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Gyro Avengers is a friendly social guild created by User(s) Takendown (left Gyro Avengers), Kellnox, and Andmatt on August 7th, 2011.

If you have a user page on Wiki for your knight, feel free to tell Kellnox! He'll be more than happy to link it to your name in the "Guild members" section!

Gyro Avengers
GuildLogo-Gyro Avengers.png

We believe that every Knight deserves a great enjoyable Spiral Knights experience!

Guild Founder: Takendown, Kellnox, and Andmatt
Approx. Population: 25 (And counting!)

Guild Officer(s):
  • Surfie

Information on Gyro Avengers

The Gyro Avengers are a group of well-skilled knights, Gunslingers, Bombers and Swordmasters, and even Hybrids! We're a very social guild. We offer Training opportunities for knights who feel that their skills aren't up-to-scratch yet. Yet, we also offer a very welcoming community of Gyro Avengers members who are always kind and sociable towards anyone who interacts with one another. Currently, Gyro Avengers are searching for skilled knights who are able to take up roles of being an Officer - someone who will be able to teach knights certain skills of different classes (Swordmaster/Hybrid/Gunslinger/Bomber/Shieldbrearing etc) like how to accurately aim and shoot an Alchemer (if you were learning how to be a Gunslinger).

In Gyro Avengers, we possess many talented players you could meet and enjoy dominating the Clockworks with. Some of these players are also able to teach a certain skill while giving tips that'll help improve your gameplay and survival skills. This can apply to anything, ranging from Lockdown to the Clockworks itself. Some examples here:

  • Surfie: A Pure Bomber - Able to teach Knights how to become a successful Bomber and give unique hints and tips.

  • Kellnox (Co-Founder of Gyro Avengers): A Shieldbearer/Swordmaster - Able to teach Knights the ways of Shieldbearing and Swordmastering, and even a bit of hybriding, but you might want to go to Fricky for that.

  • Fricky: A Hybridist - Able to teach knights the ways of being a Hybrid Knight.

What we're looking for

To join us, fill in the following application, copy and paste it into a mail, and send it to Kellnox or Takendown in-game.


How did you find out about Spiral Knights?:

Do you play through the Spiral Knights site or Steam?:

What is your Tier Clearance level?:

What is your Shadow Lair Clearance level?:

What is your prefered class? (Swordsmaster, Gunslinger, Demolitionist, or Hybridist):

What is your prefered PvP class? (Guardian, Recon, Striker, Blast Network Demo, or no PvP):

How often do you play?:

How long have you played? (When you started and total play time):

What gear do you use?

What monster family are you best against? Which one are you worst against?:

-Stuff about you (All of these questions are optional and can be left blank if you don't want to say)-

What's your name?:

Are you a guy, girl, or other?:

How old are you?:

When's your birthday? (If you want to celebrate. :3):

What continent/country do you live in?:

Can you tell us about yourself?:

-Harmony and synergy-

Are you friendly?:

Do you work well with others?:

Would you help others with things if needed?:

Can you speak well? (Type with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, avoid using u for you/y for why/2 for to and too, etc.):

How many guilds have you been a part of?:

Can you articulate with a commendable dialect? (Can you speak with a large vocabulary?):


Have you beaten the Snarbolax? Roarmulus Twins? Royal Jelly? Lord Vanaduke?:

Have you beaten all three Tiers of Warmaster Seerus?:

Have you done any shadow lairs? Which ones, and how many times?:

What is your Prestige Rank? How much Prestige do you have?:

What rare monsters have you encountered?:

-Questions that mean nothing (AKA, proof that Kellnox wrote this)-

Do you love Dennis the Snipe?:

Do you love Monomi?:

Why so serious?:

Do you think the Lore of Almire is sad?:

Why did Boost have to die? (Damn you Kozma!):

Do we need a new guild picture? (Kellnox hasn't had that Ash Tail coat for MONTHS.):

Is Kellnox confusing?:

Problem, Vanguard?:

What dark ritual?:

-Bonus Question-

Who touched Sasha, who touched Heavy's gun?


  • Please respect each and every Guild Member. Extreme verbal violence, racism/racist jokes and bullying will NOT be tolerated. Be nice!
  • Beggars are strictly prohibited. Any signs of beggary will result in you being ignored and excluded from Gyro Avengers. (This means only ask once! No means no!)
  • Members who show absolute NO interest in Gyro Avengers will be removed. This is to ensure that we recruit members who actually want to be in the guild, and not to be in the guild only because they get to have "Gyro Avengers" on top of their name.
  • Guild Members will be kicked due to inactivity.
  • People who are anti-social will be kicked due to a lack of being able to communicate.

Guild Activities

As a Guild, we will be having various activities. These include:

  • Guild Raids - As a guild, we will be going on regular raids. This includes Lord Vanaduke, Snarbolax, Royal Jelly and The Roarmulus Twins. (Of course, you can always go on your own raid with players who aren't in Gyro Avengers.)
  • Guild Competitions - We will be holding competitions between fellow Guild Members which will range from winning Crystal Energy to in-game items.

