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Hitsu Flourish 2.PNG
Name: Hitsublast
Known As: Hitsu, Hits, Hitsyouintheface, Hitsyoufast, Hitsubway?!
Guild: Aeonic Doom (Guild)
Playstyle: Swordsman


As of a starter, right after the Free-to-Play release on Steam, Hitsublast was known for his bravery in combat, eager to fight bigger, harder, stronger enemies than him. Hitsublast had some heroes, when seeing all those 5* equipped knights wandering from Haven to Haven, and decided that one day he will become a fearless knight; the problem so far was what gear should he choose? He went to the House where some knights sell their merchandise, but despite all the sayings of the knights picking their own gear, this time the gear picked him. He didn't have enought time to react and said: "I would like that Cobalt set from over there please!". After equipping his cobalt set with the defender shield he felt that he will be a great Guardian of the Spiral Order. He went quickly to Feron to report his equipment, but the massive guardian laughed at him and asked: "I see, we have a new recruit today, but, little knight, I think you forgot the most important thing before going to the clockworks..." Hitsu stood there for a second, nodding to the steel ceiling of the Arcade. He looked back at Feron really confused. But after Feron took out his Leviathan, Hitsu was shocked. He had forgotten his weapon. Feron winked at Hitsu and watched him as he ran back to the Town Square. Now Hitsu's was thinking only at that giant sword of Feron's. He arrived at the Auction House looking for the same sword. The Vendor said that the Leviathan is way too expensive for him, so he gave him a Troika. When he wanted to pick it up he was amazed by the weight of this rusty, mossy but huge sword. It took a few minutes to set his sword on his back slot, for the amusement of the other knights from the Town Square. Ready for action, Hitsu went back to the Arcade, Feron granted his access to the Clockworks, and he went to the elevators. As far as he knew only 4 knights would fit on the same elevator. He looked around, a little confused about that system, and heard a voice from his right. "Hey you!". Hitsu saluted the 3 knights from the elevator. "I see you are the new recruit here. Come with us we're going to teach Snarbolax a lesson.". Hitsu ran as fast as he could with his big sword on his back and heavy armor on him. Little he know about this "Snarbolax" but he wanted to give him a shot, especially that the other 3 knights looked really nice, and had some experience in that. He got to his first depth looking in all the direction, with the world around him changed, cranes everywhere, rotating watch pieces everywhere. It looked really different from what he saw before, from his escape pod, all those stars in this Galaxy. The other knights called him and he wake back to reality. Holding his Troika with both his hands, hitting from left to right everything he thought of being bad and dangerous. He picked up crystals, picked up coins, basically picked up everything he could. Going one depth after another, Hitsu started to understand his gear, and using it better. In the dark, creepy, Gloaming Wildwoods, Snarbolax (Snarby as the 5* knights called him) had his place, ready to kill any knights that was trespassing his territory. Although he looked a little bit scary, Hitsu was taught to fight with bravery and never be scared of his opponents. After a few minutes the beast was lying down, defeated by the party of 4 knights. Something that looked like a big coin dropped from the sky and when we touched it it transformed into little tokens that represent our courage for defeating Snarby.

Hitsu fought from that day with greater bravery and mastering the art of alchemy, he crafted all his gear to upgrade it to a higher rank. He killed all the "feared" monsters from the clockworks gathering little tokens for trading with other prestige gear. After a few weeks from his first encounter with the mobs from the underground he finally became a noble Azure Guardian, wielding his Khorovod with only a hand now, and his legendary Aegis in the other hand. Also he had a Divine Avenger ready to beat up every Undead and Construct he would meet. The real challenge now was only the truly feared Lord Vanaduke. After going there for his first time, Vanaduke himself intimidated the little knight and maced him to death. After meeting a few knights, better than him, he learned that he would need some fire resistance in order to defeat Lord Vanaduke. After getting his Vog set, Hitsu was disappointed by the looks of it. So he was still wearing the Guardian outfit as a costume. A little, yet more than brave knight, dressed as a Volcanic Salamander taught Hitsu all the tricks from Firestorm Citadel, and how to do them in order to survive that living hell. He finally got face to face with the giant Vanaduke and his friend told him not to fear, size doesn't beat the skill. It seemed an endless fight, but Lord Vanaduke kneeled in front of Hitsu and his buddy.

Nowadays, The former Guardian and the actual Musketeer Hitsublast can be found wandering from Haven to Haven, looking for competent knights to recruit for the guild he is in, and chilling with his friends.


