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Xplad is one of the knights who crash landed on Cradle. He wears a Magic Cloak and a Skelly Mask hidden under a Spiral Pith Helm.


I crawled out of the pod. My weapons were ready. I looked around, searching for a sign of life. After a quick stroll, I encountered my first adversaries-two Jellies. I shot them down fast and killed another one hiding in the bushes nearby. I ventured on, killing more Jellies, until I came to a force barrier. Behind the barrier, two Chromalisks materialized out of thin air. I knocked them down and continued on, popping the lids of a few Treasure Boxes on my way. I finally came to the Rescue camp. It was filled with other Knights who had landed recently. I gave no heed to them and quickly went into the elevator that would take me to our temporary base-Haven. After killing some more Monsters, I came to a foggy area. This area was derelict and stunk of death. Bones and cobwebs were scattered around. I stepped on the button, and all of a sudden a group of Zombies erupted out of the ground and tried to eat me. After burning them down to the ground, I finally arrived in Haven. The sun shone, the Snipes flew around, and the Strangers went around their everyday activities. "Ah", I said to myself, "here the true adventure begins."

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