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Flaame (Flame)
Joined: 03/20/2011
Current Guild: The Jempire

Flaame (Flame)

OH YEAH, LETS BE ORIGINAL AND COPY/PASTE EVERYTHING FROM EVERYONE ELSE'S USERPAGES. But more seriously, I suck at wiki editing. It's about time I got around to doing this anyway, this page has been blank for four months after release. :P

Hi there! I'm Flaame, however people who know me commonly call me Flame. That username was taken in-game so I decided to add an extra A in my name. If you would like, you can also refer to me as such.

I'm extremely active in this game. Mainly playing for fun and profit.

I WAS formerly part of the guild, Sonic Robo Knights. I was the former Guild Master and formed this guild mainly because this guild is based off an 11+ year old fangame called Sonic Robo Blast 2. The main requirement for joining the guild is just being informed about the fangame. Most of us users have been inactive recently because either of a loss of interest, personal lives, or they moved on to another guild. If you would like to join, please simply read up on it and contact Sonict via in-game (There's a bonus in store for you if you are active in the community too!).

My ENTIRE list of equipment

This is my current loadout, minus the default Spiral equipment that EVERYONE is able to get. Last update: March 16th, 2012


My Website: FireFlame Network

My Website (Redirects to the above)

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