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Welcome to my sandbox page! This is the place where I test stuff out and conduct mad scientist experiments.

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Due to the templates on the wiki not suiting all of my needs, I am making more here.

Idea for New Monster Stat Block

I am a little unsatisfied with the wiki monster stat blocks, so here is how I would do it. However, I realize that this will likely never be implemented because it would take forever to change all of the monster stat blocks :(

Current idea is something like the below. However, I have 2 problems with it: the large size, and the bad quality images. It would be nice if Spiral Spy images (or even better, animations) could be used (yes, I know the GMs said that you can't do that, even for this purpose), as some of the wiki images are of bad quality, but I can live without that.

Jelly Cube
Monster-Jelly Cube.png Abilities
  • Tackle Attack normal icon.png
Location Drops
Monster-Jelly Cube 2.png Abilities
  • Tackle Attack normal icon.png Attack piercing icon.png
  • Thorn Attack Attack normal icon.png Attack piercing icon.png
Monster-Jelly Cube 3.png Abilities
  • Tackle Attack piercing icon.png
  • Thorn Attack Attack piercing icon.png

Jelly Cubes are small, barely sentient cubes of jelly that can do nothing more than shuffle their way over to their prey and attempt to bludgeon them with their squishy bodies. They are often found wedged between various blocks in the world. During early levels they will often step back after attacking as if to hit 'n' run. In lower depths, they posses thorns and can perform a ranged thorn attack, making them much more dangerous.

  • Tier 1: Small, bright pink Jellies that posses only a tackle attack.
  • Tier 2: Darker pink, spiky Jellies that use piercing tackles and can raise a thorn from the ground to attack.
  • Tier 3: Very spiky, very dark pink Jellies that are much faster and can raise three thorns at a time.

Heated vs Unheated

I have always wondered how significant the difference between unheated and heated items was. Here are my tests from the guild training hall. Taken with no weapon damage bonuses:

  • Final Flourish (depth 4): 44-44 1-2 attacks, 52-52 attack 3. 314-? charge dash, 342-? final
  • Final Flourish (depth 13): 122-122 1-2 attacks, 144 -144 attack 3. 197-? charge dash, 214-? final
  • Final Flourish (depth 24): 189-252 1-2 attacks, 227-299 attack 3. 314-? charge dash, 342-? final

Ill construct tables soon to better display the data.

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