes, so please read the following notes.

**Many of these new features are still in development! Please be aware that there may be missing components to new content, lack of information, etc.**

There is an all new gate creation system

This new system offers much greater transparency into gate creation and how minerals generate levels. When depositing minerals, players will have the option of depositing them into different groupings of floors, called 'stratums.' There are two stratums in every tier. The 'default stratum' is always preselected upon opening the deposit interface.

You are now paid in crowns for every mineral deposited. However, opting not to deposit in the default stratum will probably cost crowns per mineral for the privilege of depositing into deeper stratums earlier.

You can also 'boost' the payouts mineral types in stratums to encourage other players to deposit the minerals you want.

Stratums have themes

As you deposit minerals into each stratum, you will see the 'theme' of that stratum change. The theme dictates what kinds of levels will be created.

Many new levels and monsters have been created to support these themes. They will be further fleshed out as we continue to develop this new feature.

Status conditions have changed

Status conditions are undergoing some changes. Here's what's different so far:

  • Freeze now lasts for a long time and breaks on a single hit. It is intended for crowd control on monsters. If the ice breaks naturally, the target receives some damage.
  • Shock now prevents monster movement and damages other targets around it on spasm intervals.
  • Fire damage has been decreased.
  • Poison now damages monsters when they are healed and gives an attack and defense debuff.
  • A bug with curse has been fixed

An important notice regarding exploits:

Over the weekend, a bug was discovered that some players exploited. Those players have been banned.

Please remember that the purpose of this preview event is to give us good feedback and help us improve Spiral Knights. Helping us discover exploits and reporting them- good. Discovering exploits and using them to damage the game- bad.

Other additions:

  • Some monster defenses have been altered.
  • Loading screen images have been added
  • The core approach terminal has changed
  • As always, lots of random bug fixes


From the Release Notes:

A very small release today with all under the hood stuff save for adding some stats in the tooltip for shields.


From the Release Notes:

We did a small bugfix release today that included allowing chat at the elevator advancement screen and some balance to sword stats.


From the Release Notes:

A small bugfix release where a few new features have crept in:

  • The item tooltip bonus pills should once again be showing the correct information
  • You can now make Credit Card based energy purchases securely from within the game without needing to head to the Spiral Knights Energy Depot website
  • Successful trades will now show the full trade contents in your chat
  • If you're logged into the website and start the game from your browser, you will log into the game automatically
  • You can attach your Facebook account to your game account and authenticate using your Facebook login


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a release today that includes the following:

  • The Royal Jelly has been made a bit more difficult. Please let us know what you think in the feedback thread:
  • Many weapons have received wonderful new art! (I'm partial to the Cold Iron Vanquisher)
  • Lots of bugfixes, as always.

Happy Valentines Day!


From the Release Notes:

We did a release today that included the following:

  • We added a new Uplink interface that has three tabs:
    • The News tab will let you know what's going on in the game and display special promotional offers.
    • The Mail tab allows users to send mail to each other. Please give us your feedback! More features, including the ability to send items are on the way.
    • The Invite tab allows you to manage and send invitations to join Spiral Knights.
  • The Royal Jelly Palace is coming! The next gate created should contain a slimy palace that is home to a Royal Jelly, royalty within the slime family and our newest boss.
  • Tokens are live! All bosses now drop special tokens that can be exchanged at the token trader in every town for special items. Get some!
  • As always, plenty of bug squashing.

Updates on other features NOT included in this update:

  • The Core is taking longer than expected. We want it to be really special so we're holding off on it for this release.
  • We're currently working on a whole new way to build gates that will offer much greater transparency into the underlying system as well as create a more varied overall experience. Some things are in the works that should make the Clockworks a much more interesting place for everyone. Stay tuned!


From the Release Notes:

We're individually shutting down and restarting the server peers in order to upgrade their operating systems. You will be able to continue playing, but you'll be moved between peers as they're brought offline. The process will be completed shortly.


From the Release Notes:

We're doing a quick web server maintenance today January 28th from 3:30pm to 4pm Pacific Time.

This will affect the forum here, the Wiki and the website. But not the game itself.

Sorry for the inconvenience folks!


From the Release Notes:

We have added another payment option: Mobile Phones.

How to use: Enter your mobile phone number, reply Y to the text message you receive to confirm, and you'll get the Energy delivered to your account!

