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King Bowser
King Bowser.png
Joined: 06/17/2011

Icon status fire.png Kingbowser's Spiral Inside Story Icon status fire.png

2 Days after my Birthday...

I made my first step into the Spiral World. I needed a vacation from Mario and his cohorts because they're always getting on my nerves!! Usable-Angry Eyes icon.png‎ Back at my castle, Bowser Jr. is probably taking care of himself with the other kooplings. So I thought, "Why not take a vacation here?"

However, upon reaching this new world, I was told by a couple of knights to be weary because there were monsters that roamed the clockworks. I asked myself questions: "What are these monsters? And what's the clockworks? Why are they at the clockworks?" Soon enough, I was invited the guild called Forgehammers. The earliest knights that I, Kingbowser, had met were Mprime, Ashauric, and Lilpip Icon-social.png. I've never met such a friendly bunch, but I still wanted to just chill and start my vacation.

All four of us decided to go into the clockworks....and that's when the attack began...monsters appeared! Gate-Wolver Den-Raving Rabids.png

"These puny wimps don't stand a chance against me!" So I decided to use my fire breath Icon status fire.png on them... but nothing happened! The knights stared at me.

I thought to myself, "Looks like there's some sort of energy source that is causing me to lose my fire breath here in the Spiral World..." I had to think of something quick! Thankfully, a good friend of mine named Snivpes Volcanic Salamander Mask-Equipped.png‎, crafted me my first weapon earlier upon my arrival: Flourish Equipment-Flourish icon.png. Thus, we slain the enemies that lied before us.

Gate-Gloaming Wildwoods.png Forgehammer knights and I went deeper into the woods... and that's when we saw Snarbolax. Monster-Snarbolax.png

Gosh that thing was HUGE!! Usable-Dot Eyes icon.png‎ And I thought I'd come up with the best monsters to get that dang Mario! We managed to defeat the huge beast in minutes... but that was only the beginning of my journey into the Spiral World...

Will I ever get to have my vacation?! Usable-Closed Eyes icon.pngOh boy, I'm exhausted after that Snarbolax fight. Usable-Closed Eyes icon.png‎zZZ ...

Icon status fire.png Enter Valhalla Icon status fire.png

I was invited to join Valhalla. Although I had to say goodbye to Forgehammers Usable-Sad Eyes icon.png‎, it didn't mean Snivpes and I couldn't become friends with Lilpip, Mprime, Ashauric, and the other guild-mates. We shook hands with each player, saluted, and we moved on.

Wow, who knew that I would have a heart for these guys?

Usable-Normal Eyes icon.png

When will vacation come? Are there any spots to relax? I'm getting tired of moving around... ugh... I'll just sit by this fountain... Usable-Squinty Eyes icon.png

The knight who invited me and Snivpes to Valhalla was named Qaddus Icon-social.png. It seemed like a nice guild too, but there were hardly active players online from time to time! At first, he was an odd ball. Usable-Shifty Eyes icon.png‎ He was definitely weird in chatting with me and Snivpes, but then I found out his English wasn't great. That was probably why he talked funny online. However, he had great gear! Usable-Starry Eyes icon.png

He wore a green chapeau Equipment-Chapeau of the Green Rose icon.png and green tabard Equipment-Tabard of the Green Rose icon.png. He loved using a sword he called, "Divine Avenger." Equipment-Divine Avenger icon.png

Chapeau of the Green Rose-Equipped.png‎ "I just love charging this thing! I rolled a CTR Very High UV on this!"

It was a shiny sword...

Sooner or later, Snivpes and I eventually discovered he was Norwegian!!

Never heard of that back at the Mushroom Kingdom. Norwegian? What's that? ...

Monster-Royal Jelly.png‎ We fought the Jelly King together...

Monster-Roarmulus Twins.png‎ We fought the Roarmulus twins together...

We crafted more items, bought energy Usable-Mist Tank.png‎, gathered more weapons when monsters came our way...

There were times when we passed by Firestorm Citadel Gate-Firestorm Citadel.png‎, until one day I asked Qaddus and Snivpes to come with me.

The place just irks me, and something tells me the source of losing my fire breath is right here in this place!

