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Shelters made from rescue pods.
Map of the Rescue Camp.

The Rescue Camp serves as a refuge for newly dropped Spiral Knights.


The Rescue Camp offers a few creatures comforts to prepare recruits for their journey to Haven. However, there is no power available when a knight first arrives and the camp is initially left defenseless.

It is a multi-tiered area filled with boxes of haphazardly arranged supplies and shelter, the terrain covered in a strange mix of metal and stonework.

Knights are welcomed to the camp by Squad Leader Greta, who brings new knights up to speed on the situation. Recon Knight Rhendon runs knights through a few basic tutorials with knights while they are stationed in the camp, and assigns them missions to help defend the area. Technicians and Geo Knights are at work around the camp, analyzing the readings coming from the Clockworks.

Pod Town

Recruits and injured knights are gathered in a circle of drop-pods set up around a fire pit while waiting for the generator to be brought on-line. Knights can find out more about what's going on by talking to this mix of knights.

Northern passage

The passage to the north is guarded by Spiral Warden Virgil, who warns recruits that the walkway ahead reaches out over a massive chasm. There is an inoperative elevator at the end of the walkway, from which knights can see the clockworks grinding away through a gaping hole in the earth. This elevator cannot be used until power has been restored to the camp.



There are two instances of the rescue camp. One is unpowered and the other is powered. Access to the powered instance is gained after completing the mission The Ancient Generator.


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