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Construct Family
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Damage Resistances
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Defense none.png Defense none.png Defense none.png

Shufflebots are a special kind of Monster found only in the Advanced Training Hall and a Guild Hall's Private Training Hall.


Shufflebots are training monsters which deal very little damage and are easily defeated. As training monsters, they are confined to specific closed-off areas within the Advanced Training Hall and a Guild's Private Training Hall; every one of them is accompanied by a Respawning Block and will respawn a few seconds after they are defeated.

Although they appear to be Constructs and take extra damage from Construct UVs, they take neutral damage to all damage types and are susceptable to Sleep.


All Tiers

  • Tackle Attack normal icon.png
Location Drops
  • None

A (mostly) harmless walking metal cube that is used to train knights in fighting the Monsters that reside in the Clockworks.


  • Shufflebots resemble metallic Jelly cubes.
  • Before the Guild Hall Update, a single Shufflebot could be seen with some workers in the eastern area of Haven.
  • Unlike most other monsters, the appearance of Shufflebots changes when they see you - the sirens built into their tops rise and turn on.
  • Shufflebots do not show the Construct icon when targeted by auto-target, even though they clearly are constructs and take extra damage from construct UVs.
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