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"Get away from me, SCORPION WOMAN!"

  • "Awe Yeah" Guild: [1]


When did you start playing SK's?

  • I started playing directly when Sk's was released for steam.

What is your steam?


Do you have a gamertag?

  • Yes indeedy


Both in one?

  • You drive a hard bargin


Favorite Games?

Let's see, I love the halo series. I love the Fable series as well. My favorite old school game is gunstar heroes and I am a sucker for co-op games. I have been gaming since I was about 3 years old (my brother needed a player 2 lol) And I am a console gamer primarily. I have owned from the pico (kiddie station) NES up to the xbox 360 and most things in between. I love video games and it is a hobby I hope to keep up!

PC games?

  • LoL (League of Legends)
  • Spiral knights obv..
  • Tf2
  • Terraria (and anything else F2P on my steam)

...That's about it. I normally console game. Anyhow enough about me.




Me (Drawn by me)


Icon Name Description Type
Achievement-First Steps.png First Steps Successfully reach the Rescue Camp. Exploration
Achievement-Welcome, Stranger.png Welcome, Stranger Cross the chasm into Haven. Exploration
Achievement-Mission Accomplished.png Mission Accomplished Reach the first Clockworks Terminal. Exploration
Achievement-World of Moorcraft.png World of Moorcraft Pay a visit to Moorcraft Manor. Exploration
Achievement-Spiral Spelunker.png Spiral Spelunker Earn clearance to explore Tier 2 of the Clockworks. Exploration
Achievement-An Emberlight in the Dark.png An Emberlight in the Dark Pay a visit to Emberlight, the town of gremlin outcasts. Exploration
Achievement-Go Deep.png Go Deep Earn clearance to explore Tier 3 of the Clockworks. Exploration
Achievement-Hardcore.png Hardcore Descend to the Core Terminal. Exploration
Achievement-Royal Pain.png Royal Pain Defeat the Royal Jelly squatting in the Royal Jelly Palace. Boss
Achievement-Terrible Twin Turrets.png Terrible Twin Turrets Defeat the Roarmulus Twins in the dangerous depths of the Ironclaw Munitions Factory. Boss
Achievement-One-Star Smith.png One-Star Smith Alchemize a 1 star item. Alchemy
Achievement-Two-Star Smith.png Two-Star Smith Alchemize a 2 star item. Alchemy
Achievement-Three-Star Smith.png Three-Star Smith Alchemize a 3 star item. Alchemy
Achievement-Four-Star Smith.png Four-Star Smith Alchemize a 4 star item. Alchemy
Achievement-Five-Star Smith.png Five-Star Smith Alchemize a 5 star item. Alchemy
Achievement-Apprentice Alchemist.png Apprentice Alchemist Alchemize 5 Items. Alchemy
Achievement-Adept Alchemist.png Adept Alchemist Alchemize 10 Items. Alchemy
Achievement-Accomplished Alchemist.png Accomplished Alchemist Alchemize 25 items. Alchemy
Achievement-Swordsman.png Swordsman Amass 3 swords in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Expert Swordsman.png Expert Swordsman Amass 5 swords in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Gunslinger.png Gunslinger Amass 3 guns in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Expert Gunslinger.png Expert Gunslinger Amass 5 guns in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Bombardier.png Bombardier Amass 3 bombs in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Expert Bombardier.png Expert Bombardier Amass 5 bombs in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Master Bombardier.png Master Bombardier Amass 10 bombs in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Hatter.png Hatter Amass 3 helmets in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Armorer.png Armorer Amass 3 armors in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Shieldbearer.png Shieldbearer Amass 3 shields in your Arsenal. Collection
Achievement-Applied Entropy.png Applied Entropy Build an item to heat level 10. Collection
Achievement-Minor Miner.png Minor Miner Deposit a single mineral into a gate. Minerals
Achievement-Moderate Miner.png Moderate Miner Deposit 100 minerals into a gate. Minerals
Achievement-Major Miner.png Major Miner Deposit 500 minerals into a gate. Minerals

{{achievement|Marvelous Miner|Deposit 2,500 minerals into a gate.|Minerals

Achievement-Jump Start.png Jump Start Revive yourself. Aid
Achievement-Helping Hand.png Helping Hand Revive a downed party member. Aid
Achievement-Walk It Off.png Walk It Off Revive a downed party member, giving them only half a pip of health. Aid
Achievement-Pharma Suitable.png Pharma Suitable Use 10 Health Capsules. Aid
Achievement-Conditioned Response.png Conditioned Response Use 10 Remedy Capsules. Aid
Achievement-Energize!.png Energize! Power up a derelict Mecha Knight. Aid
Achievement-Bronze Survivor.png Bronze Survivor Complete a Tier 1 expedition without having to revive. Survival
Achievement-Star Spangled Bomber.png Star Spangled Bomber Obtain a Firecracker Bomb. Collection
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