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Joined: Beginning of April 2011.
Armor Set: Skolver, Arcane, Crusader, Snarblox
Guild: Coup De Grace
Rank/Affiliation: Guild Master

About Me

Hi, I'm Emily. I'm living at a small sunny island called Singapore. I started playing SK on April 2011. I was attracted by the cute knights on how it looks. I have joined One Piece guild as an officer before quitting and join Active for a few days before being removed by Active officers for having a dispute among them. All alone and unheard of, I decided to form a new guild which is called Coup De Grace. Starting of CDG had been very hard for me. Getting loyal players to our guild had problems. However, with determination, We become one of a guild in SK. I believe in affinity. Had CDG was not formed, i wouldnt be making friends from all over the world.At times, i felt like quitting the game again and again, but it was DUE to CDG, im coming back. They are a bunch of humble yet skilled knights. ( I really needa find a successor at CDG soon)

Become part of a major guild in SK within the shortest time.

We do take part of Lockdown matches during the 1st week. However as a new guild, we was rank 15th. We had won against many guild in Lockdown.

Our guild's very early days.Those fond memories.

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  • Equipment-Blitz Needle icon.png Blitz Needle Change Time Reduction: Very High + Damage Vs Construct: Low


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