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Arsenal icon for keys.

A Key is a type of arsenal item that can be used to unlock locked containers or areas. The key section doesn't show up in the arsenal if the player doesn't own any keys. Keys are obtained unbound.

Silver Key

Key-Silver Key icon.png

A special key that can open any lockbox. Once used, the key is destroyed.

Silver Keys can be acquired from the Supply Depot for 750 energy. Each key can open one of any type of Lockbox.

Shadow Key

Key-Shadow Key icon.png

A mysterious key that grants a party access to Shadow Lairs. A Shadow Key is destroyed once used.

Shadow Keys can be acquired from the Supply Depot for 1800 CE each. Rarely, they can be unboxed from Usable-Iron Lockbox icon.png Iron Lockbox as well as Usable-Forge Prize Box icon.png Radiant Forge Prize Box. Only one is needed per party to unlock the Shadow Lair elevator.

Slime Key

Key-Slime Key icon.png

A slippery key that can only open a Slime Lockbox. Once used, the key is destroyed.

Slime Keys can be acquired from the NPC Smitty when Golden Slime Casinos appear in the Clockworks. Each key can open one Usable-Slime Lockbox icon.png Slime Lockbox. Slime Keys can also be acquired from Gracken in Emberlight, for only 60kcr.

30 June 2016
, though it was previously accidentally available for a very short time.[1]


There are two types of keys that a player can have in the "Keys" section of the Arsenal.

The Gold Key object found in the Clockworks does not go into the player's arsenal. It is an object encountered in the field that simply serves as a means to progress through areas, similar to heavy statues and switches.

The Crafting-Book of Dark Rituals.png Book of Dark Rituals and Crafting-Fiendish ID Card.png Fiendish ID Card are very similar to a Shadow Key in fuction. Each can only be used once per activity. To repeat the activity, another must be acquired. A single one can allow access for up to 4 players in the party. These items are stored in the material section of the player's arsenal.

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