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Location: Haven
Guild: One Knight Stand
Occupation: Shieldbearer

Fulcanelli, often going by the name "Fulca" around the town of Haven, spends his days touring the clockworks at his own leisurely pace, making sure every little space that he cares for has been examined. He hasn't come from a long line of knights, rather by dumb luck he fell into the position. This meaning he really isn't much of a fighter, even though he usually tours alone or with his long term friend within the Spiral Order, Charoum. No matter, whatever lack of combat experience he had in the past, he has enough to hold his own.. Most of the time, and probably get the job done if he doesn't get bored along the way.


The lights continued to flash as my pod shook violently from the inside, rattling almost as much as my own thoughts. The planet I crash on, Cradle, I think that's what it was called, or at least what we called it; the planet we were traveling over...but I can't remember too well...I would always sleep during briefi- That last shake took a lot out of me, but at the very least my humble vessel had reached what I thought was solid ground. Without warning, the door that had been sealed for so long flew open, letting the light from Cradle flow into my pod, even with my helmet on I had to shield my eyes for a moment. Before long however, I was finally able to take my first steps into this brand-new world. I jumped excitedly out of my transport and felt my feet connect with damp earth, “I made it, I really did.” I took one last look back at my ride to Cradle, and noticed something I hadn't before; a small folded up piece of paper next to my standard gear. I thought I should probably read it, so I grabbed it and took a quick look, though then I took a longer one once I realized it had quite a few words on it.

“Congratulations, Fulca! You've made it to Cradle, unless of course you died on impact; in that case stop reading now. However if you did survive, your fellow knights will be waiting for you in the camp ahead, your real test of might begins now. Good Luck!”

I exchanged the paper with my old sword and shield; ready to go I left my pod and took my next few steps on what I would soon call my home, Cradle. I took another few steps through some large patches of grass, when I felt a clunk inside of my shield. “Hm?” I held it up to the sky as I shook it around, a small proto blaster soon falling out and giving my face a friendly greeting. That probably would have hurt a lot more if I wasn't wearing this helm, but nevertheless; I picked up the blaster and placed it on my waist; always at the ready in case of emergency. Speak of the devil. A pink blob, no, more of a cube starts to close in on me; prepared, I hold out my shield as it draws closer. “What is this thing?” if I had payed attention during briefings maybe I would know, but right now it didn't matter, there was only on- I had thought I was safe and sound too soon, two more of the cubed devils were advancing behind me. I could take down my shield and strike...but that would also leave me open... Closer now, only a few feet away from me, I could smell their stench even from inside my helm; like jelly left in the sun for days at a time. I made a decision, “Take this!” I put my shield to my side and rushed the evil cube, slicing it ribbons in a matter of seconds, but sadly only to be hit from behind by the two advancing. “Tch, try and attack this!” I held back my blade for a moment, like a tiger about to pounce, before unleashing all of my strength, taking out both of the devilish squares! I got a little hurt during the fight, but I remembered that it was possible to heal yourself with objects found here around the cradle; luckily I wasn't asleep for that part. There were some boxes nearby, I wasn't sure if they had been left behind by previous knights, or if the creature who inhabited this world had made them; either way I was happy to be healed by what was inside. There were a few items leftover, so I decided to just leave them in case I got hurt again, “Let's hope not though...” I may have spoken too soon. I didn't know it was dangerous at the time, but I had heard some yipping in the distance, I'm a little embarrassed about what I thought it was before...but in my defense it really did sound like my dog back home! I've always loved animals, which is what made this part so hard as I ran to meet the owner of the sound, imagine my surprise when I came face to face with three wolves. “Well hey there little guys,” I was a little foolish, I even extended my hand in friendship. I heard a loud yip in response, which I thought was a friendly gesture. I was sadly mistaken. The only thing I had been given in payment for my friendship was a swift chomp, which really hurt my fingers, even through my armor! “Gah!” I fell back surprised as the other two circled me, looking back on this I really should have remembered rule number one of my 'special' training: “Fulca! I don't care how cute they may seem, don't try to pet them!” Sorry Cap, my bad!

Well I'd rather fight these cute little guys than end up their dinner, so I don't have much of a choice. “Forgive me wolfies!” I swung at a maddening pace, my eyes shut tight so I couldn't really see what I was doing, after about a good minute though there was nothing left but me and some rocks. I stopped for a moment to pray for them, even though I'm not very religious, it just seemed like the right thing to do. It's been about a hour now since I first left my pod, I think I'm really getting used to this, it really isn't as bad as everyone up high said. Except for a few wolves and rough jellies, it really isn't much to dea- Slam! I was sent tumbling to the side by a large force, my head felt like it was trying to unscrew itself, but I managed to get it back on just in the nick of time to dodge another incoming blow. When I got a safe distance away from whatever was trying it's best to kill me, I finally had a chance to take a good look. It kind of made me think of a giant, angry tree, but there wasn't much time for me to stop and stare, it seemed to have a grudge against me. “Gah, what did I ever do to you?!” I ran from side to side dodging blows from it's massive arms, pretty certain that I could avoid anything it could send my way as long as I kept alert. However a few more local creatures decided to join the party; two more of my wolf “friends” and a couple of jellies, not the best guests of honor. “Alright,” I swung my sword back and forth trying my best to look cool just in case any fellow knights were watching from afar, “bring it.” Unfortunately for me, they did. I really hope if anyone was watching before, they stopped just before seeing my armored butt get handed to me on my own shield. After getting tossed around a bit however, I learned a good way to deal with my tricky party guests. “Alright, alright,” I said hobbling back to my feet, “let's try this again.” I put my sword back in it's place, drawing my gun; aiming for their wooden leader. I stepped back slowly as I stored energy, my hands barely being able to hold onto my blaster as it shook. Now for the finishing touch...I mustered up the best one-liner I could think of, “farewell, Woody.” Thinking back on it that was pretty lame..but in my defense my brain was pretty rattled. I let go of the trigger sending a giant shot right for the heart of the wooden behemoth, he fell with a loud thud, taking all of his little friends with him, “Timber...” I was a little more proud of that one.

Luckily for me, the rowdy group had left some money when they departed, so I collected as much as I could carry and headed off in the direction I was pretty sure where the camp was. My map didn't lie to me, I was finally here, civilization...sort of. This was only a camp before my real goal, Haven, just a stepping stone on my journey of exploration.

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