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Built to Destroy!

From the Release Notes:

New Boss Stratum:

Within the depths of Tier 2 a new gremlin weapons facility has been discovered, The Ironclaw Munitions Factory. Intel from Spiral HQ has confirmed that under a direct mandate from the Crimson Order, gremlin engineers have begun developing a weapon of incredible power. Known only as 'Project Roarmulus,' this weapon has been designed with the sole purpose of destroying Haven!

Knights are ordered to infiltrate this harrowing complex of devious destructive devices and put an end to 'Project Roarmulus' as well as recover a recon module of the Alpha Squad. Take heed though, gremlins don’t exactly believe in a ‘safe’ work environment.

Survive this deadly complex and earn your Bark Modules as you'll find that Brinks has a new selection of 2* items available for trade. These include:

  • The Pulsar, an experimental energy gun that shoots bullets that grow stronger as they travel
  • The Catalyzer, a gun whose regular shots can be combined with its charge shots to create a powerful explosion
  • Quicksilver Mail and Helm, armor created from the mercurial quicksilvers, capable of resisting shock
  • The Static Capacitor, a bomb that creates a shocking field of electricity

All of these items can be further upgraded through 5* provided you acquire their recipes from Basil.

New Items:

Handguns: 2* Pulsar (token reward only, has two upgrade paths) 3* Heavy Pulsar 4* Radiant Pulsar 5* Supernova

Alternate Pulsar path: 3* Kilowatt Pulsar 4* Gigawatt Pulsar 5* Polaris

2* Catalyzer (token reward only, has two upgrade paths) 3* Industrial Catalyzer 4* Volatile Catalyzer 5* Neutralizer

Alternate Catalyzer path: 3* Toxic Catalyzer 4* Virulent Catalyzer 5* Biohazard

Bombs: 2* Static Capacitor (token reward only) 3* Lightning Capacitor 4* Plasma Capacitor 5* Voltaic Tempest

Armor: 3* Quicksilver Mail (token reward only) 4* Charged Quicksilver Mail 5* Mercurial Mail

Helms: 3* Quicksilver Helm (token reward only) 4* Charged Quicksilver Helm 5* Mercurial Helm

Additional Changes:


  • All handgun charge times have been reduced.
  • Most handguns have had their charge attack animation speed increased by 33%
  • Two-Shot heavy style handguns and Autogun style handguns can now move while reloading at 55% run speed.
  • Prismatech and Shadowtech Alchemer damage increased.
  • 2*-4* 'Vaporizer' style bombs have an increased cloud radius and duration.
  • The Ash of Agni, Shivermist Buster and Venom Veiler have a slightly reduced cloud radius and duration.
  • New inventory icons for Relic and Chemical bomb families.
  • New sounds for Cold Snap.
  • New sounds for Fang of Vog.
  • New art for 3* and 5* chemical bombs.


  • Lumbers now do split elemental damage.
  • Lumbers now have a attack flash notification.


  • Basil is now guaranteed to have at least one of the highest star recipe in each tier.
  • Vatel is now guaranteed to have at least one 2* recipe
  • Brinks the Token Trader has had his boss token catalogs revamped. Material rewards are no longer available for boss tokens, and many existing equipment rewards are now cheaper to obtain.


  • Replaced the corner pillars in Vanaduke's throne room with water wells.


  • Fixed an issue where a rare love puppy spawn would prevent players from progressing in the Clockworks
  • Fixed an invisible pitfall in the first Clockworks Terminal
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Freezing Atomizer to apply the wrong tier of Freeze.
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