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Chi Chi's Stuff!
Equipment-Love Puppy Disguise icon.png
Account Name: Xi-Mi-Oi
Guild: Ludicrous

Equipment Notes

I am only listing my 5* and a few select others on this page. (Costumes won't be listed, but almost all are bound anyway.)
If you are interested in any item, simply send me a message in-game and I'll get back to you at my earliest convenience.
All items listed are bound; any unbinding costs will be paid upfront to prevent fraudulent offers.
Trinkets and Accessories won't be listed, as they are constantly changing.
Last update was a while ago, and I might update again soon, but not sure when.


Equipment-Almirian Crusader Helm icon.png Almirian Crusader Helm Increased Shadow Defense: Medium Fancy Flower Equipment-Ancient Plate Helm icon.png Ancient Plate Helm Equipment-Arcane Salamander Mask icon.png Arcane Salamander Mask Increased Normal Defense: Medium Arcane Halo
Equipment-Azure Guardian Helm icon.png Azure Guardian Helm Equipment-Chaos Cowl icon.png Chaos Cowl Fancy Game Face Equipment-Deadly Virulisk Mask icon.png Deadly Virulisk Mask Increased Shadow Defense: Medium
Equipment-Divine Veil icon.png Divine Veil Increased Stun Resistance: Maximum! Divine Game Face Equipment-Dragon Scale Helm icon.png Dragon Scale Helm Increased Fire Resistance: Low Equipment-Dread Skelly Mask icon.png Dread Skelly Mask Increased Piercing Defense: Low
Equipment-Grey Feather Cowl icon.png Grey Feather Cowl Equipment-Heavenly Iron Helm icon.png Heavenly Iron Helm Increased Elemental Defense: Medium Equipment-Ice Queen Crown icon.png Ice Queen Crown Increased Freeze Resistance: Maximum
Equipment-Mercurial Demo Helm icon.png Mercurial Demo Helm Increased Piercing Defense: Low Heavy Game Face Equipment-Mercurial Helm icon.png Mercurial Helm Increased Poison Resistance: Low Fancy Game Face Equipment-Perfect Mask of Seerus icon.png Perfect Mask of Seerus Increased Normal Defense: Medium Increased Freeze Resistance: Medium
Equipment-Royal Jelly Crown icon.png Royal Jelly Crown Increased Shadow Defense: Medium Fancy Glasses Equipment-Skolver Cap icon.png Skolver Cap Increased Elemental Defense: Maximum! Cool Flower Equipment-Snarbolax Cap icon.png Snarbolax Cap Increased Elemental Defense: Low
Equipment-Valkyrie Helm icon.png Valkyrie Helm Increased Normal Defense: Low Equipment-Vog Cub Cap icon.png Vog Cub Cap Increased Fire Resistance: Medium Heavy Flower Equipment-Volcanic Salamander Mask icon.png Volcanic Salamander Mask Increased Poison Resistance: Low
Equipment-Flawed Mask of Seerus icon.png Flawed Mask of Seerus Equipment-Fractured Mask of Seerus icon.png Fractured Mask of Seerus


Equipment-Almirian Crusader Armor icon.png Almirian Crusader Armor Increased Normal Defense: Low Divine Dragon Wings Solid Cobalt Crest Equipment-Ancient Plate Mail icon.png Ancient Plate Mail Equipment-Arcane Salamander Suit icon.png Arcane Salamander Suit Increased Fire Resistance: Low Fancy Bomb Bandolier Prismatic Dragon Wings
Equipment-Azure Guardian Armor icon.png Azure Guardian Armor Increased Poison Resistance: High Equipment-Chaos Cloak icon.png Chaos Cloak Prismatic Valkyrie Wings Equipment-Deadly Virulisk Suit icon.png Deadly Virulisk Suit Increased Shock Resistance: Medium Fancy Dragon Wings
Equipment-Deadshot Mantle icon.png Deadshot Mantle Equipment-Divine Mantle icon.png Divine Mantle Increased Shock Resistance: Maximum! Equipment-Dragon Scale Mail icon.png Dragon Scale Mail Increased Fire Resistance: Low Cobalt Crest
Equipment-Dread Skelly Suit icon.png Dread Skelly Suit Increased Piercing Defense: Medium Equipment-Grey Feather Mantle icon.png Grey Feather Mantle Equipment-Heavenly Iron Armor icon.png Heavenly Iron Armor Increased Piercing Defense: Medium Toasty Valkyrie Wings
Equipment-Ice Queen Mail icon.png Ice Queen Mail Increased Elemental Defense: Maximum! Equipment-Mercurial Demo Suit icon.png Mercurial Demo Suit Mighty Cobalt Crest Equipment-Mercurial Mail icon.png Mercurial Mail
Equipment-Radiant Silvermail icon.png Radiant Silvermail Stunning Crest Regal Valkyrie Wings Equipment-Royal Jelly Mail icon.png Royal Jelly Mail Increased Normal Defense: Low Equipment-Skolver Coat icon.png Skolver Coat Increased Elemental Defense: Maximum! Crest of Winter Divine Valkyrie Wings
Equipment-Snarbolax Coat icon.png Snarbolax Coat Increased Normal Defense: Medium Pumpkin Bomb Bandolier Equipment-Valkyrie Mail icon.png Valkyrie Mail Increased Piercing Defense: High Equipment-Vog Cub Coat icon.png Vog Cub Coat Increased Normal Defense: Medium Volcanic Valkyrie Wings
Equipment-Volcanic Demo Suit icon.png Volcanic Demo Suit Equipment-Volcanic Salamander Suit icon.png Volcanic Salamander Suit Increased Fire Resistance: Low Volcanic Dragon Wings