Note: Boku's Paymo service cover a large amount of countries and phone service providers, but not all are covered. Phone service networks charge fees for these kinds of services, so the cost per Energy will be different from other payment options.

Problems?: If you run into problems with this please see Paymo's Support Center for standard problems. And if you believe the issue is on our side please contact us via


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a small bugfix release today that, among other things, includes a peering issue and the HUD locking feature.


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a release today that includes the following:

  • You can now lock your HUD in dungeons by clicking the small lock icon in the top left corner of the HUD or by pressing the tilde key. In order to unlock it, you must press the tilde key. This key can be remapped in the options menu.
  • If kicked from a party you will now carry on solo rather than be booted back to Haven. This feature is still undergoing testing, so please be on the look out for bugs and report them if found.
  • Many shields have undergone a visual makeover and now have unique art! More on the way.
  • Many of the custom levels have undergone a few tweaks to balance difficulty and include a few new components like energy doors.
  • As always, lots of bug fixes.


From the Release Notes:

We did a small release today that fixed a few bugs and added some polish to the social panel and market interface.


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a release tonight that includes the following:

  • The social panel has received a major upgrade, and now has a host of new features including online and offline friend and guild tracking and click tells.
  • The vendor interface has also been upgraded and now resembles an arsenal. It should be much easier to use.
  • The Arcade Assistant now has handy images to help explain the Arcade. Let us know what you think!
  • The bug that was causing hallways to be cut off should be fixed, please let us know if you encounter it.
  • The stun locking combo bug should also be fixed.
  • Idle time in dungeons has been increased to 10 minutes.
  • Windows 7 full screen crash bug should be fixed.
  • As always, lots of other misc. bugs.

Coming soon:

  • Boss tokens, shops and THE CORE!


From the Release Notes:

Small one - We fixed the bug with the instant button for selling energy.


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a release today that includes the following things:

  • As mentioned in my previous post, the gate passes required to access more advanced tiers from the Haven Arcade have been removed. A player will still need the appropriate Tier Clearance to access each tier from Haven, but no longer needs to work their way through each tier of each gate from Haven. The current Gate Pass table in the Progress tab of the character panel will remain, albeit slightly tweaked as a handy tracker of tiers you have yet to explore on each gate.
  • Danger Rooms are back! Every Clockwork Tunnels level has a chance of spawning an optional danger room, identified by the red skull recon module located in front of them. A Danger room locks a party inside and forces them to survive in order to gain access back out, but if victorious, the party is rewarded with a lots of treasure. Danger rooms are tough, please enter at your own risk.
  • Treasure blocks now contain a lot more treasure variety, including many more 'whole item' loot drops like weapons and gear.
  • The exchange has undergone a few changes to it's UI that should make things a little clearer for everyone.
  • The holidays have officially left the Clockworks, with holiday hats removed from treasure blocks and monsters.
  • Improved silkwing targeting (the healing moth-like monsters)
  • And as always, lots of bugfixes


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed a bug with copying and pasting text containing carriage returns into chat
  • Spans of whitespace in chat are now collapsed into single spaces
  • Fix for dragging helm/armor within arsenal (had been causing "Unexpected error" messages)
  • Elevator fix

Happy holidays!


From the Release Notes:
  • Translation fixes for items, recipes
  • Fixes for party splitting
  • Item tweaks
  • Additional information added to progress display
  • Entering subtown lobby from Haven takes you to the interior start pad (assuming you have tier access)
  • Dialog fixes
  • Scene tweaks/fixes
  • Full health restored on reaching subtown lobbies
  • Tweaks to energy exchange dialog, including one-button instant trades
  • Fix for certain graphics cards' being unable to display new gate map background
  • Adjustments to difficulty (lower tiers now have higher difficulty but greater reward for advanced players)
  • Health bonuses scale by tier
  • Fix for HUD's sometimes disappearing on reconnect
  • Monster tweaks


From the Release Notes:
  • Subtown change as documented here
  • "Free for All" loot distribution mode changed to "Random"
  • Tweaks to materials, items
  • New equipment descriptions
  • Recipe fixes
  • Fix for mapping controls to triggers on X-Box 360 controller
  • Fixes for monsters' attacking each other
  • Maintain a members' health if they leave and rejoin the same party
  • Fix for players' being pushed out of scenes
  • New party splitting interface
  • Interface fixes
  • Tweaks to spikes (warning before activation)
  • Changed all health refill stations in Terminals and Battle Arenas to large hearts
  • Battle Arenas no longer open before all monsters are dead
  • Firestorm Citadel tweaks
  • Holiday cheer


