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Helmet: Equipment-Mighty Cobalt Helm icon.png Mighty Cobalt Helm
Shield: Equipment-Mighty Defender icon.png Mighty Defender
Armor: Equipment-Mighty Cobalt Armor icon.png Mighty Cobalt Armor
Weapon 1: Equipment-Ascended Calibur icon.png Ascended Calibur
Weapon 2: Equipment-Gran Faust icon.png Gran Faust
Weapon 3: Equipment-Volt Driver icon.png Volt Driver
Weapon 4: Equipment-Graviton Bomb icon.png Graviton Bomb
Trinket 1: Equipment-Dual Heart Pendant icon.png Dual Heart Pendant
Trinket 2: Equipment-Radiant Crystal Pin icon.png Radiant Crystal Pin

Gear In Progress

Below is the standard Recipe template. Note that it uses the current page name, so any template to show "recipe materials owned" will need to have an argument for the actual name of the item.

The 4-star recipe for this item costs 10,000 crowns; the alchemy cost is 2,500 crowns. Below are the materials needed to make the Megadeus/sandbox.

Name Amount
Crafting-Light Shard.png Light Shard 15
Crafting-Bronze Bolt.png Bronze Bolt 4
Crafting-Swordstone.png Swordstone 3
Crafting-Force Dynamo.png Force Dynamo 2
Crafting-Silver Coil.png Silver Coil 1
Rarity-Elite Orb of Alchemy icon.png Elite Orb of Alchemy 3
Equipment-Tempered Calibur icon.png Tempered Calibur (Heat Level 5+)

Note: When crafting using bound equipment as a precursor, the upgraded item will also be bound.

Gear Used Template

TODO: Make this an actual wiki template and not just a copy-and-paste snippet?

Example User Pages

A list of user pages that have layout elements from which to draw inspiration:

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