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                                                                      Main Acount
Aliases/nicknames: Andmatt5001, Matt, Matthew
Joined: Unknown
Tier clearance: Tier 3
Guild: Gyro Avengers (Guild)
Guild rank: Guild Master
Lockdown class: Striker or Recon
Mission rank: ???
Comment: Nice to meet you!


Why hello there, I am Andmatt an old knight. I forgot how long I have been playing for but I like to lend a hand and do fun things. I am not on occasionally but I so get on some times. (I can not get on currently, my SK seems to be crashing each time I play..)

If you want to talk just message me or pm me.


Andmatt's Equipment

What I have on right now.

Helm: Snarbolax Cap Equipment-Snarbolax Cap icon.png

Armor: Snarbolax Coat Equipment-Snarbolax Coat icon.png Accessory(s): Shadow Valkyrie Wings Equipment-Shadow Valkyrie Wings icon.png, Fancy Canteen Equipment-Fancy Canteen icon.png

Weapons: Divine Avenger Equipment-Divine Avenger icon.png, Sentenza Equipment-Sentenza icon.png

Shield: Crest of Almire Equipment-Crest of Almire icon.png

Trinket: N/A

Costume Helm: Hallow Hood Equipment-Hallow Hood icon.png Accesory: Hallow Vertical Vents Equipment-Hallow Vertical Vents icon.png

Costume Armor: Hallow Flak Jacket Equipment-Hallow Flak Jacket icon.png Accessory: Hallow Parrying Blade Equipment-Hallow Parrying Blade icon.png

Andmatt's Arsenal

This is currently in progress, since I have not worked on this in a while.


This up here^ is for editing



                                           You do not really need to see Tiny's status and will rarely be updated.
                                                                Thank you for understanding


Aliases/nicknames: Tiny
Joined: Unknown
Tier clearance: Tier 2
Guild: N/A
Guild rank: N/A
Lockdown class: N/A
Mission rank: ???
Comment: ...

A randomly created Knight due to Steam name change.

TheTiny's Equipment

Helm: Solid Cobalt Helm Equipment-Solid Cobalt Helm icon.png

Armor: Solid Cobalt Armor Equipment-Solid Cobalt Armor icon.png

Weapons: Tempered Calibur Equipment-Tempered Calibur icon.png, Needle Shot Equipment-Needle Shot icon.png

Shield: Great Defender Equipment-Great Defender icon.png

Trinket: N/A

Costume Helm: Fancy Spiral Crescent Helm Equipment-Spiral Crescent Helm icon.png Accesory(s): Fancy Mecha Wings Equipment-Fancy Mecha Wings icon.png, Dusky Eye of Fury Equipment-Dusky Eye of Fury icon.png, Fancy Plume Equipment-Fancy Plume icon.png, Fancy Headband Equipment-Fancy Headband icon.png

Costume Armor: Fancy Spiral Flak Jacket Equipment-Spiral Flak Jacket icon.png Accessory: N/A

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