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When a promotion, event, and/or general new content is released, editors need to do many of the following:

What to Do


  • Locate any official posts on the wiki and/or forums. If neither are available, look around SEGA or Steam news feeds. Sometimes new things just don't have announcements. Links to these posts are used quite a lot around the wiki.
  • Update the appropriate News or News subpage with content. (Example)
  • Add data to Template:DoRSource if appropriate.

Prize Box

  • These are specific items that should not be confused with Lockbox etc.
  • Update the Prize Box page - either the box is new, so it needs a new entry, or the box is re-released, so only the "Most Recent Year" needs changing.
  • If the box is new, create a page for the box. "New" is any box that has a truly unique name. This does not include year and/or variations - see Equinox Prize Box as well as Polar Prize Box. Follow the "re-released" step instead.
  • If the box is re-released, update the calendar section of that box's page. Make sure to adjust the page's contents if odds have been changed and so on.
  • If the box has a weird name, add it to the switch in Template:PrizeBox/unusualnames.
  • Make sure all links on the Box's page are working. Editors might need to make redirects and/or new pages if there are any new things in the box.


Color Pattern


  • Check the event's page, such as Winterfest, and update the calendar section.
  • Update content if needed to best reflect farming and gameplay strategies.
  • Check any involved pages, such as mission or material pages, to see if they need updating regarding any event changes.

Uploading Files

  • For more details about file formats, see the Style Guide. Some are animations, others are specific crops of a screenshot and so on.
  • Quick tip to remember: News, Icons, Tooltips, Inspect, Overworld (not every new thing uses all of these)
  • Check the Upload Log in case the wiki is having cache issues before going crazy with work - someone might have already done the uploads. Alternatively, edit and save a page the file is supposed to show up in without making any edit changes. If it's been uploaded and the page calls the file appropriately, then the task is done.
  • Make sure there are no typos in file names. Excruciatingly painful fixes will need to happen if typos propagate through file uploads.
  • Upload icons with appropriate category organizing tags.
  • Upload tooltip visuals of the items captured in-game. Accessory images register categories, costume images do not (for category organization, this is abnormal wiki behavior but our users like the system). Make sure the object is at a consistent angle with other similar objects. Make sure files are captured with high graphics and without interference from lag and so on.
  • Battle Sprite images usually take quite a long time to get, because editors can only upload visuals from in-game and players have to level the sprite before ultimate variations can be visualized.
  • For any file, try to source it. While it is not appropriate to mention individual players in the mainspace, crediting the file to a person - after making sure they are okay with it - helps bring the community together and encourages players to help editors with the wiki, even if it only takes a moment of their time. (Example)
  • Upload a file that goes with the news post if available. (Example)
  • Upload a "big" version of the file if available. Redirect to the oldest "big" image if the image is a duplicate of a previous news post. (Example)


Be sure to follow page format. There are a few important differences between different kinds of items and this is reflected by page content regarding wording, linking, and templates. Copy+pasting reduces errors, just make sure the right page is copy+pasted from.

The order of this checklist doesn't really matter, though it is better to carefully upload files first, then publish a page if the files are readily available. This makes the files show up right away for many users instead of red text or a placeholder (if the page is made, then the files uploaded, many users will see red text or placeholder - even though the file has been uploaded - until the wiki's cache catches up with reality).

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