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About Me

Hi , i'm Thechosenwarriorjr. I am from the USA and I started playing spiral knights in late summer of 2011. I am very active in spiral knights and I have a lot of 5* items. I am currently the guild master and founder of Falling Skies (Guild). I am a fun and mature knight who is skilled in FSC and lockdown. I am not so good in blast network. I look forward to any knight who wants to hang out with me or just do FSC or lockdown. I hope you check out the guild page I made for my guild First Blood (Guild) and Rigorous (Guild)

Spiral 2012-08-18 09-41-19.png

Icon-settings.png My Arsenal


Equipment-Divine Avenger icon.png Divine Avenger Unique variant icon.png Damage Bonus Vs Undead: Medium Unique variant icon.png Charge Time Reduction: Low ★★★★★
Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Blade icon.png Barbarous Thorn Blade Unique variant icon.png Damage Bonus Vs Beast: Medium ★★★★★
Equipment-Leviathan Blade icon.png Leviathan Blade Unique variant icon.png Charge Time Reduction: Medium ★★★★★
Equipment-Combuster icon.png Combuster Unique variant icon.png Charge Time Reduction: Low ★★★★★
Equipment-Final Flourish icon.png Final Flourish Unique variant icon.png Attack Speed Increased: Medium ★★★★★
Equipment-Faust icon.png Faust ★★★★
Equipment-Silent Nightblade icon.png Silent Nightblade ★★★★
Equipment-Iceburst Brandish icon.png Iceburst Brandish ★★★
Equipment-Heavy Hatchet icon.png Heavy Hatchet
Equipment-Proto Sword icon.png Proto Sword


Equipment-Argent Peacemaker icon.png Argent Peacemaker ★★★★★
Equipment-Polaris icon.png Polaris ★★★★★
Equipment-Blitz Needle icon.png Blitz Needle Unique variant icon.png Damage Bonus Vs Fiend: High ★★★★★
Equipment-Proto Gun icon.png Proto Gun


Equipment-Skolver Cap icon.png Skolver Cap ★★★★★
Equipment-Snarbolax Cap icon.png Snarbolax Cap Unique variant icon.png Increased Poison Resistance: Low Unique variant icon.pngIncreased Elemental Resistance: Low ★★★★★
Equipment-Vog Cub Cap icon.png Vog Cub Cap (Sold) ★★★★★
Equipment-Volcanic Salamander Mask icon.png Volcanic Salamander Mask (Sold) ★★★★★
Equipment-Ash Tail Cap icon.png Ash Tail Cap ★★★★
Equipment-Mighty Cobalt Helm icon.png Mighty Cobalt Helm ★★★★
Equipment-Dusker Cap icon.png Dusker Cap ★★★
Equipment-Wolver Cap icon.png Wolver Cap ★★
Equipment-Spiral Sallet icon.png Spiral Sallet


Equipment-Skolver Coat icon.png Skolver Coat ★★★★★
Equipment-Snarbolax Cap icon.png Snarbolax Coat Unique variant icon.png Increased Freeze Resistance: High ★★★★★
Equipment-Vog Cub Cap icon.png Vog Cub Coat ★★★★★
Equipment-Volcanic Salamander Suit icon.png Volcanic Salamander Suit ★★★★★
Equipment-Ash Tail Coat icon.png Ash Tail Coat ★★★★
Equipment-Mighty Cobalt Armor icon.png Mighty Cobalt Armor ★★★★
Equipment-Dusker Coat icon.png Dusker Coat ★★★
Equipment-Wolver Coat icon.png Wolver Coat ★★
Equipment-Spiral Culet icon.png Spiral Culet


Equipment-Volcanic Plate Shield icon.png Volcanic Plate Shield ★★★★★
Equipment-Crest of Almire icon.png Crest Of Almire ★★★★★
Equipment-Wise Owlite Shield icon.png Wise Owlite Shield ★★★★
Equipment-Dark Thorn Shield icon.png Dark Thorn Shield ★★★★
Equipment-Proto Shield icon.png Proto Shield


Equipment-Shivermist Buster icon.png Shivermist Buster Unique variant icon.png Charge Time Reduction; Medium ★★★★★


Equipment-Chapeau of the Green Rose icon.png Chapeau of the Green Rose
Equipment-Heavenly Guardian Helm icon.png Heavenly Guardian Helm
Equipment-Heavenly Guardian Armor icon.png Heavenly Guardian Armor
Equipment-Infernal Guardian Helm icon.png Infernal Guardian Helm
Equipment-Infernal Guardian Armor icon.png Infernal Guardian Armor
Equipment-Silver Bombhead Mask icon.png Silver Bombhead Mask
Equipment-Volcanic Stranger Hat icon.png Volcanic Stranger Hat
Equipment-Military Stranger Hat icon.png Military Stranger Hat
Equipment-Regal Stranger Hat icon.png Regal Stranger Hat
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