The Pioneers

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The Pioneers
Mission-The Pioneers.png
Mission List: Rank (Squire)
Preceded By:

3-1 Interface-icon-Supply.png Mission: Monstrous Research

Followed By:

3-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Faith in Armor


The Pioneers is a 3-2 rank mission.



After the crash of the Skylark, Captain Ozlo selected an elite squad of Spiral Knights to be the first to enter the Clockworks. They were never seen again. Contact Intel Agent Kora and learn how you will play a role in solving this mystery.


Contact Intel Agent Kora via comlink.



This mission discusses the Alpha Squad.

It automatically completes on elite difficulty, thus permanently granting the Icon-Difficulty-Elite.png badge for the mission's card image.

Completing this mission grants the player access to the Expansion Mission section of the mission interface, allowing the player to purchase and participate in expansions.

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