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This loadout guide is for the Interface-icon-PvE.png Dangerous Mission: Legion of Almire. It is one of many guides made by players. As such, contents of this page are opinionated.


A recommended loadout for this mission is a pure Shadow set. A cost-effective and damage efficient choice is the Chaos set. Even though its innate defenses don't line up, enemies in this mission are typically slow and easy to avoid. Another popular option is the Black Kat set, considering it gives the proper defense and a nice damage + movement speed bonus. Just watch out for fire hazards and Almirian Shadow Guard curse attacks if using this equipment.

A defensive shield such as the Dread Skelly Shield is highly recommended.

All of the monsters in this mission are weak to elemental, except for the silkwings, which are neutral.

Icon-helmet.png Suggested Helmet(s):

Icon-armor.png Suggested Armor:

Icon-shield.png Suggested Shield(s):

Icon-sword.png Suggested Weapon(s):

Icon-trinket.png Suggested Trinket(s):

Icon-battle sprite.png Suggested Battle Sprite(s):

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