The Dark Harvest

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The Dark Harvest
Mission-The Dark Harvest.png
Mission List: Prestige (Event)
Important Stratum Themes:
  • Monsters: Gate Icon-Undead.png
  • Status: Icon status stun.png

The Dark Harvest is an event-exclusive prestige mission available during Dark Harvest Festival.



Every year the Strangers of Haven pay tribute to a peculiar spirit known as the 'Punkin King' in order to ensure a healthy fall harvest. This mischievous phantom delights in playing tricks on his audience but is quick to reward them with delicious candies for their troubles.

Celebrate the Dark Harvest Festival and help the Strangers by seeking out the Punkin King and paying tribute. You're sure to collect some candy along the way, so visit the Haven Town Square and turn it in for prizes!


Seek an audience with the Punkin King.

This mission can only be played once per day.

Gate Map

First Floor:
Gate-Generic Lobby.png
Name: Base Camp
Depth: 0
Level Link: This mission's lobby is standard.

Second Floor:
Gate-Candlestick Keep.png , Gate-Graveyard.png , Gate-Clockwork-Undead.png
Name: See data
Depth: Depends on rank
Level Link: Clockwork Tunnels and Candlestick Keep areas with different status stratum levels can be encountered depending on the player's rank.

Third Floor:
Name: Punkin King's Lair
Depth: Depends on rank
Level Link: Punkin King's Lair is unique to this mission.


This mission was introduced 19 October 2011 during the 1st Dark Harvest Festival, on the same day Shadow Lairs were launched.

The player must be at least rank 3-1 to host this mission.

The Punkin King's Lair level features a guaranteed encounter with the Punkin King and several Grave Scarabs.

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