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Thanks to the length of the username being limited, had to shorten Lightningblitz to Lightblitz. =.= So, hi, this is Lightningblitz. :)


General Stuff

  • Guild: Unity
  • In game time spent: 29:23:56:21

About Me

I started playing a few months after Beta (will try and find out exactly when), seeing a friend post about it all the time on Facebook, I decided to give it a try. I played for a few months with friends who migrated with me from another game we used to play earlier. Was probably the most fun time I had in Spiral Knights; actually running the clockworks whenever I had the mist to, and not Fire Storm Citadel/King of Ashes all day long. I got till around 4*. All good things come to an end though, I left the game for a few months to prepare for my graduation exams. After that, never really got the incentive to come back and resume playing the game, and when I did want, I didn't have decent internet for months. So this led to a hiatus of almost ~1 year in SK. When I came back none of my old friends play anymore, only the one from beta (who got me interested in this game) still logs in once in a while. So, I came back to a lot of new stuff: Missions, Shadow Liars and related Armor sets, omfg amounts of accessories at omffffg prices, a higher CE price, DA was no longer the norm in FSC, Brandishes were, AP was no longer the weapon of choice for Vanaduke, I didn't "lose" a charge if I got hit while running around with a charged weapon, etc. For some reason I vendored most of my stuff, and decided to start all over again (something I regret a bit, I still haven't crafted another Divine Avenger). I essentially lost around 5 days of in game play with this. As an F2P player, the grind was extremely tedious, but I finally cleared the 5* Hall of Heroes after load of KoA grinding. Oh, and I converted to Steam in order to be able to trade the OCH for something. Finally had to grind more and more for CE in order to be able to steam trade OCH, and with time finally got it.

I wish to be the best at PvE there ever was. My current aim is to achieve a varied arsenal of weapons for all situations, currently almost there with Swords. After I'm done with my arsenal, I intend to craft relevant ASI/DMG trinkets, and finally with nothing left to do, I'll probably just keep playing on mist and start Punch rolling on weapons. (Yes, I am yet to roll on Punch even once)


I don't remember what my first guild was, but I got invited to it, and had fun there doing JK runs and stuff there for about a week, before I went on my yearlong hiatus. Coming back I thought I'd have been kicked out from the guild (even though I'd left a notice with a officers that I won't be on for a while, but honestly i didn't expect to be gone for a year either). Logged in to find myself in a dead guild with 0 people offline. I guess everyone just quit, or moved on to other guilds. After this I pretty much decided to join one of the "best" guilds in SK after I became a 5* night. So I left the guild.

After this I remained a solo knight, and kept joining and leaving random guilds whom I got invites from just by straying around in Haven.

Similarly, got an invite from "Zero to Hero" one fine day. Joined just as I usually used to do. I actually liked the people there a lot; It had got really boring not having your old friends play the game or not having friends from a guild either. So I stuck around in ZtH untill one day a GM left, and the guild just fell apart after that. Most Officers/Veterans moved to Rigorous, so I too followed them. From then on most people from ZtH moved on to other guilds, some I lost track of, and some don't play the game anymore I guess.

Thanks to being F2P, I realised a Brandish and my Vog Set weren't really cut out for Lockdown, and also thanks to Asian latency; so I felt a bit out of place in a top Lockdown guild like Rigorous, and I decided to finally move into one of the best PvE guilds in SK, which also had strong core of players due to which the guild would not die out anytime easily. For this, I decided to apply for Unity.

Currently I am in Unity, and have got to know most of the people well enough. After joining I realised there were people here who were really good at Lockdown too, but there's a fair balance of PvE'ers as well. I like it here and hopefully will stay here for a long time to come. :)




Achievement - First StepsAchievement - Welcome, StrangerAchievement - Mission AccomplishedAchievement - World of Moorcraft
Achievement - Spiral SpelunkerAchievement - An Emberlight in the DarkAchievement - Go DeepAchievement - Hardcore
Achievement - Royal PainAchievement - Free SpiritAchievement - O Frabjous Day!Achievement - Terrible Twin Turrets
Achievement - One-Star SmithAchievement - Two-Star SmithAchievement - Three-Star SmithAchievement - Four-Star Smith
Achievement - Five-Star SmithAchievement - Apprentice AlchemistAchievement - Adept AlchemistAchievement - Accomplished Alchemist
Achievement - Ascendant AlchemistAchievement - SwordsmanAchievement - Expert SwordsmanAchievement - Master Swordsman
Achievement - GunslingerAchievement - Expert GunslingerAchievement - Master GunslingerAchievement - Bombardier
Achievement - Expert BombardierLocked AchievementAchievement - HatterAchievement - Expert Hatter
Locked AchievementAchievement - ArmorerAchievement - Expert ArmorerLocked Achievement
Achievement - ShieldbearerAchievement - Expert ShieldbearerLocked AchievementAchievement - Stellar Set
Achievement - Applied EntropyAchievement - Minor MinerAchievement - Moderate MinerAchievement - Major Miner
Achievement - Marvelous MinerAchievement - Master MinerAchievement - Fully LoadedAchievement - Jump Start
Achievement - Helping HandAchievement - Walk It OffAchievement - Pharma SuitableAchievement - Conditioned Response
Achievement - Energize!Achievement - Bronze SurvivorAchievement - Silver SurvivorAchievement - Gold Survivor
Achievement - Cradle and AllAchievement - Dauntless DelverAchievement - Star Spangled BomberAchievement - Son of a Nutcracker!
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