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As a matter of fact, curiosity has brought you here.

About Me

Male, late 20's, native German, fluent in writen English (well, kinda fluent...still messing up some sentences...)
Discovered Spiral Knights mid-March 2011 during the last preview event
Started playing the game properly mid-May
I enjoy long walks on the beach, Jack Daniels and getting caught in the rain (...uhm...nevermind that...)
The name 'Ethyce' was synthesized years ago for a character in another MMO. It carries no specific meaning and was chosen without ulterior motives
I started to pronounce it eθaɪs (phonetics in your face!)
Former Guildmaster of Needle Gun Lullaby (yeah, totally a one-man-wolfpack-thing)
Knowledge over gear, mind over matter. Derp.


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