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Status Effects
Icon status curse.png Curse

Icon status fire.png Fire

Icon status freeze.png Freeze

Icon status poison.png Poison

Icon status shock.png Shock

Icon status sleep.png Sleep

Icon status stun.png Stun

Status effects are statuses that effect the behavior of both players and enemies. They have a wide range from effects, such as dealing damage over time or damaging a character when it attacks.

Positives/Negatives of Status Effects


  • + Causes a fair amount of damage any time a monster attempts to use any ability, attack OR healing
  • + allows you to inflict mild damage when shielded
  • - doesn't make it easier to dodge/block attacks
  • - only extremely useful against monsters who don't pause/wait after attacking once.
  • situation: healers that are protected by mobs or anything else, e.g. Danger Rooms, Arenas and Royal Jelly.


  • + inflicts strong damage over time without you needing to attack
  • + allows you to run away from a monster instead of shielding attacks
  • - like curse, it doesn't make it easier to dodge/block attack
  • - becomes a lot less useful in situations with two or more healers
  • - Immediately extinguished by any freeze effect
  • - ignites Oilers
  • situation: damaging large mobs and monsters that are hard to deal with at close range, e.g. deconstruction zones and gun puppies. Also great for melting Ice Jellies.


  • + immobilizes monsters, preventing them from moving or turning and making them vulnerable to attacks from the side or rear
  • + Gives the player time to recover or charge up attacks
  • + if the status is allowed to wear out without the monster being attacked, the monster will take significant damage
  • - Does not hinder enemy's ability to attack in the direction they're facing
  • - Status will be interrupted by any source of damage, from knights or enemies, in which case monster will not take any extra damage from the freeze itself
  • - Frozen monsters can obstruct a Knight's escape route


  • + Causes damage to monsters whom are being healed, becoming a lethal status when used near Tier 3 Menders and Silkwings.
  • + Decreases monster's offensive abilities considerably, making a fight much safer. Shields will also last longer against poisoned monsters
  • + Lowers monster's defense slightly, indirectly buffing teammate's offensive power
  • - Doesn't make attacks easier to dodge or escape.
  • - Doesn't directly deal extra damage; you still have to attack normally for poison to make a difference to the fight
  • Situation: Where teammates are effectively dealing constant damage to enemies, and are in a position where dodging attacks is difficult. Also anywhere near healers.


  • + Interrupts attacks and movement
  • + Shock spasms deal damage to the monster inflicted with the status, as well as other monsters within a one block radius
  • + Due to Shock's elemental damage, deals additional damage to Elemental weak enemies such as Undeads and Constructs.
  • - Against a single foe the DoT from shock is weak
  • - Supercharges Quicksilvers
  • - Deals minimal damage to monsters resistant to Elemental damage such as Beasts and Gremlins
  • Situation: Multiple non-beast/gremlin monsters packed closely together, especially effective in arenas and triggered spawn clumps


  • + completely pacifies and immobilizes enemies for a short amount of time
  • - monsters are healed a significant amount while inflicted with sleep
  • - Flinching the monster causes them to immediately wake up.
  • - currently vials are the only method for players to inflict sleep
  • situation: Disabling dangerous monsters temporarily so that other monsters can be handled first


  • + Severely reduces monsters' movement speed, increasing the effectiveness of knockback weapons, and removes the danger of slow ones
  • + Severely reduces monsters' attack speed, resulting in monsters becoming far more predictable and less dangerous
  • - Despite the slower attacks, stun does not reduce damage from attacks
  • - Projectiles are not slowed, only the rate that they are fired
  • - Incredibly short duration severely limits its use.
  • - Does not reduce enemy's ability to turn
  • situation: Against particularly fast or dangerous enemies, and where your teammates can take full advantage of monsters stunned by your attacks
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