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This loadout guide is for the 10-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Dreams and Nightmares. It is one of many guides made by players. As such, contents of this page are opinionated.


A forum discussion about loadouts for this mission can be found here.

In general, a ranged loadout is recommended. Handguns and Bombs will keep you out of range of most things while dealing significant damage. Bombs will passively keep Void Souls at bay. High normal and some piercing defense is preferable. Poison resistance is a good idea.

Slow weapons or weapons that rely on charges that are not radial are comparatively poor choices, as these tend to leave you vulnerable and have lower overall dps in general.

The following gear has enabled a lot of success in many runs with different players. Work with your squad and gear and come up with combinations that best suit the situation and consider what each of you is best at. Someone could be the bomber, the gunner, etc.

Equip trinkets that augment your offensive gear or HP as needed.

Icon-helmet.png Suggested Helmet(s):

Are Void Gel spikes the only issue you've got with this mission? the Sacred Snakebite Pathfinder set will take care of that problem while boosting your guns with ASI, CTR, and DMG. Your knight will also be able to take a few hits from other enemies.

Icon-armor.png Suggested Armor:

Icon-shield.png Suggested Shield(s):

This shield provides high normal, piercing, and stun defense. It will take most hits reasonably well.
Other shields that provide poison resistance, (or this shield with a poison resist UV) would also be useful, as long as health and normal defense is high.

Icon-sword.png Suggested Weapon(s):

Many of the void monsters are weak to elemental, including Void Gels. The added fire dps is a nice touch, especially to cover lacking damage due to missed shots, but the magma driver specifically is not necessary. Bullets from the alchemer family are nice in this fight because of their splitting behavior. Shoot into the monster groups - if you miss, the split bullet likely won't. The alchemer bullets are also an okay way to compensate for Void Souls absorbing your attacks.
While this bomb doesn't do much against Void Lumbers and Void Gels, it deals very significant damage to other enemies, even those that are neutral to its piercing blasts. Importantly, the DBB will interrupt Void Thwackers.
This shadow bomb will take care of most things without significantly altering enemy attack patterns. It doesn't hurt Void Zombies much or significantly stutter enemies, but it will decimate the hp of most. Void Zombies are slow and generally not a problem - take care of them easily with other weapons.

Icon-battle sprite.png Suggested Battle Sprite(s):

Using the Seraphynx's #2 ability, Heart Attack, is an excellent way to maintain squad integrity. Use it when enemies have depleted health, not right when they spawn. The Heart Attack effect will likely wear off by the time you chip away all that void monster HP. Be careful when casting, as you will be vulnerable for a moment. Pick up the hearts as you pass by, do not go after them and break formation.

This lets your knight get hit a little more, forgiving an otherwise devastating lag spike or two. Players with little to no lag issues should augment their loadouts with weapon-boosting perks or Swift Steps instead of Healthy Boost.

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