Rise or Fall

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Rise or Fall
Mission-Rise or Fall.png
Mission List: Rank (Knight)
Preceded By:

5-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Time Enough at Last

Followed By:

5-2 Map-icon-SpiralKnight.png Mission: Hall of Heroes

Important Stratum Themes:
  • Monsters: Gate Icon-Beast.png Gate Icon-Slime.png
  • Status: Icon status shock.png

Rise or Fall is a 5-2 rank mission.



Infiltrating the Royal Jelly Palace and taking on the hordes of slimes that serve the great Royal Jelly is not going to be an easy task. it is highly recommended you seek one of the 'Battle Arenas' within the Clockworks and determine if your equipment is up to the challenge of facing so many savage slimes.

Spiral HQ has located one of these mysterious arenas that seems to be filled with all manner of gooey gladiators seeking a challenge. Give them a good fight!


Test your might with a slimy showdown in the Battle Arena

Gate Map

First Floor:
Gate-Generic Lobby.png
Name: Mission Lobby
Depth: 0
Level Link: This mission's lobby is standard.

Second Floor:
Gate-Wolver Den-High Voltail.png
Name: Storm Rising
Depth: 11
Level Link: This floor is composed of random Wolver Den: High Voltail segments.

Third Floor:
Gate-Lichenous Lair-Shocking Synthesis.png
Name: Night Falls
Depth: 12
Level Link: This floor is composed of random Lichenous Lair: Shocking Synthesis segments.

Fourth Floor:
Gate-Iron Edge Arena-Slimey Showdown.png
Name: Showdown
Depth: 13
Level Link: Showdown is composed of random mission arena segments.



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