Equipment-Aegis icon.png Aegis Equipment-Ancient Plate Shield icon.png Ancient Plate Shield Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Shield icon.png Barbarous Thorn Shield Increased Normal Defense: Medium
Equipment-Crest of Almire icon.png Crest of Almire Increased Elemental Defense: Medium Equipment-Dragon Scale Shield icon.png Dragon Scale Shield Increased Shadow Defense: Medium Equipment-Dread Skelly Shield icon.png Dread Skelly Shield Increased Elemental Defense: Low
Equipment-Exalted Honor Guard icon.png Exalted Honor Guard Equipment-Grey Owlite Shield icon.png Grey Owlite Shield Increased Shadow Defense: High Equipment-Heater Shield icon.png Heater Shield Increased Poison Resistance: Low
Equipment-Ironmight Plate Shield icon.png Ironmight Plate Shield Increased Piercing Defense: Low Equipment-Omega Shell icon.png Omega Shell Equipment-Royal Jelly Shield icon.png Royal Jelly Shield Increased Shadow Defense: High
Equipment-Volcanic Plate Shield icon.png Volcanic Plate Shield Equipment-Swiftstrike Buckler icon.png Swiftstrike Buckler Equipment-Green Ward icon.png Green Ward Increased Elemental Defense: Low


Equipment-Acheron icon.png Acheron Damage Bonus vs Gremlin: High Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Blade icon.png Barbarous Thorn Blade Charge Time Reduction: Low Equipment-Cold Iron Vanquisher icon.png Cold Iron Vanquisher Damage Bonus vs Undead: Low
Equipment-Combuster icon.png Combuster Attack Speed Increased: Low Equipment-Divine Avenger icon.png Divine Avenger Charge Time Reduction: Very High Equipment-Dread Venom Striker icon.png Dread Venom Striker Damage Bonus vs Fiend: Low
Equipment-Fang of Vog icon.png Fang of Vog Charge Time Reduction: High Equipment-Fearless Rigadoon icon.png Fearless Rigadoon Damage Bonus vs Fiend: Medium Equipment-Final Flourish icon.png Final Flourish Charge Time Reduction: High
Equipment-Furious Flamberge icon.png Furious Flamberge Damage Bonus vs Fiend: Medium Equipment-Glacius icon.png Glacius Charge Time Reduction: Medium Equipment-Gran Faust icon.png Gran Faust Attack Speed Increased: Low
Equipment-Leviathan Blade icon.png Leviathan Blade Charge Time Reduction:Low Equipment-Lionheart Honor Blade icon.png Lionheart Honor Blade Equipment-Scissor Blades icon.png Scissor Blades
Equipment-Sudaruska icon.png Sudaruska Equipment-Warmaster Rocket Hammer icon.png Warmaster Rocket Hammer Equipment-Wild Hunting Blade icon.png Wild Hunting Blade Damage Bonus vs Construct: Low
Equipment-Winmillion icon.png Winmillion Equipment-Cautery Sword icon.png Cautery Sword Equipment-Stable Rocket Hammer icon.png Stable Rocket Hammer
Equipment-Prototype Rocket Hammer icon.png Prototype Rocket Hammer


Equipment-Argent Peacemaker icon.png Argent Peacemaker Damage Bonus vs Undead: Medium Equipment-Biohazard icon.png Biohazard Equipment-Blitz Needle icon.png Blitz Needle Damage Bonus vs Fiend: Medium
Equipment-Callahan icon.png Callahan Equipment-Hail Driver icon.png Hail Driver Attack Speed Increased: Very High Equipment-Iron Slug icon.png Iron Slug
Equipment-Magma Driver icon.png Magma Driver Charge Time Reduction: High Equipment-Neutralizer icon.png Neutralizer Equipment-Nova Driver icon.png Nova Driver
Equipment-Polaris icon.png Polaris Damage Bonus vs Undead: Medium Equipment-Sentenza icon.png Sentenza Attack Speed Increased: High Equipment-Storm Driver icon.png Storm Driver Damage Bonus vs Construct: Low
Equipment-Supernova icon.png Supernova Damage Bonus vs Gremlin: Low Equipment-Umbra Driver icon.png Umbra Driver Damage Bonus vs Slime: Low Equipment-Valiance icon.png Valiance Charge Time Reduction: Low
Equipment-Volcanic Pepperbox icon.png Volcanic Pepperbox


Equipment-Ash of Agni icon.png Ash of Agni Equipment-Dark Briar Barrage icon.png Dark Briar Barrage Equipment-Dark Retribution icon.png Dark Retribution
Equipment-Graviton Vortex icon.png Graviton Vortex Damage Bonus vs Construct: Medium Equipment-Nitronome icon.png Nitronome Damage Bonus vs Fiend: Medium Equipment-Scintillating Sun Shards icon.png Scintillating Sun Shards Damage Bonus vs Gremlin: Medium
Equipment-Shivermist Buster icon.png Shivermist Buster Damage Bonus vs Undead: Low Equipment-Shocking Salt Bomb icon.png Shocking Salt Bomb Damage Bonus vs Beast: Low Equipment-Voltaic Tempest icon.png Voltaic Tempest
Equipment-Heavy Deconstructor icon.png Heavy Deconstructor Equipment-Dark Reprisal Mk II icon.png Dark Reprisal Mk II Equipment-Dark Reprisal icon.png Dark Reprisal
Equipment-Static Flash icon.png Static Flash

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