Equipment-Emberbreak Helm icon.png Emberbreak Helm Equipment-Ice Queen Crown icon.png Ice Queen Crown Equipment-Vog Cub Cap icon.png Vog Cub Cap Increased Freeze Resist: Low
Equipment-Spiral Sallet icon.png Spiral Sallet Equipment-Azure Guardian Helm icon.png Azure Guardian Helm Increased Curse Resist: Low Equipment-Mercurial Helm icon.png Mercurial Helm
Equipment-Ancient Plate Helm icon.png Ancient Plate Helm Equipment-Snarbolax Cap icon.png Snarbolax Cap Increased Curse Resist: Low Increased Normal Defense: Low Equipment-Skolver Cap icon.png Skolver Cap
Equipment-Almirian Crusader Helm icon.png Almirian Crusader Helm Equipment-Mad Bomber Mask icon.png Mad Bomber Mask

Equipment-Emberbreak Armor icon.png Emberbreak Armor Equipment-Ice Queen Mail icon.png Ice Queen Mail Equipment-Vog Cub Coat icon.png Vog Cub Coat Increased Stun Resist: Low
Equipment-Spiral Cuirass icon.png Spiral Cuirass Equipment-Azure Guardian Armor icon.png Azure Guardian Armor Increased Shadow Defense: Low Equipment-Ancient Plate Mail icon.png Ancient Plate Mail
Equipment-Cobalt Armor icon.png Cobalt Armor Increased Curse Resist: Low Equipment-Mercurial Mail icon.png Mercurial Mail Equipment-Snarbolax Coat icon.png Snarbolax Coat
Equipment-Skolver Coat icon.png Skolver Coat Equipment-Almirian Crusader Armor icon.png Almirian Crusader Armor Increased Curse Resist: Low Equipment-Mad Bomber Suit icon.png Mad Bomber Suit Increased Shock Resist: Low

Equipment-Chapeau of the Green Rose icon.png Chapeau of the Green Rose Equipment-Chapeau of the Blue Rose icon.png Chapeau of the Blue Rose Equipment-Spiral Bombhead Mask icon.png Spiral Bombhead Mask
Equipment-Tabard of the Blue Rose icon.png Tabard of the Blue Rose Equipment-Tabard of the Green Rose icon.png Tabard of the Green Rose Equipment-Onyx Bombhead Mask icon.png Onyx Bombhead Mask
Equipment-Cursed Bombhead Mask icon.png Cursed Bombhead Mask Equipment-Authentic Spookat Mask icon.png Authentic Spookat Mask Equipment-Authentic Phantom Mask icon.png Authentic Phantom Mask
Equipment-Authentic Frankenzom Mask icon.png Authentic Frankenzom Mask Equipment-Ruby Bombhead Mask icon.png Ruby Bombhead Mask

Equipment-Aegis icon.png Aegis Equipment-Crest of Almire icon.png Crest of Almire Increased Shadow Defense: Low Equipment-Bristling Buckler icon.png Bristling Buckler
Equipment-Brute Jelly Shield icon.png Brute Jelly Shield Equipment-Proto Shield icon.png Proto Shield Equipment-Defender icon.png Defender
Equipment-Dragon Scale Shield icon.png Dragon Scale Shield Equipment-Ancient Plate Shield icon.png Ancient Plate Shield Equipment-Swiftstrike Buckler icon.png Swiftstrike Buckler

Equipment-Wild Hunting Blade icon.png Wild Hunting Blade Equipment-Leviathan Blade icon.png Leviathan Blade Bonus Damage vs Slime: Low Bonus Damage vs Fiend: Low Equipment-Divine Avenger icon.png Divine Avenger Bonus Damage vs Construct: Medium
Equipment-Gran Faust icon.png Gran Faust Equipment-Final Flourish icon.png Final Flourish Attack Speed Increased: Medium Equipment-Sudaruska icon.png Sudaruska Bonus Damage vs Beast: Low
Equipment-Fang of Vog icon.png Fang of Vog Equipment-Snarble Barb icon.png Snarble Barb Equipment-Heavy Hatchet icon.png Heavy Hatchet
Equipment-Troika icon.png Troika Equipment-Proto Sword icon.png Proto Sword

Equipment-Plague Needle icon.png Plague Needle Charge Time Reduction: Low Equipment-Argent Peacemaker icon.png Argent Peacemaker Equipment-Proto Gun icon.png Proto Gun
Equipment-Polaris icon.png Polaris Attack Speed Increased: Low Equipment-Callahan icon.png Callahan

Equipment-Graviton Vortex icon.png Graviton Vortex Equipment-Spine Cone icon.png Spine Cone Equipment-Shivermist Buster icon.png Shivermist Buster Bonus Damage vs Slime: Low
Equipment-Voltaic Tempest icon.png Voltaic Tempest Equipment-Nitronome icon.png Nitronome

Equipment-Elite Sword Focus Module icon.png Elite Sword Focus Module Equipment-Elite Sword Focus Module icon.png Elite Sword Focus Module Equipment-Elite Quick Strike Module icon.png Elite Quick Strike Module
Equipment-Elite Quick Strike Module icon.png Elite Quick Strike Module Equipment-Penta-Heart Pendant icon.png Penta-Heart Pendant Equipment-Penta-Heart Pendant icon.png Penta-Heart Pendant
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