From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a bugfix release today to fix some issues:

  • Vendor stock bug resulting in swapping items at purchase
  • 5* recipes now cost 16,500 crowns
  • Bramble no longer damages monsters
  • Some weapon damage adjustments
  • Various recipe ingredient fixes


From the Release Notes:

Some big changes to shops are included in today's release as well as a new addition to the Coliseum:

  • The Haven Bazaar's merchants now have a random stock of goods that changes every day and is unique to each player. Check in every day for rare items just for you!
  • A new merchant, the Spiral Quartermaster is located in the southwest end of the Haven Bazaar. The Spiral QM reliably sells special Spiral gear, weapons and recipes with 'average' stats that allow you to be competitive in each tier. The Spiral QM will become much more prominent in the future as we direct your experience more towards acquiring the right gear to compete in each tier.
  • Coliseum events now reward the weekly top player (as seen from the leaderboards) a special costume reward. For Super Brawl, it is a fantastic golden crown! The winner is chosen Mondays at midnight PST (i.e. late Sunday night). The reward costume expires after 7 days, when a new winner is chosen.
  • Firestorm Citadel has new content in its levels. Look out for terrible siege wheels that will flatten you if you're not careful! More developments on these levels will be coming soon. Use the balls of water to extinguish the columns of shadow fire!
  • 5 Star items are finally here! You can find recipes to build them from traveling merchants deep within the Clockworks or as rare 'drops' in your daily recipe stock from the Haven recipe vendor.
  • Traveling merchants in Clockwork Terminals have many new recipes that can show up.
  • Elevators now have handy buttons allowing you to return to Haven at any time and cash out your heat or continue down into the depths of the Clockworks. Parties can now split up at any time, allowing players to end their experience when they please.
  • Various recipe related bug fixes

Coming soon (not in this release):

We're working on some neat new features that will better direct players to the content that's appropriate for their gear as well as making some changes to sub-towns that will turn Haven back into the home base of all players. We will also be updating trinkets and added new ones. Stay tuned and thanks for playing!


From the Release Notes:

We're going to do a release tonight, here's what it will include:

  • The mini map now displays points of interest, such as elevators and gold doors. Once you have 'seen' these things, they will be added to your map. This should be especially helpful in open levels like the Deconstruction Zone.
  • The freeze status condition was not working properly, this has been fixed. Freeze away!
  • A few recipe bug fixes
  • Some tweaks to the PVP scoring
  • Fixed a trade bug
  • A few new crafting materials

Coming soon in a future release:

Lots of new recipes and items, including the arrival of 5 star weapons and gear!


From the Release Notes:
  • Changes to item scaling as announced in previous post
  • Fixes for random dungeon generator
  • Fixes for treasure blocks
  • Revive fix
  • Item spawn tweaks
  • Fix for Trojan
  • Tweaks to Deconstruction Zone
  • Recipe tweaks


From the Release Notes:
  • Devilite throws go over low walls/edges.
  • Weapon damage scaling.
  • Tweaks to Deconstruction Zone.
  • PVP leaderboards.


From the Release Notes:
  • Star value fixes.
  • Fixes for wolvers.
  • Daily points tracking for PVP.
  • PVP post-game display fixes.
  • Gate construction tweaks.


From the Release Notes:
  • Translation fixes.
  • Fix for actor spawns.
  • PVP fixes.
  • New "Super Brawl Ultimate" PVP mode: no gear restrictions, costumes allowed, 5000 crowns to sign up.
  • Scene fixes.
  • End-of-game report for Super Brawl.
  • Recipe tweaks.
  • Experimentally, the Windows installer now disables desktop composition on Vista/7 for better compatibility/performance.
  • Items should be displaying as Level 10 now when they've maxed out heat
  • There should be no more problems with missing waves of enemies when you're stuck inside monster doors


From the Release Notes:
  • UI tweaks.
  • Translation fixes.
  • Zombie fixes.
  • No climbing on the PVP terminal.
  • Fixes for explosive blocks/traps/hazards.
  • Gremlin adjustments.
  • Cost for revives capped at 1000 (per player).
  • Heart/coin drop fixes.
  • Gravity bomb fix.
  • Loot drop tweaks.
  • Item use animation fix.
  • New danger level indicator.

