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Icon-alert.png Pending additional data, this list may be incomplete or incorrect.

Some prize types are more common than others. A few prizes are very rare, such as auras. Divine, Prismatic, and Volcanic styles are more rare than standard styles in general.

All accessories found can come in standard, volcanic, divine, and prismatic color styles unless otherwise stated. Other styles are not found in lockboxes.

An official list of odds is unavailable. Prize Boxes usually have these odds listed in an admin post, while lockboxes do not.

Icon-accessory.png Accessory:
-Flame Aura
-Ghostly Aura
-Twilight Aura
-Unclean Aura
-Barrel Belly
-Binocular Visor
-Bolted Vee
-Bomb Bandolier
-Com Unit
-Dapper Combo
-Game Face
-Prismatic Glow-Eyes
-Helm-Mounted Display
-Helm Guards
-Knight Vision Goggles
-Long Feather
-Maid Headband
-Mecha Wings
-Parrying Blade
-Round Shades
-Side Blade
-Spike Mohawk
-Vented Visor
-Vertical Vents
-Wide Vee
-Wolver Tail

Icon-key.png Key:
Shadow Key

All possible prizes of the Mirrored Lockbox

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