Cold Snap

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Cold Snap
Cold Snap-Equipped.png
Damage type(s) and Attack Speed influence combat. The attack style of the weapon in relation to the combat environment is also important. Consider both when choosing weapons to wield.


Boosts and Penalties are both considered "abilities" in general. Many items don't have any special abilities. See the Abilities page for details. Some enemies are immune to certain status conditions - see individual status pages for details.

Equipment-Cold Snap Abilities.png

All weapons gain these CTR bonuses as they level.
  • Level 5+: CTR: Low
  • Level 10: CTR: Medium

The Cold Snap is a 1-star bomb.


A Proto Bomb modified to generate small bursts of frost upon detonation. — Tooltip


Equipment-Cold Snap icon.png: Reward for completing the 3-1 Interface-icon-Dialogue.png Mission: Minerals Rock! (bound).
Equipment-Cold Snap icon.png: Ricasso - Always in stock for 3,000 crowns in the Haven Bazaar (unbound).
Icon-recipe.png: Vatel - Randomly in stock for 250 crowns in the Haven Bazaar (unbound).
Icon-recipe.png: Basil - Randomly in stock for 250 crowns in depth 4 Clockwork Terminals, always in stock in lobby of:

3-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Blades of the Fallen
(All recipes purchased from Basil are acquired unbound).


The 1-star recipe for this item costs 250 crowns; the alchemy cost is 200 crowns. Below are the materials needed to make the Cold Snap.

Name Amount
Crafting-Green Shard.png Green Shard 3
Crafting-Brimstone.png Brimstone 2
Rarity-Flawed Orb of Alchemy icon.png Flawed Orb of Alchemy 3

Note: When crafting using bound equipment as a precursor, the upgraded item will also be bound.

Alchemy Path

Cold Snap's alchemy path
☆☆☆☆☆ ★☆☆☆☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Cold Snap
Cold Snap


Basic Attack

Bombs do not have basic attacks, only charge attacks.

Charge Attack

  • Detonation Time: ~2 seconds
  • Radius: ~2 tiles

Detonation produces a damaging explosion which deals normal damage and has a good chance to inflict strong freeze on enemies that are in the bomb's range.


The following damage values represent the weapon at its completed level, without any UV or bonus from other equipment, and are listed as a range found from the first to last floor of each stratum.

Cold Snap's Damage Table
Stratum 1 Stratum 2 Stratum 3 Stratum 4 Stratum 5 Stratum 6
Explosion 26 - 32 37 - 43 34 - 30 28 - 26 24 - 22 21 - 19

Icon status freeze.png Freeze damage:

Cold Snap's Damage Table
Stratum 1 Stratum 2 Stratum 3 Stratum 4 Stratum 5 Stratum 6
Versus Lichens, Mini Jellies and Glop Drops
Thaw 20 - 37 54 - 70 70 70 70 70
Versus Chromalisks, Jellies, Lichen Colonies, Devilites, Gorgos, and Toxigels
Thaw 19 - 34 50 - 65 65 65 65 65
Versus Quicksilvers
Thaw 18 - 33 47 - 62 62 62 62 62
Versus Gremlins, Constructs, Giant Lichen Colonies, Silkwings, Greavers, Trojans, and Polyps
Thaw 16 - 30 43 - 56 56 56 56 56
Versus Mecha Knights
Thaw 15 - 27 38 - 50 50 50 50 50
Versus Wolvers, Dust Bunnies, Oilers, Toxoils, Kats, and Zombies
Thaw 13 - 24 35 - 46 46 46 46 46


Bombs do not have a basic attack,
only a charge attack.
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Charge Attack
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Despite this weapon being marked as causing moderate freeze, it actually inflicts strong freeze.

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