Roarmulus Blueprints

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Roarmulus Blueprints
Furniture-Roarmulus Blueprints.png


This item cannot be rotated and always faces South.

The Roarmulus Blueprints is a furniture item that can be placed in a Guild Hall.


A liberated set of schematics showing off the complete spec and scale of project Roarmulus.


The alchemy cost for this furniture item is 50,000 crowns. Below are the materials needed to make the Roarmulus Blueprints:

Name Amount
Crafting-Blue Shard.png Blue Shard 100
Crafting-Red Shard.png Red Shard 100
Crafting-Bronze Bolt.png Bronze Bolt 50
Crafting-Scrap Metal.png Scrap Metal 50
Crafting-Schemer Scrap.png Schemer Scrap 4

Icon-alert.png Components are deposited into the Guild Hall's Treasury.
Nothing can be withdrawn from a Treasury after it is deposited.


Roarmulus Blueprints-Placed.png A Roarmulus Blueprints Overworld view.


This furniture item is slightly animated: the object above the platform hovers slowly up and down.

Of the Stage 1 boss trophies, this one is the only one not named after a Boss Token.

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