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A few "unique" accessories follow the format of "unique" costumes - ignoring the list format convention until they are no longer unique. Taxonomy is always a fun thing, isn't it?

These include:

  • Prismatic Glow-Eyes
  • Prismatic Ruinous Crystal
  • Prismatic Seraph Wings, Dazzling Gem, Heavenly Halo, and Seraph'Tenna
  • Prismatic Pylons
  • Arctic Shackles
  • Arctic Pauldrons
  • Prismatic Extension Chord
  • Prismatic Voltaic Headset
  • Polar Wolver Tail (it's not a Wolver Tail, and I wonder why Iron and Gold wolf tails aren't called Wolver Tails and the polar wolver tail isn't called a polar wolf tail. Silly game is silly)

Other "uniques" that are unlikely to be "recolored" with same naming convention (I hope OOO proves me wrong someday, I'd love to see more of these!):

  • Tails Tails
  • Golden Laurel
  • Wings of Summer
  • Venom Fiend Wings and Wings of Winter (similar textures, different names and very different associated promotions)
  • Power Pistons
  • Dread Seal
  • Dread Wings

shaky taxonomy:

  • Crest of Love (due to naming convention - other "Crest of X" are centered with chains)
  • Striped Scarf (due to naming convention, the defining part is "X Striped Scarf" vs. "X scarf")

I probably missed a few.

Another thing - auras are the only item organized into a list based on slot. If they were to follow the convention of other acc, each one would get its own page, except for Leafies, which would all be on a "Leafy Aura" page. Just gonna ignore this, lol. People seem to like it the way it is.

-Novaster 23:39, 9 May 2015 (UTC)

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