Boy did that castle looked like a familiar home to me! It felt cozy at first, but then upon entering my first step into the area... a strange looking figure started approach us slowly.

Qaddus, Snivpes, and I attempted to see who it was in the distance...

Is it another knight?

I could hear Snivpes heavily breathing: he was having a hard time breathing because it was too hot!

Hmm... the molten lava is getting to him, and also to Qaddus!

Suddenly, the figure came closer... and closer... and then it jumped onto Snivpes! Monster-Slag Walker.png

Gate Icon-Undead.pngGahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Gate Icon-Undead.png

It started biting the neck of Snivpes Volcanic Salamander Mask-Equipped.png‎! oh gosh oh gosh Usable-Squinty Eyes icon.png

I used my fire breath... GRARRRRRRRRRRRR!! Usable-Angry Eyes icon.pngIcon status fire.png My fire breath works here?!?!

However, the zombie Monster-Slag Walker.png‎ continued to munch on my pal! "Why isn't it working?!" I noticed Qaddus had his hands full: he was busy fighting other Zombies, but the heat was getting to him too!

I tried pulling the monster away from Snivpes, but it was stuck to him like a Fuzzy Fuzzy PLEA.png (a creature back at the Mushroom Kingdom that sucks health points out of you when it pounces on its target)!!

Suddenly, Snivpes was down to his last life Heart-small.png‎ until the zombie froze Gate Icon-Freeze.png‎ after a huge blasting sound... ...

Uh... What? Usable-Dot Eyes icon.png

I looked around to find where that blast came from.

A Knight in a Red Chapeau Equipment-Chapeau of the Red Rose icon.png‎ and Red Tabard Equipment-Tabard of the Red Rose icon.png‎ clothing, held an icy-looking sword.

Chapeau of the Red Rose-Equipped.png‎ He leaned it against his right shoulder and said, "You guys should be careful, it's too dangerous to come here without the proper attire."

Who is this guy?

I looked back at Snivpes. He was in bad shape as he laid flat on the floor of the room. The knight approached him and gave him a health pill.

Chapeau of the Green Rose-Equipped.png‎ Qaddus said, "Thank you for helping us! Usable-Happy Eyes icon.png‎ That brandish you have there, isn't that a Glacius?" Equipment-Glacius icon.png

The knight replied, "That's right, it's my trusty Glacius! It's able to freeze opponents when charged."

I responded also and said, "Thank you..." Usable-Shifty Eyes icon.pngPhew!

Chapeau of the Red Rose-Equipped.png‎ The knight said, "No problem, the name's Hydraulikz by the way."

Interesting name.

I turned around, the Zombie thawed out but was destroyed. The other Zombies that Hydraulikz also froze broke free but their bones were scattered among the ashes...

Ugh... Usable-Angry Eyes icon.png‎ I shouted, "I'm here because I wanted to gain my fire breath back! Snivpes and Qaddus came to help out. What are you here for?"

Chapeau of the Red Rose-Equipped.png "I'm here to defeat the King of this Citadel. He killed countless lives... even my ancestors..."

I inquired, "Who is this king?

Hydraulikz replied, "Vanaduke?"

"Banana duck?"



To be continued...

Lord Vanaduke-Mugshot.png‎ Gwahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

Icon status fire.png A King's Knightmare Icon status fire.png

One day, Qaddus wanted us to check this website out called Knightmare. He tells me and Snivpes that they are a really good guild that have active players. The only problem was, we had to apply... Usable-Sad Eyes icon.png

Fret not, for Kingbowser has awesome gear and attire!! Usable-Jolly Eyes icon.png

We sent in our application!

One day, I passed by the Auction House in front of the fountain I usually rest upon and saw Kennys-Knight Icon-social.png, a guild officer of Knightmare.


I asked him, "Is Chris online?" He responds, "No, haven't seen him online yet D:" I tell him, "All right."

It took about a couple of days until Snivpes, Qaddus, and I have actually been welcomed. I remembered familiar names earlier when I first joined, such as Icon-social.png Blokfort, Kryon-Energy, and Bryonnoh Icon-social.png!

Eventually, more people were invited into the guild as time moved on my side.

I'd see Chris and Emily a couple of times here and there.

There are so many friends and guild-mates that I've met, I wonder if it's more than the army kooplings I have back at my castle.