~Item Retrieval Competitions – The main idea of this competition is: Host of the competition names an item. All of the participants run out and get them from either another player, the Clockworks, or the Auction House, then bring it back to the host. If you already have the item announced by the host, than you don’t need to go out and get it. The host has the option to stay in the Guild Hall or hide somewhere (joining the host is not allowed!), and does NOT keep the item, unless the participant feels like letting him keep it.

~Trivia Competitions – The way to win this competition is to get the most points. You get points by answering questions asked by the host of the trivia. Simple!

~Roleplaying Competitions – The point of this competition is to imitate a member of the guild. The host gets to decide who has the best imitation, or it is put to a vote between all participants. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

  • Guild Meetings - Guild Master(s): Takendown, Kellnox and Andmatt will host meetings that will take place at the Guildhall. Meetings will be about different subjects ranging from Spiral Knights game suggestions to Guild suggestions.
  • Guild Money-Making - We'll be going in-depth on successful ways of earning crowns in the Clockworks, all as a Guild. This can mean selling Materials that are bound to sell, to going on profitable raids.

Guild Game Suggestions

Spiral Knights itself is an amazing game, but it doesn't hurt to suggest new items and weapons that the public may or may not enjoy! Below lies guild-suggested ideas! Feel free to take a look!

Status Vial Super Vial Ultra Vial Description
Blind Item-Blind Vial.png Item-Super Blind Vial.png Item-Ultra Blind Vial.png A Blind Vial will blind the target, stopping it from attacking (and seeing you) making the target completely targetless.
Name Stats Abilities Rating Description
Item-Silkwing Raiment.pngSilkwing Raiment N/A Health Bonus: +8 ★★★★★ A Raiment inbued with Silkwing itself. This Raiment is bound to provide a warming health sensation.
Name Stats Abilities Rating Description
Metronome.pngMetronome N/A Causes fire, curse, stun, freeze, shock, or poison with each charge attack. ★★★★ An odd blade with many different abilities.
Archaic Metronome.pngArchaic Metronome N/A Causes fire, curse, stun, freeze, shock, or poison with each charge attack. ★★★★★ An upgraded Metronome forged with perfect bars of Primal Ore. It positively vibrates with barely-contained elemental power.
Flashbang N/A Can cause blind with each shot. ★★ A long-range weapon, the single clip could easily blind whatever it hits and anything around it.
Shuttereye N/A Can cause blind with each shot. ★★★ Originally intended for location, when fired upon an enemy, a nice explosion could render your target's neighbors blinded.
Amaurail N/A Can cause blind with each shot. ★★★★ While a gunpowder firearm could do a nasty effect on a knight's hearing, the Amaurail would do worse on a target's eyes as well as its neighbors.
Eclipsor N/A Can cause blind with each shot. ★★★★★ A single misfire could blind an entire room if not cared for. It is said that the Sun Silver used to create this legendary firearm was ten times less lucent than when finally put on the weapon.
Envenous Alchemer.pngEnvenous Alchemer N/A Good chance of inflicting Moderate Poison. ★★★★★ An alchemical handgun that fires bullets of venomous poison that split on impact.
Equipment-Vorpal Six-Shooter.pngVorpal Six-Shooter N/A N/A ★★ A powerful pistol that can fire tulgey teeth at those who would oppose its wielder.
Equipment-Twisted Six-Shooter.pngTwisted Six-Shooter N/A N/A ★★★ A boosted vorpal six-shooter enhanced to fire with a satisfying "crack-bang".
Equipment-Dark Thorn Revolver.pngDark Thorn Revolver N/A Damage Bonus vs Beast: Low ★★★★ An explosive powder-powered handgun whose strength has been increased by an offering of souls to the beast within.
Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Revolver.pngBarbarous Thorn Revolver N/A Damage Bonus vs Beast: Medium ★★★★★ A handgun of terrible power that fires bullets of Snarbolax tooth with the wrath of the great beast itself. Those who hold it claim to feel the fiery glare of the beast upon them whenever they close their eyes.
Status Condition
Name Description
Icon Status Blind.pngBlind Blind is a status condition which inflicts the victim with a blinding aura, making them targetless, completely missing their attacks. When a Knight is inflicted with Blind, enemies around will become harder to see, almost like a Chromalisk being invisible or partially seen. Note: Blind is only a FANMADE Status Condition created by Gyro Avengers members. It doesn't not exist anywhere in-game.

Guild Members

The Yay Section

Guild News


New Snarbolax Handgun Alchemy Path and a new Poison Alchemer

The Poison Alchemer (Envenous Driver) and the all-new Snarbolax Handgun Alchemy path has been added to the Guild Suggestions section! Take a look!


New weapon suggestions!

A new line of blind handguns, suggested by Heavy-Duty, are now in the guild suggestions section!

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