A Gremlin in Knead

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A Gremlin in Knead
Mission-A Gremlin in Knead.png
Mission List: Prestige (Event)
Important Stratum Themes:

A Gremlin in Knead is an event-exclusive prestige mission available during Caketastrophe.



We've been receiving reports that Groat, a local Emberlight Chef, has been acting...strange. It seems that Biscotti comissioned him to do some baking on her behalf but the responsibility may have gone to his head. He disappeared into the clockworks soon after Biscotti delivered the last crate of batter. With the Anniversary celebrations at stake once again, Biscotti needs some culinary champions to help her sort out this mix-up!


Check on Groat the Gremlin Chef.

Gate Map

First Floor:
Gate-Generic Lobby.png
Name: Mission Lobby
Depth: 0
Level Link: This mission's lobby is standard.

Second Floor:
Gate-Generic 1.png
Name: Moonstone Mixup
Depth: Depends on rank
Level Link: Moonstone Mixup is unique to this mission.


The player must be at least ranked Squire (3-1) to host this mission.

The plot problems in this mission are caused by the inappropriate use of Moonstone. The problems in the Interface-icon-PvE.png Event Mission: Total Caketastrophe! are caused by the inappropriate use of Dark Matter.




Creep Cakes behave like the Jelly Cube monster. They are also capable of inflicting fire via the birthday candles Biscotti mentions in another mission. They move slowly but can hit hard from a decent distance. Batterbots turn into Current Cakes when their robotic bodies are defeated. They behave like the Retrode for this first phase and then like the Jelly Cube for the second, and are capable of inflicting shock in both forms. The constructs do not pose much of a problem and are easily defeated with a loadout that caters to the boss fight.

Bring ranged shadow weapons to take care of the miniboss.

Bring a combination of piercing, elemental, and normal defenses with optional Perks and Trinkets to aid the DPS of your weapons. Some fire and shock resistance would be smart but getting inflicted with status is easily avoidable in this mission. If you are the agile type, simply equip items that grant damage bonuses, such as Chaos.

Don't waste your time killing enemies that constantly respawn.

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