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Arsenal icon for armor.

Armor is one of the types of items in the game that a player can equip in order to have some sort of combat effect in the field. The vast majority of armor items in the game grant benefits, with many having penalties and weaknesses to balance their benefits.

The player must pick and choose which gear to equip for certain areas. Some items are better than others in some places, and far worse than other items in other places. There is no single "best" armor in the game due to the variety of scenarios the player may encounter in the clockworks. A few things to understand about armor:

The player can obtain armor in a variety of ways, including crafting, trading with other players, and purchase from NPC vendors. See individual pages of armor items for this info.

The player can heat (gain experience for) armor by equipping it, wearing it in the clockworks, and then getting onto an elevator, so long as heat was picked up. Forging the armor increases its level. Leveling increases Health Pips for most armor items. Heating is required for most items to be crafted into the next star level. Not all items can be upgraded all the way to 5-star - see alchemy path information on individual pages.

If the player desires a more versatile armor, and/or doesn't wish to expand their arsenal, they can take the armor to Punch and grant it additional defenses, for a price, via Unique Variants. Rarely, an armor can gain a UV (1-3) when it is crafted. UVs obtained are random unless locked in at Punch.

Abilities and Penalties are separate from status properties. For example, the Chaos Cloak certainly has status "penalties," but its abilities are universal CTR and DMG Med. Compare to the Armor of the Fallen, which has a Fiend penalty in junction with its universal ASI Low boost. Abilities are generally unrelated to status when it comes to defensive gear. In the tooltips in-game, abilities are signified by arrows, and stats (defenses and status resistances/weaknesses) are signified by segmented bars.

Lists of Armor

Make sure your knight has a high enough rank to equip items you hope to obtain.

Blue (left) means that the item can be equipped.

Below are links to sortable lists of armor items. There are many armor items in the game, so to reduce load time they are separated into different pages.

5* (★★★★★)
4* (★★★★☆)
3* (★★★☆☆)
2* (★★☆☆☆)
1* (★☆☆☆☆)
0* (☆☆☆☆☆)
  • Special - this page contains items that have limited acquisition and other oddities.
  • For a list of costume armors, see the costume page and sort the list by type.
All armor items can be equipped as a "costume," they simply don't factor into combat statistics if they are equipped as such.


With the use of armor as well as other gear and their abilities, Health Pips can dramatically increase in number from this basic capacity.

"Standard" health applies to most armor items, meaning that these items gain health bonuses at certain heat levels. This health behavior is a uniform ability for almost all armor items.

Depth influences how both default HP and these bonuses behave.

☆☆☆☆☆: +0 pips at heat level 1+, and +0 pips at heat level 5+.
★☆☆☆☆: +0 pips at heat level 1+, and +0 pips at heat level 5+.
★★☆☆☆: +1 pips at heat level 1+, and +2 pips at heat level 5+.
★★★☆☆: +2 pips at heat level 1+, and +3 pips at heat level 5+.
★★★★☆: +3 pips at heat level 1+, and +4 pips at heat level 5+.
★★★★★: +4 pips at heat level 1+, and +5 pips at heat level 5+.

Special abilities of some items can be having more HP than this standard pattern. This is unofficially represented by a Healthy Boost perk icon in sortable lists.

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