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Thanks for taking care of the stats images on those shields.

It's a little thank-you and although it doesn't mean a lot those have been on my list of things to do whenever I get around to it. So thank you very much!

RE: It is unnecessary to add the family and damage resistances when he is never fought

  • Yup, I had noticed about it the first time that I was in the battle against him, but by that logic Razwog, the Collector or Seerus should to have the family and resistances damages in their articles too, I think that it is ok without adding it (in my opinion) Sir-Onox 00:12, 10 June 2014
  • Exactly! That is how I see it :) Sir-Onox 00:41, 10 June 2014


You know what? Gallery is actually best for the uh..."Visuals" thing. So sorry for jumping all over that, cause:

I realized that around the wiki, this sort of thing is not consistent (though I thought it was). Then I remembered that "gallery" is a general term all over the intranetz, and it really is a much better term to use, because it really encompasses this sort of section more than other terms. Not every page has a picture at the top, so "MORE" in "more views" doesn't make sense (which is something I've been using), and "Visuals" is just not very standard as far as I can tell.

Another time when I have a ton of time, I'll go through and replace ToC stuff with "Gallery." If you want to mindlessly go through any pages you can find, go for it ;P

Terms to change "BLAH" ---> "Gallery"

"BLAH" =

  • More Views (accessory/costume pages, I will take care of these since I did them, unless you want to)
  • Visuals (inconsistently around the wiki)
  • Screenshots (a lot of places around the wiki - not all things in this section are screenshots, though the vast majority of them are indeed screenshots).
  • Anything else that is clearly fitting of "Gallery."

Another thing I've been slowly changing is "Vendors" to "Acquisition." Vendors is a pretty archaic term, and we've had lots of other ways to get things since these pages were made. Help with that too if you want :D

-Novaster 06:55, 26 October 2014 (UTC)

Went through and changed "more views" and "screenshots" into "Gallery" (well, as many as I could remember anyway). Fixed several capital letter derps all over the place too. So, whatever's left that you can remember or find, go for it! -Novaster 23:57, 1 November 2014 (UTC)
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