Let's Go Shopping Again!

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Let's Go Shopping Again!
Mission-Let's Go Shopping Again!.png
Mission List: Rank (Soldier)
Preceded By:

4-1 Interface-icon-Dialogue.png Mission: A New Chapter

Followed By:

4-1 Interface-icon-Dialogue.png Mission: Advanced Alchemy


Let's Go Shopping Again! is a 4-1 rank mission.



Bechamel has already given you a tour of the Haven Bazaar that included where to acquire new weapons, armor and recipes. Now it's time to pay him another visit and learn about some of the more advanced services the Bazaar offers.

You will pay a visit to Punch and Vise, Brinks and even visit Bechamel's own shop!


Follow Bechamel on a tour of the Bazaar's more advanced offerings


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