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It's pronounced (Jih-Sow)

Gender: Male Quote: "Sno Datt"
Colour: Cobalt Personal Color-Cobalt.png Eyes: Starry Usable-Starry Eyes icon.png
Guild: Ludicrous Guild Rank: Guild Master

SK Career

I began playing this game around the time it first came out, Summer of 2011. I originally played it just for the Steam/Team Fortress 2 achievements but a friend of mine recommended I take it a bit more serious. I took his word for it and got into Tier 2 my first week, I was really newbie and sought only after Divine items. I really enjoyed the game but I have a pretty short attention span so I stopped playing it for a while. I wish I hadn't though, I missed out on some really cool promos. So, I got back into Spiral Knights around Spring of 2012, purely out of boredom. Before I knew it I was spending actual money on this game because I enjoyed it so much. I've gained so much experience from the people I've met through my current guild and the game is becoming quite addicting, it's no WoW or anything else serious, I'll tell you that, but it does take time off your hands. I can currently solo any boss other than Vanaduke, I haven't tried yet and I've been through all Shadow Lairs aside from Darkfire Vanaduke.


My first guild was Volcanic Dragons, despite not really being a fan of the generic name or of guilds at all for that matter, I joined anyways. Only to quit playing Spiral Knights a week later. When I started playing again I was invited to a guild called Bombheads, not owning a Bombhead Mask myself, I thought it odd but accepted the invitation anyways. Again, one week passes and I decide to leave the guild. My third guild was T A O, while I liked the guild, it was not living up to my expectations of what a guild really would be like... so I left. I let guild invites pile up in my inbox until one day, a kind, well equipped gentleman named Dishly asked me if I was looking for a guild. I joked lightly and told this Guild Master that I thought of myself: 'The Lone Wolf' type. However, the nice greeting was enough to pique my interest in the guild and what they would be like, hopefully living up to my expectations and that it did! I will be forever greatful to the guild, Fruition! Things happened, and I ended up leaving Fruition and created my own guild with a few friends, Ludicrous. I hope we can become a great guild one day.


I like to have laughs and make others laugh. I can be a bit trolly at times but no hard feelings should ever be had, it's the internet! Laugh a little. I play games religiously: Team Fortress 2, Spiral Knights, League of Legends and Left 4 Dead 2 are the main multi-players you can catch me on. I play many, many single player games too. I like to create signatures in Photoshop, it's a hobby that I've had for 5 years now and I like to believe I've gotten fairly good at it. I am also HEAVILY into anime. I watch many shows per season. I've picked up A LOT of Japanese from watching so much anime... it's quite ridiculous. I also find music to be one of the greatest inventions ever created! I listen to anything pleasing to my ears but mainly Dubstep, Hip-hop and Chill Out (I'm not quite sure what the genre is really called). I guess there isn't really much more I have to tell you about myself... if there's something you'd like to know, I'll tell you. Depending on how personal it is to me.




Achievement - First StepsAchievement - Welcome, StrangerAchievement - Mission AccomplishedAchievement - World of Moorcraft
Achievement - Spiral SpelunkerAchievement - An Emberlight in the DarkAchievement - Go DeepAchievement - Hardcore
Achievement - Royal PainAchievement - Free SpiritAchievement - O Frabjous Day!Achievement - Terrible Twin Turrets
Achievement - One-Star SmithAchievement - Two-Star SmithAchievement - Three-Star SmithAchievement - Four-Star Smith
Achievement - Five-Star SmithAchievement - Apprentice AlchemistAchievement - Adept AlchemistAchievement - Accomplished Alchemist
Achievement - Ascendant AlchemistAchievement - SwordsmanAchievement - Expert SwordsmanAchievement - Master Swordsman
Achievement - GunslingerAchievement - Expert GunslingerLocked AchievementAchievement - Bombardier
Achievement - Expert BombardierLocked AchievementAchievement - HatterAchievement - Expert Hatter
Achievement - Mad HatterAchievement - ArmorerAchievement - Expert ArmorerLocked Achievement
Achievement - ShieldbearerAchievement - Expert ShieldbearerLocked AchievementAchievement - Stellar Set
Achievement - Applied EntropyAchievement - Minor MinerAchievement - Moderate MinerAchievement - Major Miner
Achievement - Marvelous MinerLocked AchievementLocked AchievementAchievement - Jump Start
Achievement - Helping HandAchievement - Walk It OffAchievement - Pharma SuitableAchievement - Conditioned Response
Achievement - Energize!Achievement - Bronze SurvivorLocked AchievementLocked Achievement
Locked AchievementLocked AchievementAchievement - Star Spangled BomberAchievement - Son of a Nutcracker!
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