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Gracken sells his goods just before Emberlight's barricaded exit.

Emberlight, Town of Gremlin Outcasts, is the second subtown located within the Clockworks and is the beginning of Tier 3.


A village of outcasts, Emberlight serves as a refuge for gremlins who were banished from the Great Colony. Now they live humble lives, selling wares and repairs to passing travelers, always fearful that one day the gremlin king Tinkinzar would see fit to wipe them out entirely.



Thumbnail Name Description Location Notes
Gracken-Mugshot.png Gracken General Goods Emberlight
Kozma-Mugshot.png Kozma Spiral Quartermaster Emberlight
Moorcroft Manor

Places of Interest

Map Emberlight.png
  • Alchemy machine


  • Emberlight gremlins wear different outfits, with shades of blue and lighter hair color, from both hostile gremlins and haven-dwelling gremlins, although they all wear masks.
  • An Emberlight Gremlin is seen in the Grand Arsenal


Coming here will award you the achievement, "An Emberlight in the dark".

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