Happy Thanksgiving!


From the Release Notes:
  • An early version of our competitive games space, the Coliseum is now available to test! The first game, Super Brawl can be accessed via the Coliseum terminal located in all Arcades. Coliseum games require crowns to enter, with the winner taking a share of all entrance fees. Each Coliseum game is divided by tiers.
  • Vitapods are now automatically picked up if they are better than what you have. To drop them, drag and drop the one you have equipped out of its slot.
  • Monster health is now reduced when soloing and in a party of two. It increases slightly with three and four players.
  • Many more items are available in the Haven Bazaar. Please note that all art is not complete for these items and you may see redundancies with models and textures.
  • Hazard damage has been fixed, watch out for those spikes!
  • Heart drops now come in larger sizes and we have changed their spawning mechanism. Please give us feedback on the rate at which hearts drop.
  • Some monsters have new art to denote tiers.

Higher level monsters should no longer spawn many levels in advance.

  • New chat colors.


From the Release Notes:
  • Item and monster rebalance as detailed in previous post
  • Friend limit increased to 250.
  • Fix for the elevator's raising its gates early
  • Fix for targeting dead monsters
  • Tweaks for gate construction
  • Zombie fixes
  • No "returning" to Haven from Rescue Camp
  • Removed limit on text for bug reports/suggestions
  • Tweaks to remove/scale back effects for medium/low detail settings
  • Material fixes
  • Translation fixes
  • Town pass costs decreased
  • Reenabled chat messages for shortcut-able emotes
  • Show minimap arrows for out-of-view players in towns as well as dungeons
  • Gates now rotate at eight o'clock pm (PST)
  • Various other tweaks/fixes

Expect more updates in the next few days!

New Vitapods!

Vitapods have changed in this release. You will now pick up a vitapod, and it will show up on your health bar. You can only hold one vitapod at a time, however the vitapods will get larger the further you are from town. You will be able to swap out your current vitapod for a new one you found in the level. Also, once you've left the lobby, any vitapods you pick up will only increase your maximum health, but not your current health, so you will need to find some hearts to fill yourself up the rest of the way.


From the Release Notes:
  • Uniform blur render effect added to sky boxes
  • Tweaks to exchange interface
  • Tweaks to random level bits
  • Do not allow "returning" to town from initial tutorial
  • Fixed chat command history
  • Added zone instance chat prefix, plus /1 as alias for it
  • Fixes for resurrected players
  • Don't show "add as friend" in context menu if you're at the friend limit
  • Additional item text
  • Fix for the infinite loop condition that brought down one of the server peers
  • Haven fixes
  • Vanaduke fixes


From the Release Notes:
  • Tweaks to Tortodrones and Lumbers
  • Level 10 added to Fencing Jacket
  • Fixed shock resistance for Volt Breaker armor
  • Fix for lootless terminal travelers
  • Hide the chat entry field after submitting
  • Resurrection costs taken from (full) energy tab when available
  • Invitation system added for inviting your friends from within the game
  • Tweaks to swords
  • Fixes for players' getting stuck in certain areas
  • Fixes for chat command help
  • Tweaks to random level generation
  • Tell feedback messages ("You told...") colored blue, like tells
  • Fix for weapon text
  • Added toggle for "Render Effects," which is disabled by default: eventually we will be adding more advanced graphical effects and those who want to live on the bleeding edge are encouraged to enable this option to help us test them
  • Fixed issue with reconnecting after disconnecting (sending you to a different place, removing your progress, etc.)
  • Fixed issue with Lichen drops
  • Added some code to avoid repeated affliction with the same status condition
  • Fix for gates' displayed energy costs
  • Change to matchmaking: only add new players within a brief period after starting each level
  • Fix for heat levels


From the Release Notes:

New feature:

  • Travel passes added, which allow instant travel to recently visited towns for a crown fee

Tweaks, fixes:

  • 'Sulfur' is now 'Brimstone' and its star value has been changed to 1
  • New materials added to certain monster loot tables
  • Some recipes now require new materials
  • Fixed a hole in Treasure Vault levels
  • Fix for gold keys' not being removed after opening doors
  • Tweaks to arsenal/recipe interfaces
  • Tweaks to gate displays
  • Zone chat is no longer the default; use /zone to address entire town
  • Place chat is audible from increased distances
  • Clicking energy panel now brings up exchange interface
  • Text fixes.
  • Save screenshots to desktop rather than application folder
  • Windows uninstaller deletes preferences from registry
  • "Compatibility Mode" added to advanced video options that prevents use of GLSL shaders
  • Fixes for moving items between quickslots
  • Fix for adding stackable items to trade window will all slots filled


From the Release Notes:
  • Text fixes.
  • Fix for gate displays not updating after rotation.
  • Lighting fix.
  • Don't let poisoned monsters heal.
  • Fixed bug with tray times in subtowns.
  • Fixed bug with gold key doors deleting player instead of key.
  • When creating a party or joining one in the lobby, you're charged when you leave the lobby.
  • Reduced gate dormancy range.
  • Devilite tweaks.
  • Two seconds of invulnerability after resurrection.
  • Chat can now be heard from anywhere in the town instance.
  • Fix for accidental clicking on resurrection dialog.
  • Level generation fix.
  • Allow setting 1024x600 resolution.
  • Fix for chat displays' clearing when moving between zones.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fix for gold key levels.
  • Translation fixes.
  • Tortodrone, Zombie, and Devilite tweaks/fixes.
  • Tweaks/fixes for the new arsenal interface.
  • Emote tweaks.
  • Fix for certain swords' hurting players.
  • Sound fix.
  • Minerals added to loot displays at end of gate.
  • Fix for repeat fire bug.


From the Release Notes:
  • Arsenal/Recipe interfaces updated.
  • Text fixes.
  • Fix for Gremlin loot drops.
  • /poke and /sigh emotes.
  • Substantial Gremlin adjustments.
  • Fixes/enhancements to randomly generated levels.


From the Release Notes:
  • Fixed floor display on friend panels.
  • Fixed some errors in the text.
  • Fix for being able to unequip helmet/armor.
  • Controller fix.
  • Fix for dupe issue dropping vials/capsules in scene.
  • Fix (hopefully) for "server error" messages on vial/capsule use.
  • Effect for when items gain levels.
  • Fix for server error messages when trading stacks of items.


From the Release Notes:
  • Vial descriptions fixed.
  • Guildhall spiffed up.
  • Revive-related messages fixed.
  • Error related (primarily) to crafting Dusk Drops fixed.
  • Fixed bug with dropping vials, etc., when a player leaves the dungeon.
  • Controller fixes.
  • Added tray display when adding minerals to a gate.

Again, we're inviting more people, so please welcome them.


From the Release Notes:

Mostly bug fixes in this release:

  • Solved the issue of the revive window popping up while you're still alive (but only just)
  • Solved the issue of the Ash Tails warping outside the playable area of the map
  • Fixed seeing a gray armor icon show up when a party member uses a capsule

We're also testing allowing you to run while using a capsule.

Probably some other fixes/changes that I forgot to mention.


More economic change, death resolution and more players

From the Release Notes:

We will be releasing some new stuff today:

  • There are and will continue to be changes in the economy as we determine what's best for the game world
  • There are new coins, so you will now find crowns in values of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50.
  • You can now compare your own loot against that of a vendor's loot
  • There is a new system for when you meet your demise in the Clockworks. Just as before you can wait to receive half the life from another player or wait to have your party (hopefully) make it to the next floor. But now you can also revive yourself and other with energy. The cost to revive increases each time you die but is reset upon reaching any town.
  • Some new items have been added to treasure block drop tables.

We will also again be inviting more players to the game this evening. Please give them a warm welcome!


From the Release Notes:

We've just put out a new release to fix two major bugs in the game.

  1. Shops should now display the correct prices for all items
  2. There should no longer be a trade bug where you can duplicate items


Changes to the economy and Rescue Camp

From the Release Notes:


We will be updating the game today and I wanted to give you a heads up on a few changes:

  • The prices of all items are in a state of change. We're working hard to determine the best prices for everything.
  • '0 Star' items now exist. These items will be purchasable in the Rescue Camp.
  • As a result of introducing a new level of gear, some low level gear has moved up or down in star value. This will affect their heat levels in some cases. You may have lost or gained heat levels but your total heat invested in the weapon has remained the same.

Lastly, we will be introducing many more new players to the game in the very near future. Please give them a warm welcome!

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