I eventually met new friends like Icon-social.png Golza, Ezdidit, Season, and then eventually Tom-Awsm, Angerday, Timbalero, Dynamicsoul, Aeiouy, Canozo, Obey-Egnite, the list goes on and on Icon-social.png.

However, there were times when I just wanted to leave (I'd be upset for some of the friends that left Knightmare or those that have quit Spiral altogether), and I'll always remember the little dramas that occurred regarding the guild. Nevertheless, I kept my focus and wanted to continue staying to support the guild somehow.

Christmas week and New years...

Ahh! My favorite time of the year! I could finally relax!

Christmas 1.png Christmas 2.png Christmas 3.png

I was totally transformed from the inside out! I started to give gifts to my favorite friends. There was a time when I wanted to give the officers and guildmasters presents!

It was a chilly evening, and I saw Kennys-Knight. I gave him a personal gift to him unknowingly. In return, he gave a gift that came from his heart Heart-large.png‎ . I didn't know what to say! I was bashful and decided to give him a BIG BOWSER HUG! Usable-Happy Eyes icon.png‎ We became real good buds from then on!

Icon status fire.png Here and Now Icon status fire.png

I would hardly see other knights that I used to play with during the year 2011. My partner Qaddus had stopped playing, and eventually early 2012 Snivpes began to drift away from me. Usable-Sad Eyes icon.png

Yes, there were hard times when it came to losing my buds.

And now, it was time to move on. I'm really going to miss specific people in Knightmare, but in a King's heart I know I'd still be connected to the few people who remain to stay in the guild. Thus, a couple of us moved to a newly founded guild called "Perfect Storm."

Yes... this is where I'm at...


I was crowned "King" of Spiral with the help of Lestatshadow! Wait until the whole Mushroom Kingdom hears about this!

Awesome Moments!

Haven 1000 Ever been here?

Haven 1000.png

Just buying the "Wild Side Pack" Promo, my first free item was a Shadow Extra Vertical Vents!

3 one UV rolls, and my Polaris was an ASI VH!

Crafted a Wolver Cap with Fire High UV using mist. Went to the Shadow lair for free with friends to make it a Snarbolax Cap with a fancy feather. Sold it for about 1 million crowns!!

Battles fought, Battles won!

- Snarbolax - Jelly King - Roarmulus Twins - Vanaduke

Gate Icon-Swarm2.png ‎Shadow Lair Fights done and won: - Rabid Snarbolax - Ice Jelly Queen - Red Roarmulus Twins - Shadow Vanaduke

Gate-Operation Crimson Hammer.png Operation Crimson Hammer completed: Defeated Warmaster Seerus

Warmaster Seerus talking.pngOverthrown the Warmaster.jpg

Gate Icon-Gremlin.png‎ Have yet to fight King Tinkinzar and his enemies

I've been to the core many times. I've achieved "Cradle and All" Achievement-Cradle and All.png‎ as well as "Dauntless Driver."Achievement-Dauntless Delver.png

- I've been to a couple of guilds for the first couple of months I started playing, such as Valhalla and Forgehammer. I've also been in Knightmare for the longest time. I am currently a Veteran in the newly founded guild Perfect Storm as one of the founding members.

Favorite Weapon

Equipment-Sentenza icon.png Sentenza

Sentenza Unleashed.png


Icon-arsenal.png Arsenal

Lockdown.png Lockdown Experience

I play either as striker or recon!


Be on the lookout for me when I'm concealed beneath the shadows! I tend to surprise my opponents with a gran faust 1-2 slash and then conceal. Timing is key!


Yes, the Almighty Bowser must somehow be quick on his feet! I tend to carry my gran faust, barbarous thorn blade, and sentenza with me to battle!

My other side is that I am able to freeze people with my nifty Glacius, or when I'm really angry burst out into unleashing the Fang of Vog (or as I like to call it, "Bowser's Flame Burst!"

I've been #1 in the Spiral World of Lockdown before.

Global lockdown Kingbowser.png

In addition to doing a decent amount of hits and caps! My favorite items to use in lockdown is definitely the Gran Faust: highest damage I've ever reached was about about 28k.

Lockdown Stats.png

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