Sealed Sword

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Sealed Sword
Sealed Sword-Equipped.png
Damage type(s) and Attack Speed influence combat. The attack style of the weapon in relation to the combat environment is also important. Consider both when choosing weapons to wield.


Boosts and Penalties are both considered "abilities" in general. Many items don't have any special abilities. See the Abilities page for details. Some enemies are immune to certain status conditions - see individual status pages for details.

This item doesn't have any special abilities.

All weapons gain these CTR bonuses as they level.
  • Level 5+: CTR: Low
  • Level 10: CTR: Medium

The Sealed Sword is a 3-star sword.


A mysterious sword of great untapped potential. It hums with raw power. — Tooltip


Equipment-Sealed Sword icon.png: Brinks - Always in stock for 20 Token-Jelly Gem.png Jelly Gems (bound)

Alchemy Path

Sealed Sword's alchemy path
☆☆☆☆☆ ★☆☆☆☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Sealed Sword
Sealed Sword
Divine Avenger
Divine Avenger
Gran Faust
Gran Faust


Basic Attack

A typical two-hit heavy sword combo attack with average reach.

Charge Attack

A single, lunging area-of-effect (AOE) attack that sometimes afflicts a strong status effect on targets hit, changing color each use. The color of the AOE dictates the status effect, as follows:

The Sealed Sword no longer causes Curse on its charge.


The following damage values represent the weapon at its completed level, without any UV or bonus from other equipment, and are listed as a range found from the first to last floor of each stratum.

Sealed Sword's Damage Table
Stratum 1 Stratum 2 Stratum 3 Stratum 4 Stratum 5 Stratum 6
Hit 1 40 - 47 53 - 60 95 - 103 108 - 115 100 - 75 68 - 59
Hit 2 47 - 56 65 - 74 115 - 126 133 - 144 129 - 100 85 - 72
Charge Attack 65 - 78 92 - 105 162 - 180 192 - 210 195 - 171 154 - 111



This item has been available since release 2011-04-04 when the game officially launched.

The original plan was that it would have nine seals on it and using it would break each seal one by one. Once it was free of seals, you could either turn it into an Avenger or Gran Faust via a random element in the Clockworks. This all changed a long time ago when alchemy became a part of the design.1

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