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Wymion the Star Ignis

Hey, my name is Wymion, (It means Sun Feather or Child of the Sunlight) I'm a Dragon Knight, not officially a Knight, just a Dragons spirit trapped in a Knights body, When the Skylark crashed and ancient Dragon call Asheighni saved me and some other Dragon Eggs from being hit with debris from the falling ship, at the same time he prevented serious damage to the ship, saving a few Knights, I use Elemental Weapons, and wear Scale (Dragon-related) armours that I crafted from materials from the clockworks, I was risen by my founder Master Scale (Who I now call Master Drake) I never ate meat, only berries the Snipes would help me find. I aspire to become like Asheighni, the one who saved my life, and wish to become a teacher and help young Knights become Dragons like me. I love astrology and looking at the night sky, my Star Sign is Libra making me a Judge of the Underworld, and my decision is to save Knights from the dark clutches of the Swarm

Current Weapons

Blade: Avenger

Gun: Prismatech Alchemer Mk II and Pulsar

Bomb: Crystal Bomb

Current Armour

Helm: Drake Scale Helm

Armour: Silvermail

Shield: Horned Owlite Shield

Star Ignis

Star Ignis is currently unknown, said to be the Star Ignis currently but has seen no strange power


General Quotes :

'If there was as many heros as Stars we would be in a perfect world, but the problem is their light takes over 5 million years to reach us...'

'I like to come down on my enemies like a meteor, but sometimes I break up in the atmosphere...'

'Devilites are awesome, if I throw my homework at them, they throw it back when they've finished and my shadow resist makes it less painful to get an F!'

'You can't have a better tomorrow if you keep thinking about yesterday'

'Time for me to put my head down the toilet and sort this shit out'

'Saddest thing that ever happened? When Nyan Cat flew into a toaster :('

'Chuck Norris sleeps with the light on because he thinks he better not know if I'm there hiding in his lamp shade again :3'

'I always have a plan... I just sometimes forget it...'


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