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NPC: Jelly Cube
  • Informant
Primary Location(s):

Only during Winterfest:

Impostoclaus is an NPC.


Impostoclaus is large pink Jelly Cube of the slime family who resembles the rare Impostocube. He wears a special festive cap similar to expiring Snowy Santy Hat costumes such as the Snowy Santy Pith Hat, but it rests on top of a Toupee instead of a helmet. His visage seems to be a combination of the Dapper Combo and Round Shades accessories.


Impostoclaus can be visited in Town Square during Winterfest.

Players must ensure his survival during the Interface-icon-PvE.png Event Mission: Save Winterfest! while delivering presents to the gremlin children of Emberlight.

This character alludes to the real-world legend of Santa Claus. Similar to Santa, Impostoclaus is a benevolent jolly character who helps spread cheer and joy with gifts. He gives bad characters jelly, similar to how Santa gives naughty individuals coal. According to the descriptions of Winterfest Tree furniture, many believe that this jelly is "the only reason chromalisks are hostile." Chromalisks seem to have an appetite for jelly (at least for the Virulisk, flan), so they would actually like the "naughty" (vs. nice) present from Impostoclaus, and so would behave badly to get it.


This character was introduced with release 2011-12-12 during the first Winterfest, and has been encountered every Winterfest since.

His appearance has changed over time. Initially this character was red, smaller, and had a different cap. This older cap was similar to the expiring player costumes such as the Santy Pith Hat, as well as the caps worn by snipes during Winterfest. He was stationed in the Haven Arcade instead of the Town Square.

As of the second Winterfest in 2012, a little Devilite helper named Randolph assists him with the festivities.



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